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Haze by Paula Weston (Review)

Paranormal, Angels, YA
Publication Date:September 9, 2014
Published By:  Tundra Books
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Gaby Winters' life used to be pretty normal. She lived with her best friend. She worked in a library. She was slowly getting over the death of her twin brother, Jude. And then Rafa came looking for her.

With him, her blood-soaked nightmares stopped. But now they are reality. She is one of the Rephaim - a wingless half angel, descended from the Fallen. Demons exist and they are hunting her.

She knows she's alive when she's meant to be dead. And that means maybe Jude is too. So why isn't she out there looking for him?

That other history between us, the one he won't tell me about, melts away under the warm sun.  And then Rafa kisses me, not with the urgency of our last encounter, but softly, thoughtfully.
  Do they blame me for Jude's death too?  Or have I done things over the years to make them despise me the way that Rafa despises Daniel?  Either way, there's no love here.
  I try to imagine a situation when I wouldn't support someone    anyone    questioning authority.  I can't.

  This series is a serious break from the usual when it comes to angels. Shadows blew me away, and I would be lying if I said that I was prepared to be let down by Haze. When it comes to angels, it is often the same thing, followed up with a love triangle of some sort. Paula Weston created and carried on with this original, and captivating story without skipping a beat. 

  There is a consistency in the pacing that I can’t help but admire. I'm not saying it is even, because it isn't. Yet, saying it is slow at any given time is just as incorrect. With these books, and this one in particular its more like a constant pull, accented by moments that you can’t turn the pages fast enough. Now, in order to have a book that doesn't bore you, it’s more than just pacing, it’s the setting, the plot and the characters as well. Shadow’s set the pace and started everything, Haze just picked up where it left and added to it all. There’s hardly a dull moment, and everything just keeps expanding. What I enjoy about this expansion is that despite it, I never have trouble seeing the characters, where they are and appropriately categorizing what is going on.

  Gaby did make some growth movement in this book but not much. This being said she was already a strong character that had the ability to question things when needed, and make her own decisions. She still does have her moments where her decisions are split second but even when I question these decisions, she seems to come through with logical reasoning. I often feel her frustration with her inability to recall her past, and understand that not knowing simply complicates everything further. However, I have a firm belief that her inability to remember her past, is making her stronger this time around. Her judgement is not clouded by what has been fed to her by others, and she can see the light from different angles now.

  There was a kind of progress in the romance department in this book.  I also really started to like Rafa, despite his serious cold shoulder issue.  There is a reason, and most of it is respect for Gabrielle (who Gaby used to be), but there seems to be less and less standing in the way.  Gaby is slowly breaking him down and their relationship is starting to become something.  There is so much that could go wrong, and yet things are finally starting to feel right.  This may also be because there is development from each side as well. Basically Gaby is making up her own mind and in the process she is helping grow the romance.  This isn't saying that there isn't huge ruts that these two go through.  However, I am beyond relieved that there is some give and some movement where there appears to be chemistry.

  This was a great second book.  I loved that I had no problems tearing through this one like I did the first.  Weston has created something with Angels that is different and more importantly lacks the dreaded love triangle that we all hate to love.  I look forward to reading Shimmer in the summer and have no doubt that I will enjoy it just as much as the first two.  With as much action packed into this book there is surely only going to be more in the next, as the story is only gaining speed, and their journey is only really starting.  Pick this up without hesitation if you have read the first book Shadows, or are a fan of angels.  I would also recommend it to those that have taken a hesitant step back from angels, because this story is different.

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