Monday, March 14, 2011

I am Tama, the Lucky Cat - Wendy Henrichs

Genre:                  A children's picture book, Fiction Juvenile
Year:                    2011 (August 1st)
Pages:                  32
Publisher           Peachtree Publishers
Ilustrated by:      Yoshiko Jaeggi

Description: (from back cover)

Long ago, under the shadow of the white-capped mountains of Japan, a Lucky Cat, bobtailed and white with unusual markings, arrives at the door of a rundown temple. A kind and gentle monk welcomes him.

Tama the Lucky Cat watches as his new master teaches Buddha’s ways to small gatherings of poor farmers. The monk worries about the people’s welfare, ignoring his own empty stomach. One night in a powerful thunderstorm Tama sees a towering warlord on a white horse. The cat beckons the warrior to him just as a large branch crashes to the ground, landing right where the warlord had previously stood. In thanksgiving to the Lucky Cat for saving his life, the warlord lavishes gifts on the temple and makes it his family’s place of honor. 
My thoughts:

       I am big on both mythology and Japanese culture, so when I came across I am Tama, the Lucky Cat on netGalley, I just couldn't walk away from the opportunity to review this book! I am super excited to post about this wonderful children's picture book and share my thoughts with fellow book lovers. If you're a mom (or dad) and you're wondering which book would make a good bedtime story, wonder no more! Wendy Henrichs' picture book will be perfect for your children! (and honestly, not only for children, I myself enjoyed reading it a lot!). 
       If I were to compare this book to a meal, it would definitely be my grannie's soothing chicken soup. She cooks it for me whenever I feel sick or a bit under the weather. It tastes of happiness, safety and love. Good, good feelings. That's how I felt while reading I am Tama, the Lucky Cat. 
       I thought Wendy Henrichs did a really great job in turning this brilliant and heart-warming Japanese legend into a picture book for children. I can not imagine anyone who would not enjoy it! She managed to create a book, that is informative to the children without the didactic feeling of a textbook.

Speaking about the book, it's impossible not to mention gorgeous illustrations by Yoshiko Jaeggi, as they are  an inseparable part of it. The details are breath-taking, soft and dreamy colors draw your attention to each illustration, making you not want to turn the page. Ms. Jaeggi is most definitely a brilliant and talented illustrator, I am looking forward to seeing more of her work. Her paintings of Sakura trees were absolutely phenomenal. 
       I don't have children (yet), but I feel that this book is a necessity, I will be adding it to my collection as soon as it's published in August of 2011. I hope to see more of Wendy Henrichs work!

My rating:


Betty: Reflections with Coffee said...

Will definitely look this up! Wow, my cat wants to sit on my lap while I read this.

Literary Chanteuse said...

My daughter would love this! She loves Sagwa from Amy Tan.

Anonymous said...

Oh, I love cats! I'd love to read this book. :D

Krystal Larson said...

I love children's books. I have no children, but they are so cheerful and sweet. I love cats too, even though I'm alergic. I'm going to have to read this :)

aurora M. said...

Sounds like a sweet book. If I see his one out there I will be picking it up for gift...I know the perfect person. thanks for the review.

Unknown said...

That looks like such a sweet book! I love kitties to death <3

Munnaza said...

This story sounds interesting, and that plot is one of the most unique ones I've ever come across. Thanks for the review!

Anonymous said...

I love cats, I love books, I love japanese culture... I should read "I am Tama, the Lucky Cat" xD

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