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Integrated Intuition: A Comprehensive Guide to Psychic Development by Rhiannon Paille (review)

Genre:                           Psychic Development, Metaphysics
Year:                              2011
Pages:                           374                         
Where to get:               Create Space, Amazon,
Author's Website:       Rhiannon Paille
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Take your first step to becoming a Metaphysical Therapist! Integrated Intuition is your lantern in the dark, helping you learn how to awaken and understand your in born psychic abilities. Everyone is psychic, and Integrated Intuition will help you prove it to yourself!      

What does it mean to be psychic or intuitive? For years humans have used the power of their own intuition to learn more about themselves, their world, and how they can influence it and change it. Intuition is most commonly known as a term used to describe psychic ability; however, intuition is defined as the way in which we perceive our world. From the psychic‘s point of view, intuition is how the psychic perceives their world; for others, intuition is seen as our sixth sense. In ancient civilizations however, the intuitive‘s work was done through the use of divination tools, symbols from nature, the elements, the stars, stones; everything to the ancient civilizations was a sign, it told them something about their world, and the humans used intuition to decipher these signs, symbols and codes, in order to learn, grow and develop.
Negative emotions like anger, stress, frustration, sadness, and insecurity can force the body to shut down, gathering less energy, making the body tired, and giving the opportunity to lash out at others. By training the mind to think positively and washing away those negative emotions, one can consider this psychic ability. I would in fact term this type of ability psychic influence, where by one is in control of their own actions and mindset and therefore responsible for the reactions and responses of those around them.

      This book is the psychic's bible, whether you're a total beginner looking into the subject for the very first time or whether you are already a professional. It will help you work on your intuitive potential for everyday use. Rhiannon will take your hand and guide you through every step on the way.
     I found it really easy to trust in Rhiannon's words, open my mind and get connected to the universe. The instructions she provided are simple and easy to understand and if you devote just a couple of minutes every day to do the exercises she prepared, you will most definitely feel the difference!

     If you're not looking to become a psychic yourself and you're just curious about the subject, Integrated Intuition is also a great read to start with. It doesn't have this didactic feeling of many other textbooks on the subject (yes, I did my homework!) and it's simply very pleasant to read. The first two parts of the book are purely theoretical and you can have a lot of fun going through them and experimenting with your body and mind, learning about your limits and then actually challenging them.

     This was the first non-fiction book ever that I didn't struggle to finish.I'm not big on non-fiction, I always find it hard to focus on the content (even if it's something that I  find really interesting) and I often end up doing something I really hate: I give up. In this case however I was surprised at how much I enjoyed reading it, often forgetting that I am reading an actual guide to psychic development.
     To be perfectly honest, I wasn't planning to do any of the exercises in the book. My plan was simple: read the book and write the review. And then next thing I know I find myself sitting crossed legged and getting "grounded" or visualizing energies flowing through my body. It was so unexpectedly easy to do this, I quickly became fascinated.

     I especially liked that Rhiannon shared the stories from her personal experience, providing many interesting insights. It was a great way to keep me captivated and it also made me feel like I know her a little, making it easier to follow her guidance. What a great way to win over my attention!
      Integrated Intuition is divided into three sections that will help you work on your mind, then on your surroundings and finally on how to apply what you learned to the professional world. This book will teach you about chakras, 36 stages of the zodiac, spiritual advising, meditation and many other interesting things. It will help you expand your abilities, open your mind and connect to the world around you in a way you never even began to imagine you could. I strongly recommend to read it :) It's super interesting!

     Are you ready to take your first step on the path to metaphysics?


Jolene and Family said...

This may be something interesting to read about. I don't 100 percent believe in this stuff but I like to have an open mind and I love to learn new things

aurora M. said...

Sounds like an interesting read. Fir those out there in book world will like something that looks behind all those plot lines that follow this theme. Thanks for the review.

Krystal Larson said...

I'm not a huge non-fiction fan either. If you really liked it, I bet I will too. Thanks for the great review! :)

Munnaza said...

This sounds like an interesting, but difficult read. I don't really read nonfiction books, so I probably won't give it a shot, but I've always been interested in metaphysics, especially because it turns up in some of the YA books I read, so it's been on my mind a bit. Thank you for your review, however. I actually haven't seen nonfiction books on many blogs, so this is really refreshing.

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