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Love Lies Beneath by Ellen Hopkins {Book Review, Quotes & Giveaway}

About The Book:

Love Lies Beneath By: Ellen Hopkins Publisher: Atria Books Publication date: July 21, 2015 Pages: 320
From the #1 New York Times bestselling author of Collateral comes a gripping novel about a woman caught in a love affair that could be her salvation...or her undoing. Tara is gorgeous, affluent, and forty. She lives in an impeccably restored Russian Hill mansion in San Francisco. Once a widow, twice divorced, she’s a woman with a past she prefers keeping to herself. Enter Cavin Lattimore. He’s handsome, kind, charming, and the surgeon assigned to Tara following a ski accident in Lake Tahoe. In the weeks it takes her to recover, Cavin sweeps her off her feet and their relationship blossoms into something Tara had never imagined possible. But then she begins to notice some strange things: a van parked outside her home at odd times, a break-in, threatening text messages and emails. She also starts to notice cracks in Cavin’s seemingly perfect personality, like the suppressed rage his conniving teenage son brings out in him, and the discovery that Cavin hired a detective to investigate her immediately after they met. Now on crutches and housebound, Tara finds herself dependent on the new man in her life—perhaps too much so. She’s handling rocky relationships with her sister and best friend, who are envious of her glamour and freedom; her prickly brother-in-law, who is intimidated by her wealth and power; and her estranged mother. However perfect Tara’s life appears, things are beginning to get messy. Writing in beautiful prose, Ellen Hopkins unveils a new style while evoking her signature poetic form that readers fell in love with in Collateral and Triangles.
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Rage ignites in his eyes. What the hell did I do? It's called adultery. Just in case, I reach into my purse. I enjoy a one-night stand from time to time, but not with a married man. Maggots like you don't deserve someone special, waiting for them to come home. Marriage is more than a promise. It's a contract. It isn't sleeping around on business trips. You're disgusting. 

Have you no sense of shame? Mel asks. Shame? I'm not familiar with the word. Does it hurt?  

"Love Lies Beneath" is only the second book I've read by Ellen Hopkins who happens to be an amazing writer, which I'm sure you all know by now. However, I feel that this novel especially really hooks you in to Ellen's work. the extreme flaws of the main character make you realize that even a best selling author knows what reality is like. 

Tara is an independent forty year old, dating around but not looking for anything serious. A ski trip in Lake Tahoe with her sister, Tara ends up in the hospital after getting plowed into by another skier. There she meets Cavin, a handsome orthopedic surgeon who takes an interest in Tara and her rehabilitation.  They start going out, and everything seems to be going great until Tara meets Cavin’s son, Eli. The father-son relationship is very tense, and Eli makes unsettling declarations about Cavin. Meanwhile, Tara starts receiving threatening emails and notices strange cars seemingly keeping watch in front of her house.

I found this book to be really addictive, like so many other books by Ellen Hopkins. Although this book wasn't one that was told in verse, the language is just as captivating as any of her other books. Ellen did a fantastic job of keeping me guessing about what was coming around the corner. 

In my opinion, Tara is a pretty unlikable character with her privilege and personality quirks, but she's also relate-able in several ways. She has a love for vocabulary and a great wit that make her feel very grounded despite her extreme wealth. I think every one of us has battled once in our lives what Tara is battling. Does true love really exist for her or should she just stay in her fun filled one night stand life?

Such an unexpected book from an author that truly keeps you guessing, "Love Lies Beneath" was a great addition to Ellen Hopkins books. Readers will be on the edge of their seats to see what Tara ends up doing!! 

About The Author:

“After eight highly successful young adult novels-in-verse, I decided to explore more mature subject matter and wrote my first two novels for adults utilizing my signature verse-style formatting. I changed directions with my third, Love Lies Beneath, choosing to write in prose to better connect with an older audience, some of whom might be resistant to the fiction/verse merger. I will continue to write YA, of course. (My twelfth YA novel publishes Fall 2015.) Teen characters are hugely appealing to me. But some topics I want to write about demand adults as main characters. My first adult novel, Triangles, explores midlife directional changes, and my second, Collateral, follows a Marine couple through four deployments, with the inevitable consequences. Please visit the BOOKS page here to learn more. Love Lies Beneath is sexy, chilling noir fiction about a woman who has it all—wealth, beauty, possessions; everything, except love, which she finally discovers at forty, after three failed marriages. While everything is perfect at first, things change when the doctor’s teenage son moves in. It’s then the lies begin to appear. But who, in fact, is the liar? Expect the sequel to Love Lies Beneath in 2016 and more books for mature audiences in the future.”
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