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Top Ten Tuesday: Bookish Bucket List

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Bookish Bucket List
We all have things in life we want to accomplish before our final chapter comes to a close. Some people want to sky dive - pass - some want to travel the world - could be fun. No two lists are the same and this week, The Broke and The Bookish has us exploring our Bookish Bucket List. I never really thought about a specific list of all the bookish things I wanted to accomplish, but once I sat down and really thought about it . . . there's so much I want to do!

Reread Harry Potter to my children - when I have them
I read the Harry Potter series when it first came out, even went to a few of the midnight releases. I would love to reread them, but I also want to read them to my (future) children. I fully plan on reading to my children as it is and once they're old enough, I want to read them Harry Potter. Which leads me to my next item . . .

Visit the Wizarding World of Harry Potter
This one will mostly like happen after I read the entire series to my yet to exist children. That way we can enjoy all the magic together!

Have a designated reading room/area
I'm sure this is on many lists. We all have those dream reading rooms and areas. I particularity like the nooks by a window. This is a feature I'm going to keep an eye out for when we move into house number two - or at least an area I can convert into a reading nook. While we do have two spare rooms, one of them contains Bentley's cage and that does not make for a relaxing reading space. The other room, which does have a space that would make a nice mini-reading nook is right above the garage and is freezing during the cold months. So I could make it work during late spring - early fall, but that would just make me sad during the rest of the year.

Have a blurb in a novel
I would love to have an author quote one of my reviews in their finished copy! At this point in my blogging I'm not getting a huge amount of ARCs, but one day I'll be on the back cover.

Read already owned books
I have over 60 books that I own and need to read. That's pretty ridiculous, no? I know that's not as bad as some people, but for me that's pretty bad. I've kind of made it a goal to get these read before buying anymore books - unless there's a really good sale! lol

Keep up with my series
Does this sound old ladyish? "I gotta keep up with my series, dearie!" Or maybe I'm just writing this way too early. This kind of goes along with reading books I already own. I am beyond on a couple series and before I start new ones, I want to finish or catch up on the ones I'm behind on. Once I accomplish this, I'm going to make an effort to ensure I don't fall this far behind again.

Meet my favorite authors
Gayle Forman, Ellen Hopkins, Gena Showalter, Leigh Bardugo, Marissa Meyer, Rainbow Rowell, Jessica Shirvington . . . seriously, just to name a few. And I'm sure over the years the list will grow more than it will shrink.  :/

Favorite authors I have had the pleasure to meet: Sherrilyn Kenyon, Susan Dennard, Sarah J. Maas

Get Joe to read one of my (favorite) books
Joe is a graphic novel kind of guy. He's given me a few of his favorites to check out and I've given them a shot. I haven't loved them nearly as much as he did, but I found them to be entertaining enough. I keep trying to get him to read some of my favorites, but I have yet to find one that really catches his interest. I almost had him with Not a Drop to Drink by Mindy McGinnis, but as of yet nothing has come from bugging him.

Go to BEA
What book blogger/lover doesn't want to go to BEA?! I'll get there one day. Whether I go with Joe and make a vacation out of it or blogger friends has yet to be determined. Of course, with most of my money currently going toward my wedding and honeymoon it'll be awhile before I make it to this wonderful expo.

Read all the Austen and Bronte sisters novels
Aside from Pride and Prejudice and Wuthering Heights, I haven't read any of the classics from these amazing ladies. I would really like to remedy this - along with rereading these two. I've seen some of the movies and enjoyed them, but it's not the same. Any suggestions on what I should start with first?

What are some things on your Bookish Bucket List? Let me know and if you participated in this weeks TTT, be sure to leave me a link to your list!

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