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Heaven Bound, Hell Hunted by Caitlin Elyse (Review & Giveaway)

New Adult, Romance, Paranormal
Publication.Date  March 14, 2012
Published By:  Caitlin Elyse
WebsiteCaitlin Elyse

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My review copy:Review copy provided by the author in exchange for an honest review.

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When Katherine Ambrose became a Slayer, she had one goal in mind--kill the murderers who destroyed her family. After a brief mission into the human world, Kitty finds herself caught between Kenric, her long-time protector; Darien, her lovesick best friend; and Storm, the silver-blooded immortal with an ego to match her own. She never thought she'd attract the attention of one of Hell's cruel masters. When Itzal, the demonic warlord of Hell, declares war on Heaven, Kitty must fight her desires and her thirst for revenge if she wants to remain free. Not even Heaven's holy strength can deter Itzal from his target. And that target is Kitty. Heaven has bound her to their moral will. Hell is hunting her for their own dark desires. And three men are vying for her affection.

"Mm-hmm," Storm nodded, rested his chin on one hand, and put on a wide-eyed, enthralled expression. "That's fascinating, do tell. 'By any means necessary'? That sounds scary. What does the big bad Slayer have in mind?"
I laughed. "You did good."
Storm gave me a mock pout. "But I was trying so hard to do bad."
"You have ears. Cat ears." Storm's voice was playfully accusatory.
"Congratulations, you have eyes that work right," I snapped irritably, too tense to come up with a better retort.

I've been in somewhat of a paranormal slump recently. Not for any particular reason, I've just been reading a bunch of contemporaries, and I was okay with that. But then I sat down and started reading Heaven Bound, Hell Hunted. And goodness gracious, this book. THIS BOOK, Y'ALL. I am in love. 
I loved learning about this world and the creatures within it. There are so many paranormal creatures in this book. Some I don't think I've even heard of before, and others that I've never seen in this light before. It was also incredibly cool how the heavenly aspect isn't all sunshine and roses like we'd expect. It's actually kind of dark and sort of flawed in a way that made this story stand out from others it might be compared to.

I was to carry these lovely characters around in my pocket. Not because they're all adorable or happy-happy or whatever. But they were FUNNY. And I love them. Kitty was snarky and strong, but as the story went on she got more vulnerable and I think it was good to see her knocked down a notch. It's not often that happens and I still want to be BFFs with a character. And, in case you couldn't tell from my quotes, I adore Storm. I'm crushing all over that angel boy. (Not stereotypical angel boy, mind you. It's just a lineage thing.) 

Sweet, sweet romance made me smile. And swoon. One of the things that drew me to this book was the fact that there were three guys instead of two--that takes away the possibility of a traditional love triangle. It was a pleasant surprise to also see that while the guys all cared for Kitty, they weren't over-the-top obnoxious about it. Plus, that little boy brio we've got going on takes a little twist at one point, changing things up. It also helped that Kitty didn't bounce between the guys every five seconds. She knew what she wanted and she went for it, which I admire.

And then there is the fact that Storm is everything I could ask for in a book boyfriend. Seriously. I love him. I WANT MOAR. *grabby hands*

The ending left me wanting more. Partly because I just love these characters and their story and partly because of the way things ended. I mean, I can live until I get book 2. I can. I can, I can, I can. But I WANT more so bad. Goodness, I already miss these Kitty and Storm. I heeeeearrrrt theeeeem!

Overall, this is the best paranormal romance I've read in a while. I am seriously racking my brain for a paranormal book I've read recently that I loved as much as this one...and I'm coming up blank. It has enough of the regular stuff to be something I like, but it was also different enough to hold my attention and not bore me. At all. Not one little bit. Ahhhh, this book. So much love!

Cailtin Elyse is awesome enough to be giving away a paperback copy of Heaven Bound, Hell Hunted along with the sequel, Heaven Prays, Hell Preys to one lucky winner! The paperback giveaway is US/Canada only, but if you're international, you can still enter to win digital copies of the books instead. Trust me, you want these books. Enter through the Rafflecopter below!

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