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Four Seconds to Lose by K.A. Tucker (Review)

Contemporary, New Adult
Publication Date:April 1, 2014
Published By:  Atria
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When a gorgeous young dancer walks through his door, a strip club owner must decide whether to follow his rules or his heart in the third novel by the author of One Tiny Lie and Ten Tiny Breaths.

Owning a strip club isn’t the fantasy most guys expect it to be. With long hours, a staff with enough issues to keep a psych ward in business, and the police regularly on his case, twenty-nine-year-old Cain is starting to second guess his unspoken mission to save the women he employs. And then blond, brown-eyed Charlie Rourke walks through his door, and things get really complicated. Cain abides by a strict “no sleeping with the staff” rule. But being around Charlie challenges Cain’s self-control…and it’s been a long time since any woman has done that. 

Twenty-two-year-old Charlie Rourke needs a lot of money, really fast, in order to vanish before it’s too late. Taking her clothes off for men makes her stomach curl but Charlie tells herself that at least she’s putting her acting and dancing skills to good use. And though her fellow dancers seem eager to nab their sexy, sophisticated, and genuinely caring boss, she’s not interested. After all, Charlie Rourke doesn’t really exist—and the girl pretending to be her can't get distracted by romance.

Unfortunately, Charlie soon discovers that developing feelings for Cain is inevitable, and that those feelings may not be unrequited—but losing him when he finds out what she’s involved with will be more painful than any other sentence awaiting her.

This is real underground fighting.  The kind that brings the high-rolling criminal element and thrill seekers together like family at Christmas.  There are no weight classes here.  No drug tests.  No rules.  No true refereeing.  The match doesn't end until one fighters broken body is collected off the ground.
  I deserve what happened to me with Sal, back in New York.  I deserve to strip in front of a crowd of salivating men.  I deserve a whole lot worse.
My kitchen is spotless.  Not a crumb.  That's more a necessity of survival than tidy habits.  It's me against the roaches, and one bag of bread will secure their victory.  I've even strategically placed a can of Raid on my counter as a warning to them.
I both love and hate that she's up there on the stage.  Love because it's the only way I'll get to see her like this and it feeds and it feeds the sick fantasies constantly swirling around in my head.

  I am always at a loss for words after reading on of K.A. Tucker's books.  She has such exquisitely beautiful writing, that I easily fall into, that it is only know when I wont have to put the book down that I pick it up.  Opening any K.A. Tucker book is like falling into a world where a happily ever after, or something like it, is possible no matter what your past is.  Four Seconds to Lose was so very different from Ten Tiny Breaths, and yet I found it just as captivating.  

  There is a beautifully broken way, in which Four Seconds to Lose plays out.  I was intrigued to see where Tucker would go with him, and was pleasantly surprised where his story lead.   I know many people were eager to get the mysterious Cain's story, where as I found myself curious to see how he would fair as a lead in the story.  Starting the book you know there will be pain and a struggle, but Cain and Charlie had a lot working against them.  Between Cain's heart torn past and Charlie's secrets, I was torn between seeing a happy ending and a disastrous one.  There is a spectacular pacing that pulls you both ways and a twisted plot that had me 

  I really liked Charlie.  There is no other way to explain it.  She was stuck in a situation that wasn't ideal and made some horrible decisions, but we all know that sometimes you do what you feel you have to, to survive.  Basically her flaws made her feel real and she became easy to relate to.  No, I have never been in her exact situation but that doesn't mean I didn't make some choices in my life I probably shouldn't have.  Charlie is however trying to make a change, a dangerous change.  Everything in her life that has brought her to this point, this meeting, is only meant to help her escape what she no longer wants to be a part of.  However, sometimes change is hard to make, and in Charlie's case it is dangerous for not only her but those that are around her.  

  Cain is the type of character that you route for, that you want to see get the happy ending.  He is also the guy that holds back because he is afraid of repeating the past.  I think I favoured him because of how much he has always done for everyone else, and all of the happiness that the people closest to him have gained.  This is not to say he is perfect because he is quite simply not, but his mistakes and short comings were greatly outnumbered by all of the good.  There were still times in this book that I wanted to shake him and tell him he was being an idiot, but when it comes down to it when you have been burned you are cautious.  I was routing for him and worried several times that he was not going to get what he wanted, and maybe lose it all again.

  Four Seconds to Lose was another amazing read by K.A. Tucker and I can't express how happy I was with how it all turned out.  These are the type of books that will keep you up all night reading because you want to know how it all ends up, you want to know that the characters made it.  I can also happily say that despite it being a series you could pick just this book up and not feel lost, as they are individual stories.  I highly recommend not only this book but any of Tuckers books for lovers of the New Adult Genre.  I would also recommend them to anyone that would like to try it, simply because they are just that amazing and they will start a New Adult addiction! 

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