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DIVERGENT Read-a-Long DISCUSSION POST #1 [Chapters 1-10]


Thank you to all who have signed up for our first Read-A-Long this year, I hope you guys enjoyed reading the first 10 chapters of the amazing Divergent by Veronica Roth! I know I did!

I'm sorry that this discussion post is one day late, but I had to switch things around on the blog a bit, due to the exlusive cover reveal of Robin Bridge's third book in KATERINA Trilogy (which BTW has a giveaway, too, so be sure to check it out!).

Before we move on to the discussion questions Rachelia and I have prepared for you, I'd like to post a quick recap of chapters 1-10. Please be advised that if you haven't read Divergent yet (at least the first 1-10 chapters), you shouldn't read any further, as there will be spoilers!

Chapters 1-10 RECAP:

- We meet Beatrice, a sixteen-year old girl who was born into Abnegation Faction. She lives with her brother, mother and father. They lead a quiet and selfless life, always putting others before themselves.

- The story kicks off with Beatrice getting a haircut from her mother on the Aptitute Tests day. The aptitute test is a yearly assessment taken by all the kids ready for initiation and it determines disposition towards one of the five traits of the five factions. Beatrice takes the test and learns that the results are inconclusive. She is Divergent, she could be Dauntless, Abnegation or Erudite. She also learns that being Divergent is dangerous and she should never talk about it.

- On her way back home from the testing facility, Beatrice runs into one of the Factionless, a person who does not belong into any of the five factions. Factionless are outcasts, they live in poverty, they partake in the worst jobs and are separated from the society.

- Choosing Ceremony. Caleb switches factions, he is Erudite. Beatrice switches factions. "[She is] selfish. [She is] brave." Beatrice leaves with the Dauntless. As part of the initiation process, she has to jump on and off the train. She meets Christina (a Candor girl) and together they manage to jump off the train and land safely on the rooftop. Beatrice hears a girl's scream and sees that not everyone made it. She does not let herself fall apart, she counts to three and moves on.

- Beatrice jumps several stories down (as part of the initiation) and enters the Dauntless compound. She is the first one to jump. She is welcomed by Four and when asked what her name is, she says it's Tris.

- In the dining hall, Tris meets Eric (one of the five leaders of the Dauntless). She immediately dislikes him. "I don't understand why, but I don't want Eric to look at me any longer than he already has. I don't want him to look at me ever again" (67). She senses tension between Four and Eric.

- Eric explains the rules to the initiates. They are told about the training and evaluation. They also learn that only the top 10 of them will be made members, the others will leave the Dauntless compound and live factionless.

- At night, Tris hears Al (a transfer from Candor, who is also the largest and broadest boy from all the initiates) sob in his bed. She knows that she should comfort him, because she was raised to help others, but her reaction is quite the opposite. She is annoyed and disgusted. She turns around and ignores Al's sobs.

-  The initiates begin their training. First they learn how to shoot, then the combat training begins. They are paired up and forced to fight against each other. They are told that they are to fight until one of them is unable to anymore (knocked unconscious, badly hurt). There is no backing down.

- Christina is paired up with Molly. She gets beaten so badly, she screams "I'm done". Eric gives her a choice: climb over the railing and hang over the chasm for five minutes or leave and live factionless. Christina hangs from the railing, though she comes really close to falling down.

- Tris is paired up with Peter. She gets beaten unconscious and lands in the hospital. 

Now, onto the discussion!

1) What were your first impressions of the factions? If you had to choose, which faction would you pick to join? 

2) There are five factions, do you think there should be more? If so, what kind of factions would you add and why?

3) Beatrice/Tris is told that it is dangerous to be Divergent and that she is to keep her status a secret. Why do you think this is? What part do you think her Divergent status will play in the story?

4) At the end of the Choosing Ceremony, when the sixteen-year-olds are about to leave with their new factions, Beatrice looks back to see her parents one last time. Her father looks at her accusingly, clearly hurt by her "betrayal". Her mother, on the other hand, smiles. What do you make of that? Do you think Beatrice's parents will come see her on the Visiting Day? 

5) Both Beatrice and Caleb end up switching factions, leaving their family behind. If you were born into one faction, but felt that you belong somewhere else, would you make the decision to switch, too? Would you be able to leave your family behind? 

6) So far, who is your favorite character and why? 

7) The aptitute test seems to be based on the idea that we are our choices. Do you agree with that? How do you think our choices shape our futures? Do you think the aptitute test is a good way to determine which faction should you belong to?  

These are all the questions I have for you today! Please leave your answers in the comments below. Feel free to break them apart (1 comment per 1 answer!), or omit the questions you do not feel like answering! I am looking forward to discussing Divergent with you guys! 

Meanwhile, happy reading and remember Discussion Post for CHAPTERS 11-20 will be posted over @Bookish Comforts! 

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Unknown said...

I'm not gonna lie, I actually read the whole book. In one night. It's that good! I seriously got to chapter 10 and put the book down and stared at it. Then I gave in..

1.) I think that the factions made sense. Honesty, Kindness, Knowledge, Bravery & Selfless seem like the wisest ones to focus on. I would like to think of myself as Dauntless, because it seems the most fun, but I don't know if I could cut it.

2.) I think 5 was enough. And like I said in #1, they were all wise choices. I think anymore would have been overkill.

3.) I'm not sure how to answer this without giving anything away! So I think i'll just skip it..

4.) I think that her mom understood. And even tho I'm sure she was hurt by both of her children leaving, she put that "selfless" part of her into action. She wanted them to happy! I don't see her father visiting, but I think her mother will.

5.) It's a tough decision to leave your family behind. But you also have to think about the REST of your life and I would choose to be happy. I think I could handle it well, as long as you did get the opportunity to visit each other occasionally.

6.) Definitely Tris. She seems to have a bit of a badass hiding underneath the surface. And nothing is cooler than a chick who can hold her own! Although Christina and her wit hold a close second.

7.) The aptitude tests make sense. Our choices do shape our futures. I think it's crazy to base your whole life off of one test but I could see how it would help you make a decision. But they seemed a little short. I think they should have had a little more variety in them. It didn't seem like enough "choices" to base a life decision on.

I hope everyone else is really enjoying this book too! I can't wait to read everyone else's answers!

PS - this is like the longest comment I have EVER written. HA!

Evie said...

Hi Holly! Thanks for stopping by today! :) Love all your answers and I absolutely can't blame you for finishing the book already - I am glad I can get started on Chapters 11-20 now, as I really can't wait to find out what happens next! :) I hope you will still come by every week to discuss the book with us, tho! <3

Now, let me answers the questions myself :)

1) My firs impression: I was seriously baffled. They came up with the factions to help bring order to the world, to make their lives better, to bring a positive change, but it seemed to me that all they did was divided themselves into 5 groups and started pointing fingers at each other, saying "it's your fault". The factions do make sense, I can see how the society could divide themselves between these 5 groups, but I just can't see how that would help make the world better... That's, at least, my initial reaction. We'll see how it goes.

2) I would add a faction for manual workers, who think that hard work is the answer for all the problems. It seems to me that factionless are now kind of like manual workers (only they don't do it by choice), but I think a faction for hardworking, simple-minded people could fit in nicely. Then the factionless would really be the bottom of the society.

3) I think it has to do with the order of things. They like to keep it simple, divide people into 5 groups and keep them under control. It's kind of like brainwashing, I think. Every group has its own purpose, they follow strict rules and guidelines, everything is kept neat and tidy. Organized society. If all of a sudden people start showing predispositions of being more than just, say, an Erudite, or a Dauntless, then that brings back the chaos and disorganization. Moreover, that gives them more options, sets them free, shows them that there is something more than just sticking to one faction for the rest of your life and playing a specific part. 5 factions are like puppets. Divergents are dangerous, cause they go beyond and above factions, they hold the power to bring the system down.

4) I was under the impression that her mom sacrificed a lot to be in the Abnegation. I think, it's not entirely what she wanted for herself, and maybe that's why she was happy that both her children had enough courage/will to decide to join a faction that they felt fits them the best. She understood, and - like Holly said in her comment - wanted the best for her children. A truly selfless behaviour. Tris' dad, on the other hand, seemed pissed. To him this was a betrayal. Will they come to see Tris on the Visiting Day? Her mom might, though I am not sure if her dad will let her. If they won't tho, should they really be part of Abnegation?

5) I think I would and I'm sure my parents would understand why. Just because you sacrifice your future and force yourself to stay behind, doesn't make you a good daughter or son. If you mold yourself to fit somewhere you don't belong, you're only going to make everyone miserable in the end.

6) Christina. She's kind of sassy and fun to read about.

7) I do believe that our choices shape our future, tho I think the aptitute test was way too simple and limited in options to determine someone's future. Besides, one day we might feel like picking up the knife and fighting and a month later - being perhaps a bit older and wiser - we might decide to do something else. One choice deciding the rest of your life seems a bit harsh and drastic.

Alrighty, sorry for all the typos *I'm assuming there are many*

Have fun reading Chapters 11-20 darlings!

juliababyjen said...

I have read this book 3 times now, and it never gets old!

1. I thought the idea of factions was too weird, and just plain "Unamerican." We shouldn't be dividing people into groups, that has never gotten us anywhere! If I had to choose a faction, originally I would have picked Amity. After reading the 2nd books, though, I would change to Abgenation.

2. I would add one for Responsibility. So there might be a group of responsible people who can run things, and settle disputes.

3. I agree completely with what Evie said!

4. I don't think her father will come, but her mother might.

5. I would be able to leave my family, but it would be hard at 16.

6. Tris and Four! Tris is so brave and determined, and Four is just hotness on a stick!

7. I don't agree with the aptitude test. Like Evie said, we constantly change with our experiences. We are not static creatures. Also, just because you might choose something in the test, like being honest, you might not be particularly good at it. Maybe you want to be honest, but you struggle. How many adults stay on the same career paths their whole lives? Not many! Sometimes you get there and realize its not what you thought, and you change your mind.

Goldilox said...

1. I understand for the purpose of the book keeping it to five factions makes sense, but if this was really happening I just don't think five would be enough. To be able to put everyone in America into one of five categories would just be too difficult. I like the faction idea suggested above about "hard work". That seems like it would be an important value as well. I liked the idea of Amity and Erudite at the beginning, but then we learning the people in the Erudite faction were kind of d*cks so I don't think I would be interested in that one, lol! Was it Amity that's in charge of the arts? I'd want to be in that faction or in Dauntless.

2. I can't really think of a specific faction I would add right now, but it seems like Dauntless is the only 'action' faction. All the other factions have to do with mental and emotional abilities and not anything physical. There should be more active factions, like the 'hard work' one.

3. I really don't know what to make of her divergent status yet. I think, like another commenter said, the fear of divergence is the fear of change and messing up their nice, organized society. I can't wait to see the sh*t hit the fan when her status is discovered.

4. It's pretty interesting that her dad is so pissed because he's supposed to be selfless and all, but honestly being betrayed by both his kids only minutes apart and knowing you will rarely ever see either of them again must have been really difficult and that was his knee jerk reaction. I hope we learn more about both of her parent's back stories, and I kind of think we will.

5. I don't know that I could do it, but I don't think I could live in Abnegation either so I guess it would all depend if you like the faction you were born into or not.

6. I like Tris so far. She's a great heroine. We are seeing her get stronger as the story goes on and its nice when the characters in YA books have actual story arcs. I also love Christina! She's totally spunky and fun and is a good friend to Tris. I hope she doesn't go anywhere! This is the type of book where I feel like we could lose any character at any time so I'm always on the edge of my seat!

7. The aptitude test was pretty brief. It's a good idea, with the decisions they have to make and stuff, but it seems pretty darn short to base the rest of your entire life on. They could give the test every year for a series of years and then combine the scores or something.

Unknown said...

I love this book! I read it twice in November. I just found out about this otherwise I would have started it with you again! I also would have made a post about it. Anyway, here are my answers:

1. I have thought about this before lol, I would love to be in Dauntless because you're free to do what you want compared to the others, but I am scared of a lot of things and I think it would be very hard to get used to them. So I guess the other one would be Abnegation but I feel like it's so boring and you have to behave a certain way your whole life so it's not really for me. Would I choose to be factionless? (I really don't know)

2) I'm not very creative so I don't know what else I could add, I feel like they chose the five factions where everything fits lol.

3) I already know the answer to this question according to the book since I've already read it, so I think I'll skip this one.

4) Again, I already know this and I can't remember what I thought about this the first time I read it.

5) I think I would be able to switch factions if I knew I belonged somewhere else. I mean that is very similar to real life. Sometimes you just have to go away because of work, marriage or something else and leave everyone you know behind, it doesn't mean you don't care about them but you just have to start your own life. Though I think 16 is very young (but that's just me).

6) I love four! He is just amazing and I loved him more after the next chapters...

7) I understand why they would think that really determines where you belong, but in my experience taking aptitude tests, there are always questions where my answer is not a choice and sometimes I have more than one answer, so I don't think that works for everyone.

Andd D. said...

I read the whole book a few months ago, it kind of took me around a week because school made me really busy by that time, but I enjoyed every chapter and everything that had happened there. I think I'll read again the book before the last one comes out, it will be sad that it won't have the same impact as the first time because I'll know what comes next. Now the questions.

1. When I fist read about the factions I didn't really like the idea because, as they said there, every faction had it's own jobs, like the only good doctors were the Erudites, the leaders of the town were from Abnegation etc. I mean, to became a doctor you had to be an Erudite, because they were the only ones that after the Test Day would continue to have "classes" with the future Erudites. It took me some time to get used to the fictions. If I had to choose I think I'd choose Dauntless because it's the only fiction that actually seems like fun, apart from the "fight till you don't know who you are anymore". And maybe who knows, maybe I'll meet another Four :)).

2. I think 5 are more than enough, I can't think of another fiction, apart from the ones already "existent".

3. In my opinion, to be Divergent is first of all something really awesome, I mean, you are sure that you belong to at least a fiction. But she needs to keep this secret because it'll be dangerous for her. The last question from this part I don't know if I can answer because I already know what role will her Divergent status play, and I don't remember what I thought before I found out the truth.

4. Her mother looks back at her because (here I'll add what I thought back then) it was after all her daughter, who she loved dearly. I thought her mother will be the only one who'll come to visit her.

5. Even if it would be selfish of my part, I would leave because I would need to think about my own future and happiness.

6. My favorite chapter is Tris, because in the first 10 chapters she showed she was brave and showed that she really loved her parents. When she had to choose between Abnegation and Dauntless, in my opinion, she didn't think of that she'll need to stay in Abnegation (only) because she was the only one left to stay by her parent's side, but because she loved them.

7. Our choices do shape our future, at least that's what I think. At a young age the only choices were what kind of ice-cream we would like to eat, but starting at an age we really need to think right about these choices. I really think that the aptitute test is really important because it works with our subconscious.

Anonymous said...

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Thanks a lot <3

Aleksandra said...

Hi, Evie & everyone else!

I'm actually re-reading Divergent, that's the only reason why I can resist reading it whole ;) And I'll try not to include any spoilers for the first-time readers :)

1. I guess, at the beginning, when they were formed, they probably made sense, but now they're far from what they were in the past. No idea which one I'd join if I had to.

2. Definitely, I'll add a Divergent faction :)

3. I think it's because they're different, they don't think in only one way & see everything from only one aspect, so they can make a difference & change their world, so they're seen as dangerous from those that don't want change. Ok, so that was a spoiler free answer, but it was what I thought the 1st time I read Divergent, as for Tris' Divergence, I won't comment on, 'cause I already know what it will be ;)

4. Ok, I guess I'll skip this one, since I already know the answers ;)

5. Yeah, I think so. If I just can't lead one kind of life, and have a chance for one more to my liking, I guess I might switch ;)

6. At this point, I guess Tris - I just like her as a character, although later on I like her even more ;)

7. I do think that our choices shape our futures, so I think that it's a good test to determine where they belong, although I think it should've been longer.

So, thanks for hosting, I'm loving Divergent once more. I know it's early, and maybe you have another book chosen for next month, but can we read-along Insurgent? Pretty please... ^_^

mk said...

Okay, I've already read the entire book but I love read-a-longs so I couldn't miss this.
Here are my answers:
1. When I started reading the book I knew very little about what to expect and I was greeted by Beatrice and Abnegation and I was fascinated by the idea of it all. It is an incredible idea to base a book on and I loved the factions. I immediately fell in love with Dauntless! I guess I love crazy people...

2. Hmm... I haven't though of that. But no, I don't think I'll add any more. The five factions are pretty well thought of to house different kinds of people and I don't think there should be any more...

3. Oh.. opss I kind of know the answer to this one but at first I had no idea what it all meant. I mean, I knew that she is going to play a crucial role in the story as it did but I wasn't even close with my predictions... This was part of Tris' charm. The whole being Divergent thing was such a mystery..

4. Oh, I feel like a cheat again... I believed that they will come around! I imagined her running up to them on Visiting Day and being happy and all that. I guess I'm naive that way, thinking all will go right!

5. I think I will. In Tris' case, it was harder because her brother had just left and she could have stayed, but then again this decision affects her entire life.. If I had to choose, I think I will leave because if I stay I might end up regretting it and at least this way I would have given the new faction a try.

6. Four.. This might be because I've read the entire book but I love him.. He is just so... quite and... oh yeah, it's because I've read the book...

7. I believe that our choices shape out futures... I mean, you have a choice on every matter in your life and you can pick to do the right thing or let it all go to hell so yeah, it's up to you... But the aptitude test doesn't determine witch faction you'll go to. I think that you have a choice in the end...

Thanks for hosting this read-a-long! I loved Divergent the first time around and now it's just a pleasure to revisit all the memories.. I'd like to ask for an Insurgent read-a-long too! Can't wait for the next post!

Megan said...

First off, I nominated you for a lovely blog award. Love the blog and the TBR Read-a-Long :)

And second, my favorite character is Tris, although I'm not really sure why she joined Dauntless. It seems almost to me like she didn't really know what she was getting herself into because although she doesn't seem selfless like her family, she doesn't seem like the risk-taking fighting bullies that seem to be in Dauntless. That's my opinion, at least. Liking the book so far. Interested to see where her choice takes her.

Happy reading!!

Fallen said...

I got so into this book that I was able to finish it.

1) At first I wasn't sure about the fractions. I could see how it would be easy to separate them, but I felt like if I could feel like I had more than one in me it would be hard to choose.

2) I'm not sure since we got so little information on some of them. I cannot think of anything that was missing.

3) Since I finish the book I kind of know the answer, but when I didn't know how to played a role I honestly thought it was just someone who could fit in more than one fraction and that she could easy able to fit in any of the fractions she tested for.

4) Again I know the answer, but I honestly thought her mom just wanted her to be happy and that she knew that Tris would choose different. I think it's possible that her mom would visit.

5) I think it all depended on how close I was with my family, but I think I could more than likely choose a different fraction if I felt I didn't belong to the one I grew up in.

6) I actually like Tris because I see a lot of me in her. A woman/girl that has a lot of heart and fight in her, but most just see someone they could walk over. She's the type of girl I would want to become.

7) For the most part I think it works that based on the decision you make it can tell what fraction you belong in, but I would have trouble myself. I would probably have too many possible options and my test would be inconclusive like Tris.

Ashley G. said...

I've already finished the entire book so I'm not going to answer all of the questions because having read the whole book changes some of my answers!

1. I would love to be a part of Dauntless! I love the adventure they have! Plus, I don't really see myself fitting into any of the other ones.

2. I think there should have been artistic faction. Where are all the writers, musicians, ect? I think they need a little creativity. Then again, most artists were probably Divergent!

5. I think I could leave my family behind if I knew that I didn't fit in there. I just couldn't see myself staying somewhere I didn't think I belonged!

7. Yes and no. I mean you can tell a lot about a person by the decisions they make but at the same time I don't think that should be the only determination!

Me said...

First time reading the book. I was reading another book the beginning of January so just played catch up the last two days. Don't know if I'll be able to keep myself from reading a head after this though!

1) Like some of the other mentioned. The faction idea is kind of odd. I can see how it would come about in some post-war drama. It makes me wonder what the rest of the world it just the city that has factions? As for which faction I would be part of, Dauntless seems fun, but too much at times. Jumping onto rooftops all the time. Erudite would be good, but I don't want to study all the time. So probably Amity. Happy, hippies. LOL.

2) I think five is enough to keep up with. Though whoever mentioned 'hardworking' faction, I could see that.

3) It's probably dangerous to be divergent since it is such a controlled city. Everyone has their place and that's it. An anomaly doesn't fit in well. I not sure how it will all play in though.

4) I agree with most of everyone else. The Mom is happy for her daughter because she probably noticed she didn't seem completely at ease with the Abnegation life and needed something different. The dad probably is going to be unforgiving considering what he said about Marcus' son leaving the faction at an earlier ceremony. The dad kind of shoe the underbelly/dark side of the factions a little bit.

5)I think I would. Being that I moved quite a few times in my own life, far away from my family. You have to find your own life.

6) I like Al! He seems nice and wise. I think it is brave of him to not want to hurt anyone else during the matches.

7) As for the test, yeah we are the sum of our experiences and decisions. As for one test deciding that--that's hard. Because people do change over time and their experiences change them. So what they wanted when they were 16, probably isn't what they want at 30.

Unknown said...

1) Overall, my first impression was that this is a weird (and possibly bad) idea. Like I don’t get how people can only be one faction, and value only one thing: knowledge, honesty, courage, selflessness. Human just aren’t that simple, we are complex. So unless we have bred to be this way in the future… I’m not really sure about it. On an individual level, I thought at first the Dauntless were kind of cool, the goodness of Abnegation was kind of over the top and I can’t remember what I thought of the others.

I sort of cheated (on my own question, haha) as I did the faction quiz in the back of my copy of Divergent and I actually ended up Divergent, like Beatrice, as my results were equally Abnegation and Erudite which I think fits my personality well. If I had to choose… it would probably be Erudite, just because I love info and have been called a walking encyclopedia by a few friends.
2) I do think there should be more – see my above answer, tl;dr is that we are too complex to be divided into just 5 groups. As for what they would be? I’m not really sure…
3) Maybe the Divergent are seen as loose cannons, and not completely loyal to any one faction? I think Tris’s Divergent status may be revealed or there will be a rebellion and she will be on the run.
4) I thought this was really interesting. Her father’s reaction seems very unlike his Abnegation values, but I mean, it must have been hard losing both your kids to other factions. I do feel like her father may play a bigger part later in the story. I think maybe only her mother will come on Visiting Day.
5) Ahh, such a hard question. I think in a sense, some people have to deal with this when they make the decision to go to a school that their parents don’t approve of or they reject their parent’s alma mater. I don’t know if I could leave my family, but Beatrice also seemed very conflicted about Abnegation. I think I’d have to feel very very strongly about the other faction to leave my family.
6) So far my favourite character is Christina – she is funny, nice and a good friend, and in a close second is Al – he just seems really nice and I like that he can show his vulnerabilities.
7) I think for the most part I disagree with this – we can’t let our choices define us, or we get dragged down in life. One bad decision shouldn’t brand a person for the rest of their life. Or conversely, we aren’t going to value the same things all the way through life and make the same choices. I’m not sure the aptitude test is the best way to determine which faction a person should belong to, but at the same time, what else would they do?

Montana @ The Book Belles said...

I loved the first 10 chapters of Divergent. I'm very excited to continue on :) Here are my answers:

1) I think the idea of having factions that divide society was a very unique idea. I don't find it that realistic, although I think the reasons behind their post-war origins are very reasonable. Also, I think I'd choose to join the Amity faction. They seem to be a happy, friendly one and the easiest one to be a part of.

2.) My opinion is that five factions is enough. They cover most of the primary qualities I think humans have, although one of two are missing. Five factions is already a lot to keep track of ;)

3.) I'm guessing that being Divergent is probably considered to be a rare thing. I think it may cause her to be put in danger later in the book.

4.) I think her mom is proud of Beatrice for following her heart and that her mom will show up on visiting day, although I doubt that her dad will.

5.) It would be very unlikely for me to switch factions, unless I was absolutely miserable in my current one. I wouldn't be able to leave my family behind.

6.) My favorite character so far is Christina. She's so funny and a great friend to Tris so far.

7.) I think our choices definitely shape our futures, but we also aren't our choices. I feel that the aptitude test was a good way to determine what faction you should belong too, although not necessarily entirely accurate.

Novel Lasses Muddled, Mystified and Sometimes Marvelous Musings said...

We finished level 1 in the TBR pile Chalenge and have noved on to level 2

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