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Beautiful Monster by Bella Forrest (Review)

Young Adult, Fantasy, Romance, Paranormal
Publication.Date  May 13th 2013 (ebook)
Published By:  Create Space
WebsiteBella Forrest 

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My review copy:Review copy provided by the author in exchange for an honest review.
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"Bella Forrest has done it yet again! I am a HUGE fan of her Shade of Vampire series, and now she's gotten me hooked on her latest tale with the mysterious and sexy Liam Swift!"
- Autumn Reviews

"Beautiful Monster was hauntingly beautiful, in its complex simplicity. The connection between Amy and Liam was stunning and powerful."
- Fluffy Pink Hearts Reviews

Liam Swift is a young man Amy has always admired from afar. She's seen his face a thousand times; on the screen and in magazines. He seems unstoppable as his talent and beauty send him hurtling toward becoming a Hollywood legend...

Until one day - in what appears to be a fit of madness - he stuns the world by throwing it all away. Not even the most persistent reporter can fathom the reason behind Liam's decision. 

Never in Amy's wildest dreams could she have imagined this God of acting would go on to accept employment at her local boarding school. Or that he'd personally start teaching her drama lessons.

It seems life can't get much better for Amy ... until the sound of tortured weeping starts echoing through the thin walls of her dorm room each night, leading her to stumble upon a horrifying secret Liam had hoped to keep hidden forever.

"What a great book! Amy is such an amazing strong, beautiful, loving character that I fell in love with. [...] This story was a page turner that had me wrapped in it from page one! I am dying for the next one! BRAVO MS. FORREST."
- Paranormal Book Fairy

“His pain, his past, who he is, everything that would be considered an ‘imperfection’ are just reasons why I love him more.”
“Her hair was pulled up, but a few strands were falling into her fresh face. She looked beautiful and young, and I knew her future held nothing but promise and hope.”
“’Yes,’ I said, taking one of her father’s secret recipe cookies. They were so loaded with chocolate it was a wonder they had any other ingredients. I had them once or twice before and they never failed to make me feel better. At the moment, however, it was Amy’s smile that was assisting in that endeavor.”
“I could hear Amy’s own heartbeat, load in her chest, and feel her own warm skin against mine. It nearly broke my heart; that this beautiful young girl that I had come to fall in love with wanted to live just as badly. And here I was, handed immortality and I didn’t want it.”
“My father, of course, took that as an opportunity to sit down and grill Liam within an inch of his life.”

     Going into this, I was not aware that it was a vampire story. That's probably silly, considering this is BELLA FORREST and the title is Beautiful Monster. It just makes sense. So, I didn't know. But since it was written by Bella, I was okay with it. Actually, I was quite happy about it. Why? Because Bella Forrest writes the most kickass vampire stories ever.

     I honestly don't know how she does it. Her world building was great, the vampire aspects not dry and boring, but interesting and new. And I'm not even using "interesting" as a placeholder for something else. I SERIOUSLY mean that whenever we learned more about Liam's vampire ways, I got more and more drawn in, taking the information to memory and salivating for more. 

Character Rundown:
Amy: She's not the worst character I've ever come across. Actually, she was a pretty good one. Wise, but not unbelievably so. She still had her moments of teenage break downs. I also loved her relationship with her father. And with Porsche. Amy wasn't one of those protagonists that dropped everything once she met the guy. Amy held her own, and I really liked seeing her like that.

Liam: Smexy vampire, anyone? WELL THIS ONE'S MINE, so hands off. ;) What I loved most about Liam was how passionate he was about acting. It was like eating or breathing to him--and he cherished it. Liam isn't one of those male protags whose life revolves around his new girl, either. Sure, she was important, but he still had other things and people he cared about. And I LOVED it. And him. Oh, Liam. Yes. I have love here.

Plot. Fabulous.When it comes to vampires, Bella Forrest KNOWS. She keeps the story flowing and doesn't leave much room to get bored at all. I admit, though, that the big thing in here wasn't TOO big. The action wasn't VERY great. But since I'm me, and that part was so wonderful in other aspects, it didn't really take much--if anything--away from the story. Also, Bella Forrest's writing?Fantastic.

Romance. The thing about Liam and Amy's relationship is that they both love each other and all, but they both have their own things, too. Their own friends and things to do. They both share the love of acting, but Liam has Porsche (well, Amy does, too, but that's different), and Amy has Sarah, and...they just have their own things. Their relationship is just so endearing. It has substance to it. I plan on rooting for these two until the end. 

The ending. Oh, goodness, Bella. WHY did you have to do this? WHHHHHY?!?! I am sitting here, and I want book 2 and just...ahhh. Cliffhanger, people. It's not TERRIBLE, but it leaves me counting the days until the next book is in my hands and being devoured, page by page.

Overall, Bella Forrest has yet again written a vampire story that has drawn me in and held me captive from the very first page to the very last. I don't know how she does it, but I hope she never stops. Do I recommend this? Heck the flipping yes. Goodness. Heck to the yes.

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