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Secret Santa by Sabrina James (Review)

Young Adult, Holiday Read, Christmas, Romance, Contemporary
Publication Date:  October 1st, 2007
Published By:  Point
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A tale of love, romance, confusion, and Christmas perfectly timed for the holiday season.

Noelle, a hopeless romantic, just knows that her gifts have to be from her senior crush! And geeky Froggy thinks the game is the perfect way to get super-popular Celia to fall for him...except she thinks his gifts are from Jake, the school's resident bad boy, and starts to crush on him! Romantic mishaps abound, but all is revealed the night of the Winter Dance, where there's more than one surprise waiting under the mistletoe!

Then explain the dreamy expression I saw on your face." Lily held up a hand. "And please don't tell me it has to do with Charlie."
"What do I have to lose? At least I have a plan. I'm finally going to do something about my feelings for Charlie. One way or another I'll know by Friday night whether or not I have a future with him. And if I don't, well, I'll be joining you in the down-with-romance club."
The smell of vanilla was thick in Noelle's kitchen. She and Lily were in the midst of making a batch of chocolate chip cookies.

      It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas! It started snowing finally here in Chicago and it was so wonderful starting to get some Christmas books in for the season and this book definitely nailed it! I wasn't expecting anything less than what it delivered for a holiday read. It was light and heartfelt and got me in the mood more than I already was for Christmas. :]

     The book starts off with Noelle and her best friend talking about what they want for Christmas. Noelle obviously wants nothing other than her crush, Charlie. And her friend, Lily, insisted on that Charlie would never look at her other than being the girl next door. But, Noelle is sure that this year will be different and she thinks this because of the Secret Santa. The school has decided that they will participate in a school-wide secret santa.

     Lily wants nothing to do with romance since her boyfriend dumped her for another girl. So, she's not looking forward to this whole ordeal. Celia is the new girl in town who became uber popular even though she didn't want to be. She wants to have friends who know the real her and would approve of whomever she liked. Amber and Shawna (Celia's popular, snotty friends) have their own ideas about the secret santa.

     This book gets you in the holiday season and is a quick and enjoyable read! It's a one seating reader that has you guessing until the end of the book. I enjoyed it and it got me in the mood for the holidays! Definitely grab some hot cocoa and sit down in your favorite place with a blanket and cozy on up to read this, this season!

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