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Blog Tour: The Camp by Karice Bolton (Review + Guest Post)

Young Adult, Romance, Mystery, New Adult
Publication.Date  February 27th 2013 (Kindle edition)
Published By:  Amazon Digital Services
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Emma has always tried to be perfect in her almost eighteen years of existence, but it has never been good enough for her mother and stepfather. As she finds herself counting the days until she’s officially free from her parents’ reins, her stepfather hands her a plane ticket explaining that she must attend the Re-Boot Camp in the wilds of Alaska.

Once she lands in the middle of nowhere, she realizes the camp is nothing like she imagined, and she wants out immediately. That is until she meets Liam.

The camp is full of teens with dark pasts, but she finds herself drawn to Liam’s ability to see who she really is and who she wants to become. While Emma and Liam begin adjusting to a place neither wants to be, frightening events begin to unfold. When people begin disappearing, it becomes apparent they can only trust one another as they fight for survival.

     This book was a joy to read. It has a little bit of everything, romance, suspense and much more. I wasn't expecting this to be a love story heavy novel but to my surprise it was. The Camp is a very fast paced book that is well written.

     I loved that much of this book revolves around the relationship between Liam and Emma. I am a sucker for a good love story. However, I didn't really find there relationship believable. From the moment Emma lands on the island these two are longingly looking at each other as if they have been in a relationship for years. Although I didn't find their relationship believable I did still find myself sighing at times wishing I could find a Liam of my own.

     Another big part of this book is the mystery aspect. Someone on the island is after Emma and Liam has given himself the job of her protector. A job he takes very seriously might I add. I loved this part of the story. The suspense was killing me. I had an inkling as to who it was throughout the book but there were times I second guessed my detective skills. 

     This is my first novel by Karice Bolton. She is a very talented writer and I would love to read more from her. If you like romance, swoon-worthy boys and suspense you should definitely pick this one up.

A big thank you for allowing me to stop by and say hello! I’m gonna chat a little about The Camp and some top tens!

The Camp’s location was inspired by the amount of time that I spent in Alaska when I was a kid. I didn’t live there, but we visited a lot for long stretches of time.There’s nothing like sitting on a porch, watching a bear walk in front of you on its way to snack on the blueberry bushes. Eeek! It made a lasting impression, to say the least! Alaska is a very unique place, and I thought its beautiful setting would add wonderfully to a spooky type story! 

I wanted Emma to be strong and capable, while allowing herself the possibility of love to take hold, even under the worst of circumstances. Liam was the perfect match for Emma, and while the relationship certainly didn’t start in a typical fashion, it grows into something very special.

10 Things You Didn’t Know About Karice Bolton

I’m an only child and happy about it.
I’m writing a contemporary romance right now.Sshhh! It’s a secret!
I married my HS sweetheart.
I was on the golf team in HS. Not because I was good but because I showed up.
I saw Titanic so many times in the theater I lost count.
I get weak in the knees at the sight of blood.
I grew up shooting a bow and arrow.
I’m addicted to David’s Tea.
I only have one more year left of my graduate program and then no more homework!
I love reality television breaks in between reading and writing binges.

Top 10 YA Reads

These are constantly changing and I had to throw some on from back when I was growing up!! :)
*Some are New Adult Reads

Immortal Rules by J. Kagawa
Taste by K. Evangelista
The Edge of Neverby J.A. Redmerski*
On Dubln Street by S. Young*
Wise Child by M. Furlong
Hunger Games by S. Collins
Stay by D. Caletti
On the Island by T. Graves
Sweet Valley High (oldies but goodies)
Judy Blume (all) 

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