Friday, July 15, 2016

Bookish Product Review: Jane's Tiny Things Magnetic Bookmarks (p2)

Hey guys!

You might recall the first time I posted about Jane's Tiny Things bookmarks few months ago. Today I'm back with round two of the feature and I have some absolutely marvelous new bookmarks to show you!

Over the past couple of years, I have become a self-proclaimed bookmark hoarder. I don't really use them - ha! They're way too pretty for that :D But I do collect them, because they're unique and bookish and just oh-so-lovely! And like I said before, out of all the Etsy stores, Jane's Little Things is probably the most unique, because her creations are hand-drawn and very different in style. AND - most importantly - they come with a quote on the back! How amazing is that?!

I love Jane's bookmarks so much, but they're not the only thing you can find in Jane's Tiny Things store. Jane also makes these amazing sets of hand-drawn nail decals, and I think the one with books and feathers is my favorite one by far!

Anyhoo! Without further ado, let's take a look at the new bookmarks in Jane's store - I have two sets of them to show you today! :)

The Night Court set 
     A super hot item right now (and, well, always!). I posted a photo of these on my Bookstagram and it got some crazy love, because HELLO, Rhysand and Feyre!

I really love these! They're so cute and unique, you guys! Jane did an amazing job drawing the characters yet again, and she picked great quotes for the back of the bookmarks, too!

The Rhysand one has our favorite ACOMAF quote: "To The Stars Who Listen and The Dreams That Are Answered." and Feyre says: "II was a Survivor, I was strong. I would not, could not be Broken." 

Baker Street Set - Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson 
The Sherlock and Watson bookmarks are right on point, you guys! So quirky and spot on with all the details!

The Sherlock one says: "To a Great Mind nothing is Little." and the Watson one says: "Good old Watson! You are the one Fixed Point in a  Changing Age."  Again, Jane picked awesome quotes. I love taking photos of these, they go so well with my edition of Sherlock Holmes from Rock Paper Scissors!

All the bookmarks in Jane's store can be purchased separately, or in a set. The single bookmarks cost $4 and if you buy them as a set it's $7 for 2 bookmark set and $10.50 for 3 bookmark set. Some of them are very popular and already on back order! And no wonder, really, because they're gorgeous and so unique!

And if you'd like to stock up on the sheer awesomeness, use code: EVIEBOOKISH to get 15% off!
About Jane's Tiny Things:

Fun magnetic bookmarks featuring illustrated versions of your favorite characters!
Each set has enough to collect - buy them individually or grab the entire collection for a discount.
Bookmarks are $4 each, or $3.50 each when you purchase the whole set.
Full color prints on thick semi-gloss paper.
Each bookmark features a hand-lettered quote on the back.

Find Jane's Tiny Things online:
Website | Instagram | Twitter | Etsy 

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