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Tarnished by Rhiannon Held (Review)

Urban Fantasy, Adult
Publication Date:December 31, 2013
Published By:  Tor Fantasy
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Experience the romance and danger of running with the werewolves in this urban fantasy

Andrew Dare has found his mate in Silver, but they haven’t found the pack they can call home. Some of his old friends think he should return and challenge Roanoke for leadership of all the werewolf packs on the East Coast. But Andrew has baggage—his violent history with the packs of Spain and the rumors of his lack of control. And then there’s Silver—the werewolf who has lost her wild self to a monster’s assault, and who can no longer shift forms. But perhaps together they can overcome all the doubters.

The second book in this wonderful urban fantasy series plunges readers into the world of the shape-shifter packs who live hidden among us.

"You bear the marks of my enemies," Silver murmured, and rested a hand on his chest for a moment.  "You don't control your enemies either."
Silver stepped forward and offered her good hand.  Sacramento ignored it, and stared at her injured arm in the sling.  "You've heard of me," Silver said, ostensibly a joke but edged enough that Sacramento's attention jerked back to her face.  "Before you decide what to think, remember not that I was hurt, but that I survived."
Andrew imagined shouting at them both, shouting that they'd raised his daughter on lies, even though he'd known that before.  That had been different.  Having her right in front of him, hearing the lies from her own mouth, was different.

Well Developed & Packed with Strong Characters!

  I want to start with how much I love the covers of these books!  Honestly I don't know what about them I love, maybe the fact they fit the books so well but I love them.  Secondly I love Rhiannon Held's writing.  She seems to be able to seamlessly pull together a world and characters that I feel pulled to.  This being said I enjoyed Tarnished just as much as I did Silver.   

  Although this series is considered Urban Fantasy, I still remain unsure as to if it is or not.  Not that there is anything wrong with it not being a part of that genre, but many people place it there.  However, regardless of its placement and what other people think, I know that these novels are fantastically plotted.  There is action and more importantly growth in both books.  Beyond that the main characters are easy to love.  Roll in the fact that Held has a talent for bringing every element in her novels to life, and you have an unstoppable read.  Admittedly this book had a little slower start than the first, but that is simply the time that was taken setting up everything for later.

  Silver has to be one of my favourite characters that shows a continual growth.  This is a character that struggles not only with the death she escaped but also the loss it has caused her.  A loss that she carries with her, others judge her by and she struggles to understand.  I keep hoping that she will catch a break and get something for all she goes through, but it seems more and more unlikely.  However, she is an alpha and there is no doubt that despite her loss she will stand her ground.  This is a girl that you don't want to mess with because you WILL underestimate her, and it will not end well for you.  There is so much that I hope for this character and a continual growth that I believe anyone will appreciate.

  Dare (Andrew), was not someone that is disliked but he didn't blow me away either.  However, his growth has been exponential and he is starting to become more than I expected.  I believe that my last review ended with he was growing into someone I could love and although I still don't love him, I think that he is an incredible character.  He compliments Silver and where she has her weaknesses, he holds the strength.  Maybe I appreciate him more as his and Silver's relationship grows, as he lets go of his own tormented past and moves forward.  There is nothing perfect about this man, and part of me believes he could be real just for that fact.  I am also aware that Silver makes him stronger, makes him consider more than just what he sees.  This is not something that comes natural to Dare but admittedly he has become more perceptive.  With this continual growth, I look forward to seeing if he is the pillar of the next book.

  There is so much to love about this series.  Held has created such a unique and wonderfully crafted world.  The mythology surrounding the Werewolves continues to grow, and I love the way each book brings me deeper into the story.  The relationships built are not perfect but they work and they are tested, not a sure thing.  Rhiannon Held has easily created one of my favourite Werewolf based books in a long time.  With characters that you will get into, a plot that pulls you in and growth that will blow you away, I highly recommend picking this series up if you haven't already!

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