Friday, February 22, 2019

A Talk with Sunday Riley; The Woman, The Brand

A Talk with Sunday Riley; The Woman, The Brand

People have become more discerning when it comes to the products they use on their body and as such, it is important for brands to establish an excellent rapport between them and their consumers. This is especially the case when it comes to skincare products because there are countless brands emerging. To keep up with the competition, cosmetic brands need to deliver quality products along with good customer relations. This is perhaps one of the reasons why this Texas-based skincare brand it slowly making its way to the top.

Sunday Riley is an entrepreneur that founded a skincare brand which she named after herself. The Texas-based cosmetics brand focuses heavily on finding remedies for common skin conditions and it is not solely about achieving the perfect skin. Just recently, the CEO and founder sat down with The Cut to talk about the brand and everything it has achieved so far.

In the interview, Riley gave us a glimpse of what the brand really wanted to become when it launched in 2009. When Sunday Riley launched, it was hoping to introduce the perfect mix of science-based ingredients with natural ingredients. The result was a success needless to say as the brand was able to attract consumers from all walks of life. Its success should not be a surprise though as the founder herself has been tried and tested in the field of cosmetics.

When asked which products she is most proud of, Riley was unable to give a definite answer.
According to her, each of their products is amazing as each is created after a rigorous trial and error phase. Contrary to what many may believe, Riley isn’t particularly fond of the Good Genes line despite its amazing market success and reception.

According to Riley, the success of Good Genes is most likely because it launched at a time when there weren’t any other products like it on the market despite having a huge demand. When it launched, it was actively talked about online and this led to more and more consumers discovering it for themselves. Of course, the products effective and fast-acting results are partly to thank for its amazing success. Good Genes has developed a cult following across the U.S. and it could even be considered as the line that launched the brand to mainstream popularity. 

During the interview, Riley details her own skincare routine. Aside from washing her face twice a day, Riley admits to using Good Genes up to three times a week as well. Some of the other products she uses include C.E.O vitamin C serum and Tidal. Of course, the maker herself is fond of using her products on a day-to-day basis. Considering she’s a busy bee most of the time, she understands that she must care for her skin at all cost. According to Riley, people really need to wash their skin regularly if they want to bloom and become flawless.

When talking about the future plans of the brand, Riley says that she is pretty interested in creating her own line of shampoo that promotes scalp health. We can only hope that she pushes through with
the plan in the future as we’re sure that there will be countless lining up for it again. Sunday Riley is one of the emerging brands in the skin care industry. Its Good Genes line is just the tip of what the company has to fully offer. While the quality of its products is what makes it well-known to women nationwide, it’s the founder’s drive and perseverance to create amazing cosmetics is what pushed it to where it is today.

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