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The Lovely and The Lost by Page Morgan (Review)

Paranormal, YA
Publication Date:May 13, 2014
Published By:  Delacorte Press
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Ingrid and Gabby survived the Underneath. They saved their brother, Grayson, from a future of dark servitude and exposed a plot to undermine the Alliance. But danger still lurks in the streets of Paris, and the Dispossessed, perched on the city's bridges and rooftops, might not be able to save their human wards this time.

Yes, Vander Burke had romantic feelings for her.  She didn't know how to define her feelings for him just yet, but first and foremost, he was her friend.
  Secretly, Gabby imagined with pleasure how stunned Nolan would be when he returned and saw how well she fought.  Impressing Nolan wasn't her main desire, but it was one of them.
  Yes, he was.  But that wasn't all he was.  By the way Luc had held her, saying those words like a vow, he'd let slip that he still considered himself something much more.
  "If you've come to serenade me, I believe your next move is to sing," he said. knowing it would only vex her.  He couldn't help himself.  He liked seeing her vexed.  And talking helped him forget the state of his body. 

Still Wonderfully Unique...

  The Beautiful and The Cursed opened up an entirely new world for me, and this book continued into that world.  What I love is that it is Morgan has a unique style of writing that draws me in, in such a way that I can't adequately describe the feeling.  There are times when I pull myself out of her writing and know, that if it weren't for the beauty and feeling in her writing this story would not be what it is. I am not saying I don't love the story, because I absolutely do but Morgan gives it life and meaning.  This being the second book in the series had the potential to fail, but instead it soared.

  The pacing was once again almost perfect.  I found a couple of spots here and there had a bit of a lull, but overall I found that I could not put the book down.  The unique premise in which the Gargoyles exist and the line that is straddled by the Waverly siblings is unique.  Though not all three have demon blood running through their veins, but they are each different from what society wants.  I cannot help but wonder what they would do if one of them was not special, how would the story pan out then.  There is also a little twist that I sensed but could not prove until later in the book, and I also couldn't place what had been the cause of it.  It is one thing to know that "one of these things just aint like the others," but something completely different to know why.

  It doesn't matter what sister you speak of I like both of them.  However, I am partial to Gabby.  I believe everyone underestimates her and her determination to not only protect but succeed.  She may not be a fearless warrior but she has the heart of one.  She also has something to prove, or feels as if she does and this sometimes leaves her judgement a little off.  With Ingrid I found a lot of growth but I hope for more strength to come.  She can do more than she believes, but I did find myself proud of her for beginning to step up and stand up for what she believed.  No characters are perfect but these girls are something that make you not care about that.

  The romance is both complicated and uncomplicated, it once again depends on the sister you are dealing with.  If it is Gabby, things are simple.  She loves Nolan, and despite the age gap (appropriate for the time setting) I think he is perfect for her.  He makes her feel everything that she should.  However, he is sometimes an ass, but at the same time it is mostly a show for his psychotic father.  That guy is an ass and a half and I know that he is there so that not everything is happily ever after and easy for them (among other things), but I wish he would just bugger off.  With Ingrid, things are much more complicated.  There was always a hint of a triangle with her.  Thing with it is, it never bothered me.  Yes her heart may sometimes pull more than one way, but ultimately she knows what she wants just not how she could ever have it.  I am not saying that I don't like Vander but Luc will blow him out of the water... or anywhere really.

  The other mentionable is Greyson.  He is not the way his sisters remember, his relationship with Ingrid is so far from what I expected.  Given he is having a hard time dealing with his Hell Hound side, and I didn't expect him to bounce right back but his struggle was more than I could have expected.  There was growth by the end of the book for him though and many moments in-between that made my heart ache for him.  Also mentionable is the slight crush he seems to have going on, and although it does not seem to be reciprocated, I have my hopes.

  The Lovely and The Lost  was a great second book, that sadly finished in such a way I wanted to scream.  I hope that the ache will be repaired in the next book because I will be as heartbroken as the character if it isn't.  I am overall happy with the development and continue to love Morgan's writing and the characters she has created.  With depth, and description The Dispossessed series is a complete win.  Pick it up if you love historical reads that have a paranormal cross.  If you are para lover that normally passes on the historical, you might want to give this series a go because Page Morgan has done it in a way that will blow your mind.

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