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TBR Read-A-Long: Hourglass by Myra McEntire - Final Discussion Post [Chapters 41-56]


Thank you to all who have signed up for our fifth Read-A-Long this year, I hope you guys enjoyed reading Divergent, DeliriumWill Grayson, Will Grayson and Masque Of The Red Death with us and are having just as much (or more!) fun with Hourglass! Today we'll be discussing chapters 41-56!

Before we move on to the discussion questions Rachelia and I would like to remind you that the first two discussion posts were hosted by the wonderful Rachelia over at @BookishComforts. You can find the first one HERE and the second one HERE - feel free to click over and catch up! The third discussion post was hosted by yours truly on Bookish and you can find it HERE.

“I love you - broken in pieces, whole, however. No matter what the future brings, no matter what was in the past.”
“If he wasn't already holding my heart in the palm of his hand, I would have taken it out and given it to him right then.”
“Would you like to try this again then, another time?"
"I'd very much like to try this again, another time." He grinned, but it carried a touch of sadness. "I'll give you a second to...uh...fix your hair."
"My hair?"
"I'll give you a second to fix my hair. I mean, I'll give you a second while I go fix my hair." He let out a sigh. "I mean,I'll see you downstairs."
He turned to walk out of the room, but unfortunately, he forgot to open the door first.
I managed to hold my laughter until he got it right.”
Now, onto the discussion!

1) Do you think the time-travel theme was handled well? Personally, I had a few issues with it and thought some aspects of the plot were rather confusing. Why do you think Emerson had to be accompanied by Kaleb's dad to go back and save Michael (her ability is time travel to the past)? Couldn't she just go alone? How come - if Michael died in the past - it didn't disrupt the time-continuum, since there were now two bodies in the lab? Finally, the chicken-or-egg situation: Emerson from the future travels to the past to give Michael the formula, but present Emerson learned about the formula through Michael - so what was first? 

2) What did you think of the love triangle? Both Michael and Kaleb seem to be really into Emerson, who in turn appears to be at least slightly confused about her own feelings. Do you think what Michael saw in Emerson's future (Emerson being taken care of by Kaleb) might still come true? Or was the future once again altered by the fact that Emerson saved Michael's life? 

3) The big mystery behind Jack's character was revealed and Emerson got her real memories of the accident back. Jack possesses the ability to take away and give back memories. Do you think it's a useful talent? If you could wipe away one or more of your own painful/traumatic memories, would you do that?

4) What did you think of the conclusion? Were you satisfied with the ending?

These are all the questions we have for you today! Please leave your answers in the comments below. Feel free to break them apart (1 comment per 1 answer!), or omit the questions you do not feel like answering! I am looking forward to discussing Hourglass with you guys! 

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Wrap Up:
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Thanks to the lovely author, Myra McEntire, we’ve got a SIGNED copy of book #2 TIMEPIECE to give away to ONE lucky read-a-long participant! So tweet your thoughts, pictures with HOURGLASS, favourite quotes, etc. with the #TBRRaL hashtag, and comment on the discussion posts to be entered to win. Open internationally!

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