Sunday, May 11, 2014

Bookjigs (Review + Giveaways)

A couple weeks ago, I posted about my Top Ten Bookish Things That I'd Like To Own. One of those things were Bookjigs. I originally came across Bookjigs on Tumblr and knew immediately that I needed/wanted one. I am constantly losing my bookmarks. Whether I'm reading on the couch, outside, in bed . . . you name it, I can't find it. I moved out of my college apartment a few years back and found five under my couch. Five!

Anyway, the beautiful thing about Bookjigs is that they "clip" onto your book - hardcover or paperback - and the ribbon serves as your bookmark. Genius, really. I cannot tell you how easy, and amazing, this little device is. I never have to go searching for my bookmark and it's so easy to just place in the ribbon in my book, close it, and do whatever it is I need to do.

And they are so sticking cute! Currently they have two themes: The Chalk Shoppe and Nature's Friends. Aside from these two themes, you can browse all their Bookjigs ranging from wild life, flowers, dinosaurs, and everything in between. Seriously, I dare you to pick just one. (I bet you can't.)

I didn't have any trouble attaching my Bookjig to my book or taking it off. I do recommend you to be careful when doing either, these suckers really grasp onto your book/cover. Of course, that's a good thing because if they just fell off there'd be no point to them. I always take my jackets off hardcovers, but I tried it on the cover as well and didn't have any issues. Nor did I when I tried it with the paperback. Best part, they don't damage the covers - everybody is winning!


Now, I didn't throw it against the wall, run over it with my car, or give it to Bentley as a chew toy, but they are extremely well made and seem pretty durable. The ribbons match their designs wonderfully and made of quality material. I've been using mine constantly for the last two weeks and haven't had it fray in anyway.

The wonderful people at Bookjigs were kind enough to send me some goodies to pass along to you! There are three giveaways. You can enter all three or just one, but you can only win once. Let's spread the love, shall we?


Do NOT cheat. Cheating will disqualify all entries.
Curious puppy in prize two is not included.
US only // Ends May 31, 2014


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