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Soul Screamers Volume Three by Rachel Vincent (Review)

Soul Screamers #5, 5.5, 6
Young Adult, Paranormal, Romance, Fantasy
Publication.Date:July 30, 2013
Pages:768 (paperback)
Published By:  Harlequin Teen
Website:Rachel Vincent 

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What happens when the reapers come for Kaylee? Don't miss Volume Three of New York Times bestselling author Rachel Vincent's compelling, spellbinding Soul Screamers series.

Thanks to her mother's sacrifice, Kaylee Cavanaugh has lived most of her life on borrowed time, but now that borrowed time is almost up. Kaylee has only seven days left to prepare for the end. To say goodbye. And yeah, to stop an incubus from preying on her high school. Tick tock...

NEVER TO SLEEP —First time in print!
Sophie Cavanaugh is sick of the social fallout from her cousin Kaylee's mental issues. Doesn't she realize people think "crazy" runs in the family? But then a cute boy, a fateful scream and a trip to a nightmare world leave Sophie wondering just what's real-and how to get home....

Dying wasn't easy for Kaylee, but faking life is a whole new kind of struggle. The only good moments are those spent in Tod's arms. But death hasn't stopped her old enemies, and now everyone Kaylee loves is in danger....

Soul Screamers... The last thing you hear before you die.


Could knowing I was going to die actually bring about my death? And if so, did that make it Levi's fault? Or Tod's? Or my dad's for letting him tell me?

But the truth was that it was no one's fault. I'd overstayed my welcome, and death and finally caught up to me.
"I've seen you fight, Kaylee. I've seen you step into the that darkness for someone else, then claw your way out, bruised, but still standing. You're that kind of crazy, and I live in that darkness. Together, wed take crazy to a whole new level."
"That was truly my pleasure. In fact, it was so much fun I'm not even going to add it to the running total of recues you owe me."

"How gallant of you."
The only things still certain in my future were the reclamation of stolen souls, and Tod. That's it. Those were the only things that mattered anymore, and the harder I clung to the plans that were important to the once-living Kaylee, the more I felt like a fraud walking around in her skin.

If I Die, #5

Thus far, my favorite Soul Screamer novel. The emotional turmoil alone puts this novel far ahead of the others. Kaylee, her family, and friends are dealing with the idea that in six days she will be dead. A death which this is no coming back from. Despite the pleas of her father, Tod informs them that you only get one extension and since Kaylee is already living on borrowed time (her mother's) there is nothing that can be done.

Her father refuses to accept this fact and is bound and determined to find a solution, despite Kaylee's pleas that he not do so. I both commended and praised at him for this. Yes, he is attempting to save his daughter's life, but when a Reaper says it is helpless, spend that time with your daughter - not finding a mythical solution that doesn't exist.

Instead of going quietly into the night, in true Kaylee fashion she is determined to stop the incubus that is preying on the girls of her high school, especially after he sets his sights on Emma. In If I Die, you really come to respect Kaylee, if you didn't already. She knows for a fact that she will die in six days and she is more worried about her family than herself and all the things she will never do.

Rachel did an amazing job of creating both a hopeless and hopeful atmosphere throughout the novel. I love the climax of the novel and how everything comes about full circle. Kaylee obviously survives in some form (there are more novels, so this isn't a huge shocker), but those last few chapters are beyond intense. The kind of intensity where the rest of the world fades away - your house could be on fire and you'd have zero idea.

Never to Sleep, #5.5

You know, I'm just not a fan of Sophie. I don't think I ever will be. I thought it was interesting to see Sophie's first encounter with the Netherworld, but I just find her character beyond frustrating. And really, that might have been why I liked Never to Sleep less than I've enjoyed the other two novellas, My Soul to Lose and Reaper.

I do think Sophie's reaction to the Netherworld is a rather interesting one. I envisioned her huddled in a corner and freaking out. Instead, she takes the initiative to figure out how to get herself and Leon, a new addition to the series, out.

Much like the other two novellas, Rachel gives us a deeper peak into the world of the Soul Screamers and we learn some interesting new tidbits. It's just . . . ugh, Sophie.

Before I Wake, #6


Kaylee and Tod forever! Okay, now that I got that out of the way . . . I'll admit that I enjoyed Nash during My Soul to Take and My Soul to Save, but after the events of My Soul to Keep, much like Kaylee, I couldn't look at him in the same light. My feelings for him were forced and in a weakened state.

I like that every once in a while, Rachel will switch the main focus from paranormal to personal. Kaylee is struggling with being dead, knowing that she has to play being alive while slowly losing her humanity the wee hours of the morning. While her family and friends try to help, she really only feels "alive" when she is with Tod.

Aside from the fact that knowing there is only a novel and a half left, Before I Wake is when things really come to head. Despite the fact that she is dead and her soul is out of his reach, Avari isn't quite through with Kaylee and is now even more determined to acquire her soul - through any means necessary.

Avari has gotten quite crafty and has certainly pulled his resources since we last saw him and the stakes have truly risen to a level of intensity that I cannot even begin to describe. At the same time, when things begin to really take a turn, this misfit group really comes together to fight for what is important - survival.

The ending of Before I Wake is mind blowing and you know that Avari is in trouble. I'm desperate to pick up Soul Screamers Volume 4, but I'm not ready to let this series go. Between the actual novels and the novellas, this has quickly become a favorite series of mine. I know I'm going to have to bite the bullet, I have to know how this all ends, but I'm scared, excited, nervous, and eager all at once.



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