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Blog Tour: The Game by Shawnte Borris (Interview)

Today I have the pleasure of welcoming author Shawnte Borris to the blog as part of a blog tour for her latest novel, The Game. We also have an awesome giveaway for you guys, so after reading the interview and checking out The Game be sure to scroll down and enter! 

1) How would you describe The Game to those who haven't heard of it yet?
This book is for fun, to pull out your inner sex goddess.  It’s about having the set of friends that will get you through anything. To share your secrets with, fun with and of course the girlfriends that you can never go without.
*some that have read the book has commented that they would never talk like that with their girlfriends that at the age of 30. I can differ with this comment because I have a strong group of friends and we talk like that, it’s not horrid, gorse or unimaginable. It’s true honest friendship, these women will always have my back and be my voice and they are my devil’s advocate when needed. I have learned lots from these divine women as much as they have learned from me.* 

2) Could you tell us a little bit about the inspiration behind it? 
This question makes me smile. I think about all the good times I had in college, as a wife and as a business woman…everything cocky in this book comes from great laughs, tears and one hell of an imagination.

3) What was the most fun part of writing your novel? What about most difficult one?
Owens is my favorite because it’s raw…oh but then there is Max. “He must never find out.” – “To the grave, babe.” When I wrote the last of the ass wax scene  I was dying laughing, I could hardly type. It was like I was there watching it all happen. No one can do NyQuil like Kirsten.
The most difficult chapter for me to write was chapter twenty three. It took four days of pacing in my living room. (you will see why in Derek’s book … the song I replay over and over was A Thousand Years by The Piano Guys.

3) Is there a specific character you identify with??
Kirsten – her inside is more like me.
Caroline is so much like me but of course with a southern bell accent rather than Canadian, LOL.

4) Your book is set in Toronto - how cool! I used to live there! Could you tell us why you picked Toronto for the setting of The Game? Is there a specific part of the city that you consider your favorite?  
I wanted a setting in Canada because I’m proud to be Canadian and wanted to share that with my readers. I use to live in London (I reside is Alberta now) and to this day I still love all the brick and natural beautiful parks. But I wouldn’t run a business like Kirsten’s there so Toronto was the next closest city. The actually town where everyone is from is copied from London. (My favorite part of Toronto is the Sky-dome, which is now called Rogers Center. My grandmother use to take me there to every Bluejay’s game when she could.)

5) In your opinion, was it the most challenging part of being a self-published author?
The most challenging part about getting self-publish that I find, is just getting your book out there, for people to read. I’m not very tech/internet inclined so everything takes me twice as long. Since I have two young children and a farm to run I don’t have time to post or find places to share my book.
Thank goodness for my wonderful assistant and bestie Lacy.

6) What are some of your literary inspirations? Favorite books/authors? 
Every day I read a new story and fall in love, but these are my re-reads:
*When It Rains by Lisa De Jong
*Taking Chances by Molly McAdams
*The Reluctant Dom by Tymber Dalton
*Olivia Cunning – all of her sex god rockers!!
*The Assassins Series by Toni Aleo
*Beautiful Disaster by Jamie McGuire
*Kristen Ashley – all her “Man” series
*Sweet Home by Tillie Cole
CRAP! I could go on and on…

7) Are you working on a new book/series now? If so, when can we expect it? Can you share some juicy details to keep our appetites going?
My next book is Falling for Bentley. (Not sure if it’s going to be a series or not, but one night I woke up with another title Catching Haley.) This book (or series … I laugh at this because I know how Catching Haley ends, LOL) will be novellas. I’m hoping for a March release for Bentley but I’ve been traveling the Caribbean with my hubs and it’s kinda hard to write at the swim up pool bar. (The Game Derek Backhard should be out by mid July.)

Falling for Bentley Teaser: (Subject to change, no editing has happened yet)
I looked around the room with one eye open, hoping that this would make the room stop spinning. I heard a faint moan beside me so I slightly turned my head in that direction. I saw brunet hair sprawled over the pillow and the back of a naked chick. I let my eyes slowly linger down towards the bottom of her back to the top of her ass. This was my favourite part of a woman’s body.

I stopped when I recognized the Celtic tattoo. I quickly lifted the sheet to see if I had my briefs on, I did. Slowly I sat up to see if I could see any evidence of last night’s shit show. No condom…no wrapper thank God.  Lube and a vibrator check. What the hell? I don’t remember using either of those things. I squirmed a little in bed just to make sure.

“What are you doing?” giggled Amanda as her cold claws rubbed my back. I tried to straighten out of her grip. “Baby relax, let’s finish what we started last night.” She whispered in my ear before kissing the side of my neck.
“Did we?”
“No, you passed out before the party really got started. I had to use my vibrator to finish the job before I could finally go to sleep.”
“Uh, sorry about that.” I took her hands off me.
“Why don’t you make it up to me Bentley? Like the good old days back in high school. I miss this.” she growled while grabbing my dick.

I shot out of the bed and searched for my pants.
“Where are you going?” Amanda grabbed my shirt and threw it over herself.
“I...ah…I need to go.” I stuttered trying to put my shoes on without falling flat on my face.
“Bentley.” Amanda whined.
Bang-Bang-Bang, “Bentley get your ass up. We gotta go.” Curtis yelled.
“Thank Christ.” I mumbled under my breath, while putting on my jeans.

“That’s it? You are going to leave me like this, wet and wanting you? Needing you to fill me?” moaned Amanda.
“Sorry Amanda but I gotta go. Curtis and I made plans already.”  I opened the door and looked at my best friend.
“Bentley before you walk out that door, you better think long and hard. There will not be a third time.”
I looked behind my shoulder, “There shouldn’t have been a second.” I ducked in just enough time that a glass crash down on the wall in front of me. I closed the door and looked over to Curtis laughing his ass off. “Let’s get the fuck out of here.”

About the book:

Author: Shawnte Borris
Pub. Date: September 27, 2013
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Find it: Goodreads |Amazon | 
Kirsten Backhard is a highly respected senior negotiating executive based in Toronto. She plays with some of the most powerful men in her field. Kirsten is confident, sexy, and hell on heels. She fights with a straight face, doesn’t back down easily, and believes in using her ASSets to get the deal done her way.

Kirsten loves toying with the game in a man’s world.

But is every angle of her life this easy to play? One night can easily change everything. What she thinks is all love and fairy tales quickly becomes highly overrated. Will Kirsten be able to overcome? Or will she remain the cool poker player?

About the author:

Facebook | Website  | Twitter | Goodreads
Shawnté lives in central Alberta, with her husband Ricky of 10 amazing years and together they have two beautiful children. Somehow her husband has managed to trick her into running a cow/calf operation. As much as she fusses about it, she loves it.

When Shawnté is not sitting at her kitchen table hammering away on her laptop while watching the moose chase her cows across the yard, yes this really happens. Then she is busy attend school activities, community events and chauffeuring children here and there. She is big on playing softball and watching hockey.

When the time comes to relax, you will find her snuggled underneath her down comforter reading on her Ipad. Wait…who are we kidding, if the dishes, vacuuming, laundry or the bathrooms needs a hose down, you’ll always hear her say, “Just after this chapter.” She doesn’t have a favorite author or best story because everyday she falls in love with someone new.

Shawnté is technology challenged so you won’t find her on twitter (heaven knows she tried) or instagram – whatever this stuff is called. But she can work one hell of a Facebook page  thanks for her fictitious assistant Lacy. Please go like her page and leave a review/star rating on the books she’s wrote.
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