Saturday, June 28, 2014

Mermaid & Myth Month is Coming!!!

  Yes this is happening here on Bookish!  

  For those of you that did not know, I made the leap to be on Bookish strictly and that means I'm now a co-owner here!  I know you are all asking yourselves what this has to do with this stunning banner and its month...  Well that's quite simple actually!  Mermaid & Myth Month started on Escaping..., but is happy in its new home, with a team working for it.  This month will feature many things Mermaid and others Mythology based.  By myth I mean Dragons, Gods, Goddesses, lesser myths like Medusa and so much more!

  The event will start August 1st and run until the 31st.  We are doing one huge grand prize giveaway that we would love donations for but would also be happy to do an individual giveaway if you would prefer.  Books, swag... whimsical and original prizes are more than welcome as well!  Our plan with the grand prize is to have it so that everyone gets maximum exposure and will put a media link of your choice on the raffle form.

  If you or someone you know writes about Mermaids or Mythology we would LOVE to have you!!  We can't promise reviews but we will try and be accommodating. If you want to sign up please click

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