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Bookish Product Review: Jane's Tiny Things

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I'm back today with yet another (awesome) bookish product I'd like to introduce you to! We bookworms love our bookmarks. We don't always use them - I find myself using whatever thing I can grab, to be honest - but we do love collecting them, because they are lovely and pretty and meaningful and, well, bookish! :D

Out of all the bookmarks out there, magnetic bookmarks are probably my favorite. They're so cute and tiny, and yet they stay in place and look so gorgeous! :D What's not to love!? There are many places where you can find magnetic bookmarks (most of them are Etsy stores), and they all offer different sets and slightly different designs. That being said, out of all the Etsy stores, Jane's Little Things is probably the most unique, because her creations are hand-drawn and very different in style. AND - most importantly - they come with a quote on the back! How amazing is that?!

I love her bookmarks so much, but they're not the only thing you can find in Jane's Tiny Things store. Jane also makes these amazing sets of hand-drawn nail decals, and I think the one with books and feathers is my favorite one by far!

Anyhoo! Without further ado, let's take a look at Jane's store and the two sets of bookmarks I received! 

Longbourn Set - Mr and Mrs Darcy 
     This Pride-and-Prejudice inspired set is to die for!

I got really into Jane Austen this year and I began collecting all things Jane - from teas, to candles and pretty book editions, bookmarks etc. I was so thrilled to see that Jane had this set in the store! I absolutely LOVE the way it looks - Mr.Darcy is very dashing and Lizzy looks so beautiful.

They both come with quotes on the back. Mr Darcy says: "You must allow me to tell you how ardently I admire and love you." and Lizzy says: "I am happier even than Jane: she only smiles, I laugh." 

Prince Edward Island set 1 and Prince Edward Island set 2 
These lovely Anne and Gilbert bookmarks are parts of two different sets. Anne comes from PEI set2 and Gilbert is from PEI set1. Each set has 3 bookmarks in it, so I still have 4 bookmarks to collect (you bet your panties that I will get them!). As with the Pride and Prejudice set, these too come with quotes on the back side. For Anne it is: "Dear old world, you are very lovely and I am glad to be alive in you." and for Gilbert is is: "We were born to be friends Anne, you thwarted destiny enough."

I love these bookmarks so much! I love the quotes Jane picked and how beautifully she hand-drew the characters.

I finally read the first book at the beginning of this year, and immediately fell in love with Anne and Montgomery's writing. I love PEI and I feel so happy every time I look at these bookmarks! I bought a set of Anne books and am planning to read them all before the new TV show comes out! :) So excited!

All the bookmarks in Jane's store can be purchased separately, or in a set. The single bookmarks cost $4 and if you buy them as a set it's $7 for 2 bookmark set and $10.50 for 3 bookmark set. Some of them are very popular and already on back order! And no wonder, really, because they're gorgeous and so unique! 

About Jane's Tiny Things:

Fun magnetic bookmarks featuring illustrated versions of your favorite characters!
Each set has enough to collect - buy them individually or grab the entire collection for a discount.
Bookmarks are $4 each, or $3.50 each when you purchase the whole set.
Full color prints on thick semi-gloss paper.
Each bookmark features a hand-lettered quote on the back.

Find Jane's Tiny Things online:
Website | Instagram | Twitter | Etsy 

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