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Never Google Heartbreak by Emma Garcia [Book Review & Giveaway]

Contemporary Fiction, Chick Lit
Publication.Date  March 14th 2013
Published By:  Hodder & Stoughton Ltd
WebsiteEmma Garcia

Never Google Heartbreak Goodreads
My review copy:I received a copy of this book from the author, in exchange for an honest review. 

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When her fiance Rob breaks off their engagement for the third time, Viv does what any girl would do - she Google's heartbreak.

Confronted by tales of misery, she decides to set-up her own self-help website for the broken-hearted. But as Viv passes through the three essential stages of grief (denial, vodka, disastrous haircut), she becomes determined that it's not too late to try and get Rob back.

When things get out of hand after a drunken declaration of love at an extremely inappropriate moment, Viv's scruffy, tequila-swilling best friend Max is there to pick up the pieces. Viv starts to realize that maybe the real thing has been under her nose all this time, and now - one ex and a massive error of judgement later - she has to face the question:

What's the craziest thing you'll do for love?

“Ah, Viv, I promise one day you'll be so adored you'll not give a shit. I rest my head on his shoulder. 'You promise, do you? 'I do."
“And I understand this small shred: the most unlikely people can become saviors in dark times, and the small kindnesses they offer can matter like life and death."
“I've made heartbreak a kind of project: I've researched it, written about it and wallowed in it. I tried to make it more commonplace--funnier, even. But that's the very nature of heartbreak, isn't it? It's unique to the sufferer; everyone feels the pain differently. It's personal."
I'm willing to wait for you for a month or so while you mess about with this Max thing, but after that, Viv, I'm going to have to move on. Okay, Rob. I stand and put my bag on my shoulder. Well, I have to go now. Please don't wait a month for me. I'm not wasting another minute on you.  

Emotional. Sweet. Can't put down kind of book.

A story of Vivienne and her search for love. She is engaged to Rob her current boyfriend but he decides he doesn't want to get married to her right now, so he breaks off the engagement for the third time. Yes, I said THIRD TIME. Vivienne is heartbroken but decides to just be calm and wait for Rob to come to his senses. What ensues is a laugh out loud story about what happens when a girl just can't let go. Viv decides to find out everything there is to know about heartbreak. She searches the internet, checks blogs and even starts her own blog about heartbreak all the while telling herself it is just research because after all her and Rob are just on a break, they will be fine. So... Viv puts herself through weeks of torture, embarrassing for her but quite funny for the reader. Viv just knows Rob is the one for her and she will do ANYTHING to get him back.

What makes this novel different from all other chick lit books? The voice and character of Vivienne. This character is so original with her craziness and completely far fetched schemes. Her antics alone keep the reader interested to read more and more. Her character is so well told and displayed that we soon come to realize that she is real in every sense of the world. She is deeply flawed, simply naive at times and hilarious to the point of laugh out loud funny. Sometimes Viv even does things that you might say "wow, I've done that one before." I found myself in her character several times and it makes you laugh at how silly we can be when it comes to love.

Never Google Heartbreak is Emma Garcia’s debut novel and from the first pages you won't believe it because the writing style is anything BUT novice. Emma tells her story with wit and style that you will soon fall in love with Viv and her wacky best friends Lucy and Max too.

I enjoyed Never Google Heartbreak, and I cannot wait for the sequel, because if I'm being honest, I miss Viv already. Her realness and flawed personality hooked me in and makes me want more. Not to mention the ability she has to make me laugh for the entire book! I simply can not wait to see how the author starts the next book and what is to come of Viv and her funny antics.

A Chick Lit book that is so much more. Pick this one up. You won't regret it!

About the Author

NEVER GOOGLE HEARTBREAK is Emma's first novel very loosely based around her own experiences of being in her thirties and single in London, of being dumped, getting
over it, and falling for it all over again. She has worked as a waitress, technical assistant, chambermaid, sandwich designer, product manager, illustrator and teacher, and spent a while traveling and working in Asia. She has also written and illustrated three children's picture books. She now lives in Yorkshire with her husband and three children, and is getting excited about the launch of the second book in the series, OMG BABY!

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