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3rd Degree Secrets by Roni O'Connell (Tour Review & Giveaway)

I am super excited to be a part of the tour for 3rd Degree Secrets, the second book in the
D.E.A.D High Chronicles!! I hope you enjoy my stop and don't forget to enter the giveaway!!

Paranormal, YA
Publication Date:December, 2014
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“Like burns, there are degrees of secrets. First-degree secrets are those that girls share with female friends under clouds of giggles and shushed voices, eyes bright, smiles flashing, with furtive glances to ensure that a certain boy doesn't overhear. First-degree secrets are relatively painless, subject to no worse than blushes or easy tears depending upon if that boy does or does not return feelings of affection. Second-degree secrets follow a person from her locker down the school halls—rolling eyes and pointed fingers marking her as surely as a painted X on her back. These secrets don’t leave scars, but injure nonetheless, deep inside where insecurities linger and fester, waiting to explode. The most serious secrets are third degree, just as third degree burns are the worst, leaving the scars, bumpy, pitted, and marred; these secrets irrevocably twist, disfigure, and ruin lives.

“I’ve had my share of second-degree secrets that I mostly try to ignore, but my third-degree secrets, well, those I hug to me in a fear born of basic survival instincts. My exterior is unblemished, white with blue veins, road maps travelling to foreign places beneath my skin, but inside, the terrain rises into mountains and ridges, scared, puckered, and ugly, un-crossable except by painful passage that I’m unwilling to take.”

I fight to refocus and take back control with my good eye.  Unwelcome and unwanted, my blind grey eye sees.  Stunned, I'm blind.  Frozen in place by the intrusive vision.
  I'll probably never have a boyfriend, but if I do, he'd better be a lot tamer than Blaine Rodriguez.  Still, he looked movie star handsome, leaning against the wall with his eyes closed in passion.
  I groan, then ease against her.  My hand moves down her arm to rest at her waist.  She is small and delicate, and innocent.  The girl I never knew I was looking for.
My Thoughts
  I really enjoyed Roni O'Connell's Float and was very excited to be asked to be a part of the tour for the second book in the series.  Float was such a unique book and I loved the characters, and had some serious high expectations for this book.  It is so easy to become a part of these books and I was not let down in this book.  If anything I may have loved this book a little bit more than I loved the first.

  There is such a unique plot with both of the D.E.A.D High books.  What I loved so much about this book was that there was a very dominant plot, but there was a sub-plot that worked very well with it.  I never felt confused but simply enjoyed how it all worked in together and set a wonderful pace, that kept my interest and allowed me to want to remain submerged from start to finish.  Pair this with some added details to the setting, and previous characters.  O'Connell folded in old so perfectly with the new, that it was practically seamless.

  Kisten has been through hell, she is still in hell actually.  She is very much the stereotypical girl that fades into the background, the pretty girl with a hard life that no one notices.  Well, no one notices her until a list comes out marking her as someone that people should pay attention to for all of the wrong reasons.  She does not want to be the popular girl, and her home life and secrets, basically have always kept her from becoming close to anyone.  What I liked about her was that she was compassionate, and she was willing to speak her mind.  Kisten was willing to stand her ground but also forgive when the time called for it.  So, despite her having many stereotypical traits, she also was a star in her own rights and I honestly felt connected to her.

  When it came to the romance and Blaine, I'm not sure what to say.  I liked Blaine for the reason that he messed up.  I don't mean he messed up a little, he messed up multiple times and on different levels.  It is also these mess ups that irritated me about him.  We are all human but you can't claim to want someone the way he wants Kisten, and then make the mistakes.  I do understand that he is a teen boy but love is love.  I was happy that Kisten made him accountable and didn't just let him away with everything.  Blaine did grow on me, and I would be lying if I said he wasn't charismatic and I did start to route for the fact that he wouldn't continue to mess up.  I liked the dynamics between the pair and thought that when it all came down to it, they were well matched.

  Overall, 3rd Degree Secrets is the type of book I would revisit.  In fact both D.E.A.D High books were captivating and unique in ways that I can't fully explain in either review.  Everything is well developed and the characters are easy to visualize and get a feel of.  There is not much to feel indifferent about because there is very obviously so much poured into this book.  I highly recommend any fans on young adult paranormal pick this up, especially if you enjoy something that involves visions! 

About the Author

Roni O’Connell lives with her husband and two dogs high in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado. She finds inspiration in the forest, wildlife, and lakes around her home.

A former English teacher, Roni enjoys the company of young adults, their spirited opinions, great enthusiasm, and outrageous humor.

When Roni isn’t writing novels, you can find her hiking in the forest or contemplating the wonders of nature.

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