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Blog Tour: #16thingsithoughtweretrue by Janet Gurtler (Review + Giveaway)

Young Adult, Contemporary, Realistic Fiction
Publication.Date  March 4th 2014
Published By:  Sourcebooks Fire
AuthorJanet Gurtler

#16t hings I thought were true on Goodreads
My review copy:Received from the publisher in exchange for an honest review.
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Heart attacks happen to other people #thingsIthoughtweretrue

When Morgan's mom gets sick, it's hard not to panic. Without her mother, she would have no one—until she finds out the dad who walked out on her as a baby isn't as far away as she thought...

Adam is a stuck-up, uptight jerk #thingsIthoughtweretrue

Now that they have a summer job together, Morgan's getting to know the real Adam, and he's actually pretty a nerdy-hot kind of way. He even offers to go with her to find her dad. Road trip, anyone?

5000 Twitter followers are all the friends I need #thingsIthoughtweretrue

With Adam in the back seat, a hyper chatterbox named Amy behind the wheel, and plenty of Cheetos to fuel their trip, Morgan feels ready for anything. She's not expecting a flat tire, a missed ferry, a fake girlfriend...and that these two people she barely knew before the summer started will become the people she can't imagine living without.


Real life doesn't always need to be posted online.
You make me want to be a better person," he says softly. "To deserve you. I want you to know how right you feel to me.

     There is no denying the fact that Janet Gurtler writes quality contemporary fiction. Her novels are thought-provoking, emotionally affecting and deeply insightful. They're also honest, relatable and often times completely heartbreaking. At the same time, they're captivating and powerful enough to engage even the most reluctant of readers. I have read and loved all of her previous books, but #16thingsIthoughtweretrue is by far my favorite one. There's just something about it - whether it's the summer atmosphere, the poignant and emotional plot line, or the fantastic chemistry between the characters - that made me fell in love with it. 

     Morgan is a delightfully vibrant heroine. She can be sweet and caring, but she can also act like a spoiled little princess sometimes. She worries about everything - from the more serious things, like issues surrounding her family life, to silly stuff, like her Twitter following and how she's perceived by people around her. She's a typical teenage girl and I think Janet Gurtler did a marvellous job fleshing out her personality. She was an entertaining character to follow - with all her flaws and quirky habits - and I quickly found myself emotionally invested in her story.

    As far as secondary characters are concerned, I really loved Adam. Well, I liked all the secondary characters to be honest, but Adam was definitely the most intriguing one of them all. Full of surprises, he is not who Morgan originally thought he was and their interactions are one the highlights of the story.

     I think what I love the most about Gurtler's books, and #16thingsithoughtweretrue in particular, is the easy-to-digest, conversational tone. Her writing is simply devourable, making her books unputdownable one-afternoon type of reads. So often YA contemporary books - and especially those dealing with difficult issues and more serious topics - are too heavy, too angsty, or too depressing. Gurtler's books, on the other hand, are perfectly balanced, blending together lighter and darker undertones, offering both something fun and something more sophisticated. Something that stays with you long after you turn the last page. 

     #16thingsithoughtweretrue is many things. It's a fun and entertaining road-trip story. It's a deep and insightful journey to self-discovery. It's a tale of love, friendship, family bonds, mistakes, and what it means to be a modern-day, technology-obsessed teenage girl. All in all, it's a compulsively readable book with a great story line, interesting characters, and memorable and relevant life lessons.

About the author

Janet lives near the Canadian Rockies with her husband and son and a little dog named Bruce. She does not live in an Igloo or play hockey, but she does love maple syrup and says “eh” a lot.

Janet only gives 5 stars to the books she reviews because she is an author herself and knows that no book can appeal to everyone, but like a child, it is very special to the creator.

I'M NOT HER was published by Sourcebooks Teen Fire in May 2011.

IF I TELL released Oct 1, 2011 from Sourcebooks Teen Fire.

WHO I KISSED Sourcebooks Fire 2012.

Janet's work will also appear in the THE FIRST TIME anthology, DEAR TEEN ME anthology and WHO DONE IT anthology.


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