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Thursday, October 30, 2014

Children's Book Review: Shivery Shades of Halloween by Mary Mckenna Siddals and Jimmy Pickering

Hardcover, 32 pages
Published August 5th 2014 by Random House Books for Young Readers
Goodreads | Amazon | B&N | Indiebound

A rollicking, rhyming Halloween romp—in every color!

What color is Halloween? Why, it’s as green as an “eerie glow, evil grin, vile brew, clammy skin,” as white as “cobwebs clinging, a misty trail, a skull, a spook, a face gone pale . . .” Children will learn their colors as they follow a cute little creature on his adventure through haunted halls, moonlit forests . . . perhaps even a Halloween party! Jimmy Pickering’s stylized settings and adorable monsters add a blast of colorful creepy-crawliness that will make kids giggle. Who knew that learning colors could be such spooky fun?

     Shivery Shades of Halloween is just the perfect treat for your kid this Halloween season! It's bursting with colors, the silly rhymes and tongue-twisting word pairings make it super fun to read aloud (and occasionally laugh together when mommy's tongue gets twisted in a knot when trying to keep up with the rhythm), and it's just such a great way to learn about the many colors of Halloween! 

     When thinking about Halloween, certain colors come to mind right away, black, orange and purple being the first ones to pop into our heads. But did you know Halloween is way more colorful than just that? Halloween is also red, brown, yellow, blue, gray, white and green! And thanks to this beautifully illustrated little book your child will learn to spot the other, less-obvious colors of Halloween, and to associate them with many different adjectives (for example: blue is chilly-spills, gloomy-doomy, dreary-weary). 

    Jimmy Pickering's illustrations are not horribly detailed, but they have this gorgeous Halloween-y quality to them that just works here. The blues and the whites are chilly and frosty, the grays are cool and nicely textured (stone-like, well-shaded), the yellows and oranges are glowy and shiny.. He knows what effect will work with what color and thanks to that his illustrations are vibrant eye-catching and wonderful to look at. The colors are saturated and rich, and they really pop off the pages.

     Mary MacKenna Siddal's writing draws you in and instantly puts you in a trick-or-treating mood. The rhymes are simple, but very engaging, and the descriptions of colors are just too silly to read them with a straight face. They make for a very entertaining and laugh-out-loud funny read, and I think parents will love them just as much as kids will. 

     Overall, Shivery Shades Of Halloween is a fantastic and spell-binding book. A creative and mesmerizing way to teach your child about colors and the spirit of Halloween. This is definitely one of the best Halloween-themed picture books I've seen around this season. Your child will love it!

The Truth About Air & Water by Katherine Owen {Blog Tour, Book Review & Giveaway}

The Truth About Air & Water 
Katherine Owen
(truth in lies book 2)
The Truth About Air & Water, book 2 in the Truth In Lies Series. READ This Much Is True, book 1 first, although it's been written as a standalone. Readers say, don't do that. 

“The world breaks everyone, and afterward, some are strong at the broken places.” -Ernest Hemingway ~ A Farewell To Arms 

They share an epic love but one moment changes everything. A life together that seemed certain is shattered. One learns you never love the same way twice; the other learns what it means to come home. You only think you know how this love story goes, but do you really know how an epic love can end? 

“There are all kinds of love in this world but never the same love twice.” 
-F. Scott Fitzgerald 
She is living color, and I’ve been in a black-and-white world for far too long without her. Powerful stuff. It surrounds me. I’ve felt it since I first arrived. The forcefield of her. The magnetism of her. The power she wields over me. I’m alive again because of her, like a dying plant that finally gets some water. I’ve got it bad for this girl. Reality dawns. The light comes through the darkness and shines on me. She’s my water. 
-Lincoln Presley 

The truth is I breathe with him. He is my air. Raison d’etre. 
-Tally Landon 
Author's note: This novel is part of the Truth In Lies series. It can be read as standalone, however, fans of my fiction already are highly recommending that those new to my work, READ This Much Is True book 1 FIRST. 

As Lincoln Presley would say, "do as you must, Princess."
Chapter 2 - Tally
“She’s got the story,” I say to Linc hours later as we lie next to each other taking up only half of the king-sized bed because our bodies remain intertwined at an all but intimate level. The money shot photograph session took twice as long as the interview. After another three hours, we finally told Candy we had to go. I had to pick up Cara from preschool and Linc had a late practice.
We left Candy and her photographer while they were still packing up their gear. By this time, the reporter had given up on asking us any more questions. She had the money shot. She had the story. We weren’t going to like it. The unsettled feeling nagged at me, but Linc didn’t seem to care. “She’s got the story.” Apparently, my fears need repeating.
“So?” He asks with a laugh. “Come here.” He pulls me closer and trails his hands down between my legs knowing full well this is my ultimate weakness for him. I cannot not respond. His touch right there gets me to do just about anything for him. I moan. He laughs again as he starts to make his move.
We put Cara to bed fifteen minutes ago and left the bedroom door slightly ajar so we can hear her but closed enough so she doesn’t hear us. Usually, we wait the agreed-upon half-hour before commencing with doing the deed as I still like to call it, but she was extra tired because I let her stay up late to watch Entangled. I’m not sure she understands the story line completely. I’m not sure I do either but she loves Rapunzel’s long hair. We watched it together while we waited for Linc’s return from practice. Cara played with my hair for most of the movie and kept running her little fingers through it over and over, while I filled out endless wedding invitations, imploring the ninety-five percent of strangers I do not know to come witness our nuptials in the middle of October.
“The article won’t run for weeks. Don’t worry about it. By the time it does, the season will probably be over. We’ll be married. Settled. Nobody is going to care about how we met or what happened in Moscow. They’ll be staring at your photograph, the Dirty Dancing one, and be thinking how did that guy get so lucky and get a girl like her? All those Sports Illustrated fans wishing they were me and holding you up in the air just like Baby.”
“Even the girls?”
He laughs. “Even the girls. When are you going to start believing we’re the two luckiest people in the world?” I turn into him then and stroke his face and search his eyes for solace and truth but I don’t answer. “When are you going to let go and let this happen and believe in it? In me? In us?” Linc asks again.
I trace his lips and kiss him. Lightly. Just a trace.
In the next, he smothers my face with kisses of his own and eventually pulls me up beneath him. “Come on, Tally. Let it go. Let it all go. I’m here. I’m not going anywhere. Don’t put a time clock on this. Don’t walk down the aisle toward me, less than a month from now, still not believing that this isn’t real or this won’t last because it will. I’m here. You’re here. So. Believe it. In me. In us. Now.” He pulls away from me and studies my face. Guilt arrives right on time. I wince along with it.“What is it? What aren’t you telling me? Because with that face? It is definitely something.”
“Dr. Eldon scheduled an ultrasound. I just…she’s optimistic and I just hope that we can find a way to have another child. I want to give you a son because you’ve given so much to me. And I want you to be happy. With me.”
“I am happy with you. I love you because you’re my life. You’re my water. Don’t forget that. I couldn’t survive without you.” He plays with a strand of my hair and lets it slip through his fingers. “And I’m your air.” He sighs a little. “I love you just as you are whether we have more kids or not. That’s why we’re going to make it. But you have to stop believing that something bad is going to happen. You have to believe in us as much as I do. We’re going to have this great life together. We already do. I love you. You love me. And believe me; love is enough. Our love is enough.”
I hold my breath and gaze at him for a long while. The commitment and compassion I see in the depths of his eyes begins to steady me. All the doubt, and even the guilt, begin to fade away. Like a protective shield, his love encircles me from all around.
Then when he pulls me into his arm and looks at me as if I’m the only one that counts, just before he kisses me, it is reassuring in the only way that matters.
Lincoln Presley, baseball star, is one of a kind.
And, he’s mine.
It’s a miracle really.
What an unbelievable stroke of luck at having him in my life and loving me back. I kiss him and let go of all my deep-rooted fears: falling, failing, even losing. I actually feel them disappear as if a strange wind has come by and blown them away.
I take in air—his air—that allows me to live and breathe.
“Okay,” I eventually say.
Then, I grab his hand and lightly kiss the inside of his wrist, and then trail my lips along his broad chest. He leans back against the pillows with a knowing look pulling me along with him, but cedes all control to me. I start to smile, but then another errant thought crashes in on me and threatens to undo all of these joyous declarations.
Everything breaks. 

Beautiful things are like that, extraordinary one minute, gone the next.
She's going to write about us however she sees fit. She's got the story. The whole story. And she wants the fame. On some weird-ass level, I admire her for it. I know that feeling of wanting the fame so badly that you forsake all others to get it. I don't tell her it's fleeting and ultimately destructive. No. I'll let her figure that one out for herself. I'll let her experience her own line drive. Because she will. We all do.
Conflicted is the only way to describe it. Being a sex goddess as well as a perfect mommy are those complete opposite roles. It makes her all the more charming that she doesn't even see it.

Lincoln Presley & Tally Landon are about to grab your heart. Wait for it, because it is bound to happen within the first few chapters. 

Its been weeks since I finished The Truth About Air & Water and just writing this tonight makes me reflect on the characters and the emotion that went into this book. I start to get chills immediately. How am I going to explain to you, the blog reader how much this book will change your life? How am I going to express my feelings when my thoughts are so intense? Well, I am going to give it a go because you will surely be missing out on something great if you don't pick this series up and pick it up pronto!. 

So if you haven't read This Much Is True, the first installment of Tally Landon and Lincoln Presley, I have to ask, what are you doing with your life? Go read the first book now! Its perfect, just as wonderful as this second book is but still a totally mind absorbing, emotional gripping phenomenon. 

Tally Landon is a prima ballerina, she has finally made that dream come true. Lincoln Presley is the star of his major league baseball team. Their jobs keep them busy and open to public ridicule constantly. 

Lincoln (Elvis as Tally calls him) and Tally are engaged, they are finally getting their happily ever after. But truly, can Tally really believe that nothing is going to mess this up. After all, everything always gets screwed up for Tally, right when she starts to hope and believe in her happiness, everything inevitably gets blown to smithereens. Lincoln does what he can, to make sure Tally knows that everything will be fine. He even goes to see the church Tally wants to get married at, even though he knows there is no possible way they can get married at a church that holds less than hundred people.

First they are one happy family. Lincoln and Tally are engaged with daughter Cara. Then tragedy strikes this couple so fully that it BREAKS YOUR HEART. 

First they are together. 
Then they aren't. 
First you are crying with happiness.
Then you are yelling at the characters. 
And no you don't think that is weird at ALL! 
It's heartbreaking, exciting, gripping, emotional, tension filled and maddening all at the same time. 
How can these characters keep going through so much? Will they ever find their way back to who they were before?

Let's discuss Tally for a second. She is one of the most complex characters I've ever read . I love and hate her at the same time. There were parts in the story when I thought she was being so strong, she did everything she could to hide her pain. She was strong, even when it was almost impossible for her to be. But then there were many parts of me, that was really annoyed with him. She gives up too easily. She claims to love but to protect herself, she acts cold. She says she can't go on, but then she seems to be going on just fine in some parts of the story. Tally was quick to blame Lincoln for a lot but never once thought to look at herself.  

Katherine Owen has written a few books. I've read every single one of them and reviewed them. I have fell in love with her way of emotional writing. I have fell in love with everyone of her characters. However, I never knew how far her writing could go, till I opened this book. She has surpassed even her own books this time. There are some writers that I constantly wonder why they don't have millions of people reading their books, she is now on the TOP of that list. She is as good or even better than some of the NY Times Best Selling Authors. 

I leave you with this as my last words.

“So that’s the truth about air and water.” She sighs deep.“Which is?”“It’s hard to maintain the balance to keep the fire going. You have to fan the flames without putting it out with too much water. But too little water will burn the fire right up. Too much fire. Too much destruction. We’re out of control.”“You’re talking in circles,” I say.“No. That’s us,” she says with certainty.”

International bestselling author of the New Adult Novel, This Much Is True and the most recently released second novel in the Truth In Lies series of The Truth About Air & Water.
Katherine Owen writes contemporary edgy fiction, which translates to: she writes love stories that are contemporary in setting and both edgy and dark. Some readers term her books emotional roller coasters. She is not sorry. Owen writes about trust, love, and fate and how relationships are often tested by all of these things in one way or another. Love, loss, and starting over.
Connect with her on:
The Truth About Air & Water (truth in lies book 2)
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This Much is True (book 1) currently on sale $0.99
Both on the verge of fame. A ballerina who lies. A baseball player who believes her. Well, the truth changes everything. 

Tally Landon is just trying to survive the death of her twin sister, graduate from high school, and escape her tragic story by pursuing her ballet career in New York. She doesn't count on Lincoln Presley, Stanford's baseball wonder, to affect her at all. Adding him to a long list of one-night stands is the plan. Lying to him about her age and name is her standard method of operandi. She doesn't count on being found out, on seeing him again, or falling in love. 

Lincoln Presley's life is all mapped out for him. There is only baseball. With Major League Baseball circling their favorite prospect with a lucrative offer, he cannot afford to mess up. And, he doesn't; until he meets up with the girl he saved in that burning wreckage on the 101 on Valentine's Day months before. By the time he learns her real name and of all the lies she's told, he's in far too deep to ever really let her go. 

Fate has a different set of plans, but when fame and lies tear them apart, one truth remains. 
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Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Blog Tour: The Shotgun Arcana by R.S. Belcher (Dream Cast | Giveaway)

Publication Date: October 7, 2014
Tor Books
Formats: Hardcover, ebook
Pages: 400
Series: Golgotha
Genre: Science Fiction, Steampunk, Fantasy, Horror

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R. S. Belcher’s debut novel, The Six-Gun Tarot, was enthusiastically greeted by critics and readers, who praised its wildly inventive mixture of dark fantasy, steampunk, and the Wild West. Now Belcher returns to Golgotha, Nevada, a bustling frontier town that hides more than its fair share of unnatural secrets.

1870. A haven for the blessed and the damned, including a fallen angel, a mad scientist, a pirate queen, and a deputy who is kin to coyotes, Golgotha has come through many nightmarish trials, but now an army of thirty-two outlaws, lunatics, serial killers, and cannibals are converging on the town, drawn by a grisly relic that dates back to the Donner Party…and the dawn of humanity.

Sheriff Jon Highfather and his deputies already have their hands full dealing with train robbers, a mysterious series of brutal murders, and the usual outbreaks of weirdness. But with thirty-two of the most vicious killers on Earth riding into Golgotha in just a few day’s time, the town and its people will be tested as never before—and some of them will never be the same.

The Shotgun Arcana is even more spectacularly ambitious and imaginative than The Six-Gun Tarot, and confirms R. S. Belcher’s status as a rising star.
Dream Cast:

As Mutt: 
Either Jackie Earle Hayley

Wes Studi

as Jon Highfather:
Jensen Ackles

as Harry Pratt:
Eric Stoltz

Buy the book:

a Rafflecopter giveaway

About the author:

R.S. (Rod) Belcher is an award-winning newspaper and magazine editor and reporter. He has been a freelance writer for over a decade. He has written for local, state and international publications.

Rod has been a private investigator, a DJ, a comic book and game store owner and has degrees in criminal law, psychology and justice and risk administration, from Virginia Commonwealth University. He has done Masters work on a degree in Forensic Science at The George Washington University, as well as worked with the Occult Crime Taskforce for the Virginia General Assembly’s State Crime Commission.

Rod has written and edited for magazines like Starlog, Virginia Living, Virginia Business, Verve, and The Roanoker. He was managing editor of The Vinton Messenger newspaper and editor for numerous trade publications. He has done technical writing and has ghost-written political editorials and advertising copy. Both the politics and the advertising greatly honed his fiction writing skills.

He has been a writing guest at numerous conventions and writing conferences for many years. He is available for Bar Mitzvahs…

Rod began writing stories when he was 9 years old, selling stories and self- drawn comics to his mother’s beauty shop customers for a quarter a piece. That first quarter was the start of his road to Hell…

In a creative writing course he was selected for in 6th grade, Rod was told his SF/Fantasy writing was “silly trash” ( kinda true, but hey, I was in sixth grade…) but the lack of support from an adult “expert” made him feel like he couldn’t “really write” and he stopped writing for a few years. Thanks to the love, encouragement and support of his mom, Mabel, Rod started writing again when he got a typewriter for his 12th birthday. Thanks Mom.

You can write. Yes, you. You have a story, maybe a bunch of stories inside you screaming to be let out. Don’t let anyone tell you can’t write, or that your writing is no good. It’s good for you, good for the thing inside you that demands you get that story out somehow. Don’t write for praise, or for money, write for you, only you, and to hell with the rest of them.

He was once told by Elizabeth Taylor, he was “hot” and once told by George Takei he “looked terrible” ( he did). He watched a man die in the electric chair, investigated homicides, pissed off politicians and located missing children. The CIA told him to “clean up his act”- this was one of his proudest moments.

In his spare time ( which he has damn little of these days), Rod enjoys reading, hiking, shooting, gaming ( mostly tabletop RPG or board games, but some console), comics, researching the weird, spending time with his amazing kids, and long, thoughtful, walks in the rain…OK, the last one is crap, but the rest is true.

He lives in Roanoke Virginia with his children: Jonathan, Emily and Stephanie, Three cats and two dogs.

Blog Tour: The Tudor Vendetta (Guest Post | Giveaway)

Please join C.W. Gortner as he tours the blogosphere for the release of the third book in his Spymaster Chronicles Series, The Tudor Vendetta, from October 20 – November 28, and enter to win a complete set of the trilogy!

Publication Date: October 21, 2014
St. Martin’s Press
Formats: eBook, Paperback
Series: Spymaster Chronicles
Genre: Historical Mystery

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Winter, 1558: Elizabeth I has ascended the throne but the first days of her reign are already fraught with turmoil, the kingdom weakened by strife and her ability to rule uncertain.

Summoned from exile abroad at the new queen’s behest, Brendan Prescott arrives in London to face his shattered past. He soon finds himself pitted in deadly rivalry with his life-long foe, Robert Dudley, but when a poison attempt overshadows the queen’s coronation, Elizabeth privately dispatches Brendan on a far more dangerous assignation: to find her favored lady-in-waiting, Lady Parry, who has vanished in Yorkshire.

Upon his arrival at the crumbling sea-side manor that may hold the key to Lady Parry’s disappearance, he encounters a strange, impoverished family beset by grief, as well as mounting evidence that they hide a secret from him. The mystery surrounding Lady Parry deepens as Brendan begins to realize there is far more going on at the manor than meets the eye, but the closer he gets to the heart of the mystery, the more he becomes the quarry of an elusive stranger with a vendetta— one that could expose both his own buried identity and a long-hidden revelation that will bring about Elizabeth’s doom.

From the intrigue-laden passages of Whitehall to a foreboding Catholic manor and the prisons of the Tower, Brendan must risk everything to unravel a vendetta that strikes at the very core of his world, including his loyalty to his queen.

The Tudor Vendetta is the third book in Gortner’s Elizabeth I Spymaster Trilogy.
Guest Post:

The Spymaster Trilogy and the Crevices of History

With THE TUDOR VENDETTA, the third book in the Elizabeth I Spymaster series (Elizabeth’s Spymaster in the UK), I have concluded the arc of an idea that was first conceived over fourteen years ago. I’ve had many people ask me: Why this series? Why set a trilogy in the Tudor era with a fictional character, rather than an actual personage, as your protagonist? My other historical novels are rooted in historical fact, narrated by women who actually lived, so this series seemed an unusual departure for me. Now, with the third book in the Spymaster series published, I think it’s an excellent a time to explain.

My fascination with the Tudors stems from childhood. When I was growing up in Spain, the BBC aired “The Six Wives of Henry VIII” and “Elizabeth R”. I sat glued to the television set like so many others, mesmerized by this most sumptuous and dangerous of historical periods. Later on in my early twenties, my first attempt at an historical novel was an epic about Anne Boleyn; I admired her as arguably the most compelling of Henry’s wives and an early feminist, who eschewed the established pattern for women to seize the greatest prize. While researching and writing that book, which took over six years, I came to realize that not only did Elizabeth resemble her mother in her dark eyes and slim build, her beautiful hands, and undeniable charisma, she too was an early feminist, refusing to marry so she could wield power alone, in an era when an unwed woman who was not a nun or widow, much less a queen, was rare. Though Anne was beheaded when her daughter was only three years old, a trauma which scarred Elizabeth for life, the ill-fated queen passed more than her genetics to her daughter: she somehow imbued in Elizabeth a determination to overcome every odd. Ironically, Anne’s inability to bear the son that might have saved her would fuel Elizabeth’s later infamous marriage game. It is beyond doubt that Elizabeth learned early in life that surrendering herself to a husband could not only be dangerous, but potentially fatal.

I’d hoped to see my Anne Boleyn book published and follow it with a sequel about Elizabeth. It was my first manuscript to attract literary representation; strangely enough, it was also the one that earned me a fan in my editor, Charles Spicer of St Martin’s Press. He was unable to acquire my Anne Boleyn book due to diminished interest in historical fiction at the time, but years later, he would enthusiastically buy the Spymaster trilogy—which in of itself goes to show how first impressions in publishing can yield rewards. My struggle to become published would take another thirteen years and several manuscripts, all of which save my Anne Boleyn novel are now in print. 

By the time I returned to my lifelong interest in the Tudors, the market climate was propitious; historical fiction was experiencing a boon. However, Elizabeth herself had had reams of fiction and nonfiction devoted to her, and I wondered what I could possibly add to the deluge that would feel fresh. I’d also become enthralled by her earlier life, especially the tumultuous years following her father Henry VIII’s death, when, buffeted by changes of regime at court and her siblings’ disparate reigns, she charted a course of survival that would serve as a blueprint for her own unprecedented time on the throne. I realized that it was here, in the very crevices of history, via seemingly isolated events that nevertheless exerted significant impact, lay stories waiting to be told. The crisis following Edward VI’s death thus became the basis for the first book in the series, The Tudor Secret. This paved the way for Mary Tudor’s accession and the terrors of her rule portrayed in The Tudor Conspiracy. And now, in The Tudor Vendetta, I set out to explore the first months of Elizabeth’s reign, when her grip on her crown was still tenuous, and she had her own potentially fatal secret to protect.

Though the Spymaster Trilogy, I’ve found a way to indulge my fascination with this most enigmatic sovereign without re-telling an already familiar story. But I also needed a witness; someone close to her but not bound to her household, free to move between her privileged existence and the seething underworld behind the tapestries. The idea to create Brendan Prescott, a foundling squire to Robert Dudley, who has a secret past he’s initially unaware of, seemed perfect—in Brendan, I found the ideal foil, a devoted, if somewhat unwilling, spy who runs afoul of Elizabeth’s intimate, Lord Robert, and finds himself thrust into the maelstrom of plots and counterplots that will bring her to the throne. Brendan is her one true friend, who grows to understand both her strength and weakness. He too is flawed, fighting to find a place for himself in a world where he feels he doesn’t belong. Through him, I had the opportunity to present a more nuanced depiction of Elizabeth’s contradictory nature, which often drove her advisors to distraction, yet was as much a part of her appeal as her generosity or wit. I also found myself exploring byways that a conventional approach would not have allowed: the squalid back-alleys and brothels of London, a winter crossing on foot of the frozen Thames, daring escapes from palace leads and sword-fights on London Bridge, as well as a multitude of supporting characters, intermixed with vibrant, real-life personalities, each of whom showed one face to the world while concealing another. In particular, I relished depicting Elizabeth’s controversial relationship with Lord Robert from the perspective of an outsider, who recognizes Dudley’s predatory ambition yet remains powerless to thwart it. Too often, Elizabeth and Robert are portrayed as star-crossed lovers; the truth is more ambiguous, fraught with peril. This very complexity is what makes their relationship so interesting to me.

I am very proud of the Spymaster books. These are adventure stories, first and foremost, with mysteries at their heart, depicting actual events with a twist—set on the stage of some of the most dramatic yet neglected episodes in Elizabeth’s struggle to reach her throne, as seen through the eyes of one young man who yearns to do the right thing, and sometimes fails.

I hope one day to return to Brendan and Elizabeth’s world. For now, I sincerely hope you enjoy their journey as much as I’ve enjoyed writing it. To find out more about the Spymaster Trilogy and my other books, please visit me at:

Praise for Apprentice:

“Fast paced and exciting, with a most engaging hero . . . So vivid, you feel are there!” – Diana Gabaldon, bestselling author of the Outlander series

C.W. Gortner has done it again! Full of breathtaking action, dark twists and unexpected revelations, this is an unputdownable read.” – Michelle Moran, bestselling author of Madame Tussaud

“Suspense, intrigue, betrayal and deadly rivalry: What more can you ask for? A swashbuckling, perilous adventure.” – M.J. Rose, bestselling author of The Reincarnationist
Buy the book:

Barnes & Noble

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About the author:

C.W. GORTNER holds an MFA in Writing with an emphasis in Renaissance Studies from the New College of California, as well as an AA from the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising in San Francisco.

After an eleven year-long career in fashion, during which he worked as a vintage retail buyer, freelance publicist, and fashion show coordinator, C.W. devoted the next twelve years to the public health sector. In 2012, he became a full-time writer following the international success of his novels.

In his extensive travels to research his books, he has danced a galliard at Hampton Court, learned about organic gardening at Chenoceaux, and spent a chilly night in a ruined Spanish castle. His books have garnered widespread acclaim and been translated into twenty-one languages to date, with over 400,000 copies sold. A sought-after public speaker. C.W. has given keynote addresses at writer conferences in the US and abroad. He is also a dedicated advocate for animal rights, in particular companion animal rescue to reduce shelter overcrowding.

C.W. recently completed his fourth novel for Ballantine Books, about Lucrezia Borgia; the third novel in his Tudor Spymaster series for St Martin’s Press; and a new novel about the dramatic, glamorous life of Coco Chanel, scheduled for lead title publication by William Morrow, Harper Collins, in the spring of 2015.

Half-Spanish by birth and raised in southern Spain, C.W. now lives in Northern California with his partner and two very spoiled rescue cats.

For more information please visit C.W. Gortner’s website and blog. You can also connect with him on Facebook, Twitter, Goodreads,Pinterest, and YouTube.
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