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Consequence by Shelly Crane (Review)

Consequence (Significance, #4.5)
Young Adult, Romance, Paranormal
Publication.Date  February 14th, 2014
Published By:  Shelly Crane
WebsiteShelly Crane

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Significance Novella

Maggie and Caleb are married, leaders of their people, parents to their children, and happier than they ever dreamed, even with the visions they saw of it to prove it so. The council is still rebelling against Maggie’s changes, but this time it’s different. It’s almost as if something…or someone is behind them, pulling the strings and making decisions for them.

And Maggie is having strange visions that only she can see, leaving Caleb helpless to help her. But when her visions start to warn her that their daughter, Ava, will one day be in danger, they’ll do anything it takes to find out what’s going on and how to stop it, even paying a visit to a previous Visionary.

Maggie and Caleb must find out who or what is behind it all and stop them before Maggie is one vision too late.


"It's amazing that you're still surprised by it," he mused, one of his hands drifting to my neck--to my Visionary mark. He brushed his thumb across it several times before leaning in and kissing it, staying close to me to speak, answering my silent question. "That I love you and this is really our life."
Caleb's head rested on my shoulder as his arms gathered me as close as I could get, smashed into his chest in a warm cocoon. He would look out at the buildings that looked so amazing as the sun sat atop the city in the noon haze, but mostly he was completely and utterly consumed with me.
Caleb's hands pulled my face up and he still looked like that boy that would move mountains and break jaws for me. "Baby?"
"She's my significant first," Caleb said harder.

Since this one's a novella, my review is probably going to be shorter. But I wanted to give it some attention for a few reasons:

1) Though I read this when it came out, I hadn't marked it on Goodreads for some reason. Might as well write a review now as I'm marking it there, eh?
2) Undeniably Chosen (Significance book 5!) is releasing at the end of this month!
3) I. Love. This. Novella.

The Significance series is a beautiful bright spot in my life. One of my favorite series with one of the sweetest romances. I was sad to see it end--and now I'm positively THRILLED that it's not actually over. This novella sort of bridges that gap between Independence (Significance book 4) and what will be Undeniably Chosen (book 5!). So it's useful on that front.

But what's, in my opinion, more important is that this novella gives us some more Caleb and Maggie. We get to see them living life and being their cute, awesome selves. Warmed my heart big time.

Caleb and Maggie are still...Caleb and Maggie. They're not teenagers anymore, but they're still in love and they're still adorable. Their personalities are also the same, but more...grown. You know, since they're older. They are both pretty darn remarkable and make up a seriously amazing couple. (Which they always were and they always did, but it was so great to REVISIT that.)

The romance in this story is exactly what you'd expect from Caleb and Maggie. Made my heart dance and darn near rotted my teeth. But goodness knows I'll read it over and over again until Undeniable Chosen comes out regardless. (Obviously, considering this review is being written based off a re-read.)

As for the writing, Shelly Crane worked her magic on me again. I was in this for the long haul. Though the haul wasn't exactly that long this time around. But y'all get my point. As for the plot, it's as I said: reacquainting us with the Significance world and giving us little bits of what'll play into Undeniably Chosen.

Overall, this was a solid, sweet, and oh so fantastic novella. I am so excited for the Significance series to continue, and I'm glad we got this to hold us over. More Caleb and Maggie never fails to make me smile. Now I just have to wait until later this month--then I'll have book 5 and I'll get to read it and it'll be the best time I AM SO EXCITED. (In case you couldn't tell. Heh.)

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