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Black Rebel Riders' MC Volumes 1 & 2 by Glenna Maynard (Review & Giveaway)

Adult, Dark Romance, Erotica
Publication Date:September 14, 2014
Published By:  Author
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Book 1 Grim The beginning
*Disclaimer* If you are easily offended by hot, dirty biker books, then this is not the book for you. However if you love panty melting alpha males with a mouth on them then enjoy the ride.
My name is Grim and this is the beginning... This isn't a fairytale romance or for the faint of heart. Deep in the hills of Drag Creek Kentucky, there is a group of outlaws, whose love of moonshine and motorcycles runs through their blood. We are known as the Black Rebel Riders' MC. For the past twenty years my club has been at war with a rival MC, The Devils Rejects.

Book 2 Rumor
**Contains Violence, language and sexual situations Not for the faint of heart.**
Haunted by the past Grim's story continues in Rumor; book two of The Black Rebel Riders' MC. Grim is trying to keep the one promise he made Red, finding her daughter Sarah. Things are heating up between a club once thought to be a friend and an old enemy. Grim has to decide where his loyalties truly lie. Will Grim keep his promise and keep his patch?

** Sometimes, the lines that bond you are the ones that threaten to end your very existence. Loyalties are tested and lines are crossed, leaving a trail of despair on the highway to hell.

'Rumor has it that, one day the Grim Reaper is going to come for you.' Those are the words that have reverberated through my head most of my life. You know that saying about becoming a bird so you can fly away, I too want to be a bird, and I want to fly far away from here... Sarah has lived a secluded life of torment and despair. She longs for the day the Grim reaper she has been raised to fear comes to end the hell she has endured.

My Thoughts

One Hot Ride.

  Glenna Maynard is an author unafraid to go where her writing takes her.  These novellas were both shocking, and at the same time pulled me into characters and a world I may have not visited.  The truth is that I enjoyed the truth of it all and that nothing was held back.  Sometimes the truth is a little hard to chew, but it made me care when I may have normally not.

  This was a combination of the first two novella's and gave me a little more of a base to review than reading a single novella.  The world is not something that is familiar to me but regardless, Maynard had no problems getting me to envision it.  This is not the kinda of world where happy endings are a reality, and your biggest struggle is staying alive.  There are moments in both novella's that I felt the pacing dropped just a little, but I also kept in mind that things were being developed.  For the first book it was a slight base for all of the books, and for the second it was a new point of view and an older character.  With all honesty even with the slight slow down, I never had a problem wanting to continue.

  Grim is where it all begins and his story is both horrifying and heartbreaking.  He is far from the typical guy that you fall for in a read.  In fact, though I liked him, it took me a bit to really fall for him.  He isn't like the others in his club but at the same time he is.  It's really hard to explain a man that has a hard heart and yet a good one.  Grim has killed and doesn't regret it, but he is aware that something is missing.  What sparks up between him and a stranger was something he could have never seen coming, believing that he just wasn't meant for any more than the girtls at the club house.  Who he calls Red was a changing point in his life, and by the end of book two in more ways than I can explain.

  Beyond Grim the other character that you really get to know is Sarah.  She is Red's daughter and lives through more than any girl her age should.  It was her story that I had a hard time swallowing.  There were times that I couldn't even stand what she was being put through.  What kept me going is the harsh reality that it's something that people go through all of the time, despite the horror of it.  However, I also had to admire her for her strength throughout it all.  This is not to say that she didn't live in fear of many things, but she found a way to survive.  There is so much more that I want to learn about Sarah and I kind of hope that she grace the pages of the next few novellas so that I can get more answers.

  Black Rebel Riders' MC is not for those that can't do heavy content.  Though these novellas are something that I may not have regularly picked up, I am grateful for the chance and look forward to picking up the rest to find out how the story plays out.  As everything developed I found it hard not to become completely invested.  Glenna Maynard knows how to hook her readers and I personally will be looking into more by her.  Pick this up if you like a good dark, erotic read that has a spine and heavy content.  You will not regret it.

About the Author

Glenna Maynard is the author of the bestselling romantic suspense novel I'm with You and the bestselling erotica Grim The beginning. A mother by day and writer by night, when Glenna isn't writing or spending time with family you can usually find her curled up reading a great book. She has a passion for romance and paranormal reads.

Glenna was born and raised in the beautiful hills of Eastern Ky where she still resides today. Her hobbies include reading, writing, scrap-booking,and cooking.

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