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April Wrap Up: What I Loved,and Loved Some More!

I can hardly believe we are already in May as I write this post. My April flew by. Between being sick for about 2 weeks, I worked my butt off at my accounting job. Yes, that's right, I'm a boring accountant, but I love it so no judging. 😊I also went on a super fun  trip with my best friend Jen to Temecula, California to stay with some great people and go to the wine country. I can't believe how much fun we had and I definitely want to do another girls weekend soon.

It was a great reading month for me. I read 8 books. Here are the statistics.


Books Read: 8
ARC’s Reviewed: 4
Genres: Romance, Poetry, Suspense/Mystery

Us: a collection of poetry by Kiana Azisian
Date Read: April 04, 2018

(My Review) Fantastically brutal. I have started reading so much poetry lately as it really inspires me to write better myself. This author really knows how to hurt you and heal you at the same damn time.

Junk Shop Heart by Kirk Diedrich
Date Read: April 04, 2018
(My Review) I couldn't believe Kirk Diedrich had a poetry book out and I hadn't read It yet. I've followed him on Instagram and Twitter for years and have always loved his words. They are so profound, hopeful and heart breaking all at once. This poetry book didn't disappoint. I found some amazing poems I hadn't seen before and some favorites too. I'd highly recommend you give this romantic soul a chance. This lady can't wait for the next one.

After Anna by Lisa Scottoline
Date Read: April 07, 2018
(My Review) I received an arc of this read from the publisher.

Maggie and Noah have no idea what they are getting into when they allow Maggie’s estranged daughter to move in with them and become a part of their family. Maggie, who hasn’t seen her daughter Anna since she was an infant, is full of guilt at not being there for Anna and is ready to step up and do her best as a mother.
Things quickly escalate into a horrible situation. Anna is murdered and all evidence points to Noah as the murderer. Noah is arrested and tried for the crime. The story moves back and forth between the trial and the time Anna was living with them before she was murdered.
The story is one of hope and different expectations, looking at those around us to figure out just how much we truly know those we love. Can the man you love be capable of murder? the child you gave birth to capable of manipulation? what has Anna really been through in the 17 years she wasn't with Maggie and what does her death have to do with it?
I love that a majority of this story is based in a court room. Lisa, a former lawyer, knows how to get in a lawyers mind and can truly describe jurors, the judge and even the defendant.
I love Lisa for her stories, her voice and that all her novels are close to my home. She just keeps getting better.

Fairytale by Danielle Steel 
Date Read: April 07, 2018

(My Review)Deeply in love, Christophe and Joy Lammenais built Chateau Lammenais into a small but renowned Napa Valley winery and an idyllic home where they raised their beloved daughter, Camille, who takes on increasing responsibilities for the estate they all treasure. But after Joy’s early death from breast cancer just after Camille’s graduation from Stanford, a lonely Christophe soon falls prey to the machinations of a sophisticate from his native France—who moves, with her two reprobate sons, to consolidate her power over Camille and the property when Christophe is killed in a plane crash. I am always amazed at how seamlessly Danielle Steel weaves a story together with such remarkable characters and action in just the right places. This was just another example of her incredible talent at work.

Our Kind of Cruelty by Araminta Hall
Date Read: April 14, 2018
(My Review) I received a copy of this book from the publisher in exchange for an honest review.

Utterly speechless. Intense. This is definitely one of those books to watch in 2018 because I believe it will be on everyone's mind.
This is a love story. Well, that's Mike's love story. Verify and Mike have been together for years. They made it through their college years and still strongly loved each other. No one but them understood their story. How could they? They were made for each other, two people destined to be. Crave was a sex game they played that turned them both in immensely. They'd go to a bar and wait for a guy to hit on V, so Mike could swoop in and save her.
Obviously V is just playing their secret game now. She isn't really getting married to Angus? She's just trying to get Mike's attention. After all, this is Mike's love story and it's him and V in the end.
Damn, this book grabbed me with its intensity from the beginning. The way the author portrays the characters is exquisite. Your heart will pound. Your pulse with race. You'll breathlessly want more
Somebody's Daughter by Rochelle Weinstein
Date Read: April 17, 2018

(My Review) It's almost impossible to read this book and not let it effect you at your very core. A family is faced with an unimaginable event going public and must decide whether to band together or let it rip them apart. I immediately developed feelings for each character. Sympathy. Anger. Shock.

Emma and Bobby lead a charmed life with their two fifteen year old daughters in Miami beach, Florida. They own their own hotel called the Ross, that is thought of as a family destination but still the place to be. They live in the Ross and feel connected to each and every one of their employees. Their two twin daughters, Lily and Zoe attend private school and have a bunch of great friends. All these people come out to celebrate with them at the hotel for their fifteenth birthday. Then a message is sent to some and tragedy strikes close to home. Emma rushed to try to fix things while Bobby can't even acknowledge what happened.
As a family is tested, family bonds will be broken, friendship will be questioned and revenge will unfold. Somebody s daughter is sure to make you question your own relationships with your children and make you wonder what would happen if it was your daughter? What would you do? How far would you go to protect your own?
This book not only tells a very relevant story but does it so the reader really understands all sides of the story. The story was so moving and told perfectly with just the right amount of laughter and tears. A huge winner for this reader.

Bro Code by Kendall Ryan
Date Read: April 28, 2018
(My Review) I received a copy of this book from Ink Slinger PR in exchange for an honest review.

Hold on a minute, while I hose myself off from this explosive book. Wow. This book was amazing. I can't believe this is my first read by Kendall Ryan. I'm pretty sure I'm going to go purchase a ton of her books now that I've been blown away by this one.

Barrett and Ava were both great characters that you quickly started to route for. Barrett is a lawyer that will do almost anything to make partner this year in his Chicago firm. Ava is the little sister of his best friend and certainly OFF LIMITS according to the bro code that every guy knows about and follows right? Barrett is doing his best but with comments from Ava such as "I don't like being told what to do, unless I'm naked" he is having a heck of a time complying with what is right. The scenes between them are either scorching HOT or LOL funny. I enjoyed them so much.
If you enjoy contemporary, romance and great writing, you have to pick this novel up as soon as possible.

The Oxford Year by Julia Whelan
Date Read: April 30, 2018


(My Review)Ella is a Rhodes scholar, planning to spend a year at Oxford and then head home to a life in politics. Her plans are upended when she meets Jamie, a teaching assistant. As their relationship evolves, Ella has to make some difficult choices. The setting of Oxford contributes to the appreciation of the story, as do the secondary characters Charles, Maggie and Tom.

Jaime and Ella weren't looking for anything serious. She is leaving for America in June and he is a player that doesn't "do" serious. So they start just spending time together in the bedroom and come to really enjoy each other so they venture out on a few dates.
The story really heats up in the second half of the story when we learn Jaime's secret which seriously blew me away. I didn't see it coming at all.
Read this book. You'll love it. I promise.

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