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Significance by Shelly Crane (Review)

Significance (Significance, #1)
Young Adult, Romance, Paranormal
Publication.Date  June 1st, 2011
Published By:  Shelly Crane
WebsiteShelly Crane

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Maggie is a seventeen year old girl who's had a bad year. She was smart and on track, but her mom left, her dad is depressed, she's graduating, barely, and her boyfriend of almost three years dumped her for a college football scholarship. Lately she thinks life is all about hanging on by a thread and is gripping tight with everything she has.

Then she meets Caleb.

She saves his life and instantly knows there's something about him that's intriguing, but she's supposed to be on her way to a date with his cousin. Things change when they touch, sparks ignite. Literally.

They imprint with each other and she sees their future life together flash before her eyes. She learns that not only is she his soul mate, and can feel his heartbeat in her chest, but there is a whole other world of people with gifts and abilities that she never knew existed. She herself is experiencing supernatural changes unlike anything she's ever felt before and she needs the touch of his skin to survive. Now, not only has her dad come out of his depression to be a father again, and a pain as well, but Caleb's enemies know he's imprinted and are after Maggie to stop them both from gaining their abilities and take her from him.

Can Caleb save her or will they be forced to live without each other after just finding one another?


"If you ever need anything; a new pair of rollerblades, a popsicle, a kidney, it's yours."
"You're going to love this. Have you seen Lord of the Rings?"
"Of course," I scoffed.
"Well, this is nothing like that."
"Caleb?" Peter shouted down the hall. "Are you purposely keeping Maggie from me?"
Caleb rolled his eyes and pushed me forward with a hand on the small of my back. Peter was sitting at an insanely large cherry desk in a huge office with black walls as well. He smiled hugely when we entered.
"Here you go, Dad," Caleb said sarcastically and presented me like a gift. "I'll just wait over here."
Caleb hadn't left me at all. He sat right next to me and had a hand on my thigh the entire time I ate.
"Gran, I'm only gonna ask this once. Please don't have sex talks with me, ok? Especially with Maggie in the room. Do you think we could do that?"

I read a lot of books. I read a lot of books that make me happy. I read a lot of books that I end up loving. But I do NOT, however, read a lot of books that I specifically make time to re-read. I have a super long TBR, and the mass of books taking over my room that are waiting to be read is intimidating. But when I adore a book as much as I adore Significance, I MAKE time to pick it back up and read again.

I'm a huge fan of romance. Soulmates are one of my absolute favorite aspects that can be done in books. I think that's part of the reason I'm so obsessed with shifters/werewolves--their love is intense and strong. Like soulmates. They meet, they click, and then their relationship forms and grows. THAT is what this book is about. It's about soulmates meeting, and then trying to build their relationship into something more than just that connection while facing some obstacles along the way. 

Maggie isn't the most original heroine, but she is substantial and I felt like she was developed pretty well. She has troubles at home, she's pretty, and she doesn't know what she wants to do next. Not things we haven't seen before. But she's still very MAGGIE. She's still bewildered at shaking hands with a person she met five minutes ago and then learning--OH WAIT--you and this guy are destined to be together forever. So all in all, I did like Maggie. I felt like she was a realistic representation of how a girl might act in this situation, and she grew on me throughout the novel.

Caleb fills my tummy with butterflies. He's sweet and so patient. He handled the imprinting situation in a caring way. He didn't automatically expect EVERYTHING when he knew Maggie was just being introduced to Aces and their abilities. He helped her ease into things--but he also reacted to the situation in a way I saw as realistic. And I really love him.

As a couple, Caleb and Maggie were fantastic. Their sweetness made me feel all kinds of happy. Their romance set my heart aflutter. I absolutely loved them together, and I don't think I'll ever get tired of reading their lovely story unfold.

The premise was amazing--as I said, the idea of soulmates is a favorite of mine. The execution worked so, so well. I enjoyed Shelly Crane's writing. Details surrounding the Aces were interesting and pretty well explained. There wasn't really any info-dumping, which I thought was great. And there are so many humorous moments both with Caleb and Maggie and with their friends and families. By the end of this book, I was not only a fan of Caleb, Maggie, and their romance, but I was also a fan of the secondary characters and...goodness. This entire book.


Overall, Significance is one of my all-time favorite books and the Significance series is one of my all-time favorites, too. Caleb and Maggie are the cutest couple and I loved watching them grow and evolve together. I honestly don't think I'll ever tire of re-reading their sweet moments, and their satisfyingly endearing story. I'm excited to continue my re-read of this series as I patiently wait for Undeniably Chosen. (Yeah, I'm being patient about this because I know it's going to be AMAZING.) If you're a fan of sweetness, romance, and soulmates, I definitely recommend giving this book a try!

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