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Insane by H.G. Lynch (Book Chat Review)

Paranormal, Thriller, YA
Publication Date:January 21, 2014
Published By:  Vamptasy Publishing
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Something evil is going on in the Montgomery Psychiatric Hospital; every time there is an unexplainable blackout, a patient dies. 
Callie isn't insane - she sees the ghost of her dead best friend only because he really is there. It's just that nobody believes her. 
Casey is scarred after a horrific attack during which he killed someone. Temporary insanity was his plea, and the asylum is his prison.
With fear and death lurking everywhere, and no way to escape, Callie is certain it's only a matter of time before she or Casey, the odd boy she has an inexplicable link with, becomes the next victim of the creature in the shadows. 
Trapped in the asylum with a killer on the loose, there's plenty of reason to be afraid of the dark.


Tammy's Picks:

Then Casey’s hands were on my face, his thumbs over the corners of my lips, and I squeaked. What the–
Just go with it. Before he’d even finished the sentence, he bent his head and put his mouth to mine. Because his thumbs were in the way, his lips just barely touched mine, but the almost unnoticeable brushes of his lower lip against my top one were enough to make lightning zip through my body.
Casey smiled innocently, and my heart skipped a beat. God, he had a beautiful smile. Because I can whisper sweet nothings in your ear all day, and he can’t do a thing about it, he murmured, his ‘Voice’ low and intimate, brushing the insides of my skull like feathers and making me want to shiver.
I didn’t know what to say to that. My gaze trailed to her lips, and not because I was trying to read them. I really wanted to kiss her right then. I opened my mouth and said quietly, “I don’t know whether to be flattered or creeped out.”
“Don’t worry, Button. I’ve been locked up in this place for two years – I’ve thought about the same thing a lot since I met you.”

Our Thoughts



Tammy: I totally didn’t think she was crazy. I liked her I really liked her! I thought they should let her out!

Tiffany: I didn’t think she was crazy but I felt bad that she was seeing her dead best friend!

Tammy: Me too!! However, it made sense when we found out about the guilt!! But that didn’t come until half way through…

Tiffany: Despite that, she was well developed. I couldn’t help but laugh when she questioned

Tammy: You like her immediately! She isn’t whiney and there is no question that you are going to like reading about her.


Tiffany: I liked Casey right from the get go. He kind of seemed like a bit of a jerk and standoffish, but I liked him anyway

Tammy: I LOVED Casey. I fell in love with him the minute he called Callie, Button.

Tiffany: I felt really bad for what he had been through, when it finally did come out.  I couldn't even blame him for what he did...

Tammy: I don’t believe he should have been there. What he did was justifiable and he should have gotten off. I liked him from the get go even though he liked Dr. Moore

Tiffany: I wanted to save him from the Teddy lady!!

Tammy: I believe that Callie was the reason for his growth not Dr. Moore.


Tammy: I felt like I was in the Asylum with Callie. It was like being there with her, you could feel her longing to get out of there.

Tiffany: There were so many little details that the author added in that made everything so real. Though I could tell Callie wanted out, I also felt that she was there for a reason.

Tammy: I have been in the psych ward and they do have doors with glass windows, and it does have wire through it. (For visiting purposes) So the author really did her research or watched enough shows.

Tiffany:   What I loved was how fast this book read.  With all of the details we talked about it sounds like there would be an info overload... However, there isn't.  It made for a good read from start to finish

Tammy: There was good pacing. Had I not gotten sick this would have been a book that I read in a day, two tops. The books grips you. Aftyer the first chapter or two you are hooked you want to know what happens


Tammy: I think the romance progressed quickly, but that is probably a product of the book being so short. I didn’t find it weird.  Sometimes when romance progresses so fast and you’re like WTF. However, it works because of the setting and how long they have been in there.

Tiffany: I am not going to lie, at some point I thought that her and RJ were going to have some sort of romance

Tammy: I have to believe that they could actually hear each other in their heads.  This made the romance easier to believe... Without that I'm not sure how I would have felt

Tiffany: The only thing that I found odd about that was that Chester couldn't hear what they were.  However, you are right... The fact the could communicate in such a way made the romance and its quick progression easier to believe.

Final Thoughts

Tammy: I enjoyed the book and would probably read it again. This would make a really cool movie, it’s something that you wouldn’t lose anything in the translation. It would have the WTF factor, and leave you questioning if that really did just happen.

Tiffany: I liked. I really liked the ending. There no way that you could have predicted what was coming.  Heck, I am still at a loss as to how it all went down...

Final Rating



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