Monday, January 13, 2014

Win a Stay Warm Kit from Simon & Schuster Canada! (Contest)

I'm here today to share with you this fantastic and super exciting contest put together by the awesome folks at Simon & Schuster Canada!

Here's a little bit more detail about what you can win and how to enter! And let me just tell you, this giveaway is awesome! I'll definitely be entering myself :)

Every time January rolls around, we book industry people start thinking about New Year, New You promotions. We of course have A TON of healthy living, diet and spirituality books to get your new year started on the right foot. But, this has been done A MILLION times and it's not fun, creative or new.

So this year at S&S Canada we decided to do something a little different in January. Allow me to present to you the Winter Survival Package. We all know that Canadian winters can be known to drag on and on, so what better than a burst of bookish fun at mid- January when we're all suffering from the winter blahs.

Our kit will contain all the fun and fantastic books pictured below, as well as oodles of goodies to keep you toasty and warm during the frigid winter months.

The STAY WARM KIT includes:

- 1 pair of mittens
- 1 pair of reusable hand warmers
- Scented candles
- 1 pair of socks
- 1 hot water bottle
- 1 Simon & Schuster Canada signature mug
- 1 Sower's Blend tea
- The Ultimate Survival Guide (Canadian Edition)
- The Demonologist
- The Troop
- The Best Cook Book Ever
- Chicken Soup for the Soul: Wonders of Winter
- Hyperbole and a Half
- Octopus's Garden
- Why Grizzly Bears Should Wear Underpants

Sounds fabulous, right?! :) Are you excited? I know I am!

Here's how you can enter:

Click on STAY WARM SWEAPSTAKES and fill out the form! Easy as that!
Open to US/Canada.

Good luck and keep warm, my friends! :)

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