Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Ghost Song - Sarah Rayne (13/50)

Genre:                Psychological Thriller
Year:                  2009
Pages:                 480

The story revolves around an old music hall, called The Tarleton, on London's Bankside. Once a popular, bustling place, the Tarleton was closed in 1914 under mysterious circumstances and has remained shut ever since. Nobody knows who the owner is or why it was never re-opened after the war. The place is full of secrets, strange whisperings, creaking floorboards, and, of course, ghosts.

When Robert Fallon is asked to survey the structure, he finds clues indicating that its long twilight sleep may contain a sinister secret. Joining forces with researcher Hilary Bryant, Robert discovers the legend of the Tarleton's ghost, a mysterious figure that was first glimpsed during the era of Toby Chance, a charismatic performer who vanished suddenly and inexplicably in the early 1900s. After almost a century the Tarleton's dark silence is about to end, but there are those who find its reopening a threatening prospect. As Robert and Hilary delve into the macabre history, they both become menaced by the secrets of the past.

“All theatres are haunted…”

My Thoughts: 
Ghost song is mesmerizing, absorbing and fascinating psychological thriller, set in old and contemporary London, England. Foggy London streets add to the wonderful taste of the book, making it the most yummy treat you could ask for. There's everything you'd expect of a good thriller/ghost story - there's a ghost, a mystery, old theater with hidden pathways, thrilling secrets and unexpected twists, all topped off with a flawless narration, making it simply a pleasure to read. I highly recommend Ghost Story, it's a well written piece of literature :)

My Rating: 



Anonymous said...

Your blog looks great.

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Thank you in advance,

Ken Eason
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Lindsay said...

This looks SO good! I love the cover! Great view!

ABookVacation said...

Yay! Trekking over to amazon to buy this one... :)

Jaime Lester said...

This cover is creepy, and it sounds like a creepy story. 2 things that I really like in a story! Thanks so much for the great review!

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