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How to *kill* a ghost? + Giveaway (International)

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"A ghost is the spirit of a deceased person that, for some reason or another, was unable to pass on to the next life, or whose rest had been disturbed. Ghosts are neither good nor evil, as their behavior is ultimately dictated by who they were in life and how they died.
Normally, a ghost will start out confused and disoriented before realizing they are dead. In some cases, a trauma of sudden death can so great that a ghost will think that are still alive and continue in a routine from their lives, oblivious to the fact they are dead.
The longer a ghost remains on earth the more dangerous and violent it becomes.

Ghosts can become like injured animals - they become so angry and upset that all they can do is lash out at anyone who crosses their paths. Ghosts have skewed views of existence- they only see what they want to see.

Ghosts are often bound to an object or a place, normally the building they died or lived in or the area they died at, as such their movements are restricted, but this isn't universal, and some very powerful ghosts can move over larger distances, but unless they can move what they're bound to, they can never be totally free. They are also sometimes bound to their bodies, unless their bodies have been put to rest."

How to protect yourself from a ghost?
The two most effective ways to repel a ghost are:

- Salt (Ghosts can't cross a line made of salt, so if haunted by one, consider making a thick line with salt in every door and window of your house - assuming the ghost is not in the house yet, of course, cause that would only lock it in with you. Bullets made of salt are equally effective. If dealing with someone possessed by a ghost, feed that person some salt, it'll cause the ghost a great deal of pain and will force it out.)

- Iron (While it won't *KILL* the ghost, it will definitely help keep it at bay. An iron crowbar or fire poker will dissipate the ghost and buy you precious time to figure out how to put it to rest for good.)

How to put a ghost to rest?
Help the ghost resolve its issues. If some unresolved business keeps the ghost bound to earth, you gotta figure out what it is and help the ghost take care of it. Dealing with some sort of unfinished business or figuring out who was responsible for his/her death will help benevolent spirits find peace.

Getting rid of the remains. As unpleasant as it may sound, the best method to get rid of a nasty ghost is digging up the body, salting the bones and burning it to dust. No body, no ghost. 

Getting rid of a haunted object. Sometimes the ghosts are bound to earth not by their remains, by but an object that was dear/special to them while they were alive. Figure out what it is, salt it and burn it. Will work just as good as burning the bones! 

What can you win?
Your choice of a ghost book - adult, YA or otherwise. Some suggestions below, but feel free to chose a different one!

Open to: Internationals

Ends: October 31st

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