Friday, April 19, 2019

Blog Tour: Button & Bundle by Gretchen McLellan and Gillian Flint

Welcome to our stop of Button & Bundle blog tour!

Hardcover, 32 pages
Published: February 19th 2019 by Alfred A. Knopf Books for Young Readers
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A tender story about two best friends who must move away from each other. With a sprinkle of imagination and a lot of love, Button and Bundle will learn the true meaning of friendship. 

Button and Bundle are best friends. So are their dolls.

But when Button has to move away, she's sad and lonely without Bundle.

Until one day, Button finds a single yellow balloon and an idea. With a little luck, maybe she can reunite Bundle with their dolls again!

Knowing that her faraway friend would be happy is the happiest idea of all.

This sweet and charming friendship story addresses how to cherish old friendships while making new ones. With fun, imaginative play, Button and Bundle create a world they'll share no matter how far apart they are.

     Button & Bundle is a heart-warming and thoughtful picture book about first friendships and healing after having to move away from your beloved best friend. It celebrates friendship in a really beautiful, resonating way, but also shows that even if we have to part with our friends, we can learn to deal with the loss and find new friends along the way, all along remembering our special first friendships. 

      The soft pastel illustrations by Gillian Flint really bring this story to life and add extra meaning to the text. They depict the friendship between Button and Bundle so perfectly! 

     Button and Bundle are two little girl who grew up together and are best friend. They even have little dollies that are also best friends! And they play together, decorate the doll house together and have outdoor adventures together! Until one day, the girls learn that one of them is moving away and so they need to say goodbye. They throw a little good-bye tea party, but there's nothing fun about it. The girls are just too sad to enjoy any of it.

     Time passes, but Button misses Bundle still. Every day she thinks about her friend and wonders what she's doing and if she, too, misses her. And then a yellow balloon flies straight into her hands and Button gets an awesome idea! She ties a little basket to the balloon and puts her dollie in it, she then sends it off into the sky, hoping it'll reach her friend! All the time, she imagines her friend's surprise and happiness upon receiving the basket with the dollie. She thinks about how much fun Bundle will have, how happy she'll be to play with both of her dolls. That brings Button closure and peace of heart.

     And then she meets a new friend and they begin making new memories together!

     We love the message in this book. My daughter had a best friend just like that back when we lived in Santa Fe. Her friend's name was Ava and they did a ton of things together, from playing together at the playground, to watching Peppa Pig and playing with dolls and having birthday parties together. After we moved away from Santa Fe, Tori was very sad and heartbroken, she missed her friend dearly. I wish we had this book back then, as I'm sure it would've helped Tori understand and cope with the parting from her friend.

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