Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Baby Product: Zig Zag Kid Frog Bath Tub Toy (Review)

About Zig Zag Kid Frog Bath Tub Toy:

✔ YOUR TODDLER WILL HAVE FUN AND DEVELOP SKILLS WHILE THEY WASH - Kids can have FUN and DEVELOP skills at the same time. Zig Zag Kid Frog Bath Toy is designed to assist in DEVELOPING your child's fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination while they PLAY. They will LOVE bath time if they can play with their NEW FROG.

✔ NO BATTERIES REQUIRED AND HAS SUPER STRONG SUCTION - Zig Zag Kid INTERACTIVE Frog Bath TOY works simply because of the flow of water.  It has SUPER STRONG cups which hold it SECURELY into place on the inside of your tub.

✔ GREAT GIFT IDEA FOR BOYS AND GIRLS - Kids will LOVE playing with their new Froggy by pouring the water from the scoop and over the Froggy's head. His tie will spin and the wheels will turn. The DELUXE Frog also comes with 4 EXTRA stacking cups which can be used to pour or strain water through.

✔ KEEP THEM IN THE TUB AND KEEP THEM HAPPY - Get your child's INQUISITIVE MIND into action as they WATCH the water pour out of the Frogs mouth and UNDERSTAND HOW it makes the wheels tip.

✔ SAFE AND WITH A LIFETIME WARRANTY - The DELUXE Frog has passed all ASTM, HR4040 & 7P testing and includes a LIFETIME Warranty and NO QUESTIONS asked Refund. If you're not HAPPY for any reason, simply contact Zig Zag Kid.

My Thoughts

     My daughter is 18 months old now and ever since she was born, she has loved water. Daily bath time is and always was an essential part of her schedule. She would literally not go to sleep without her evening bath. But even though she loves splashing around, she usually gets bored rather quickly and tries to escape. When she was very little that wasn't a problem, but ever since she learned how to walk, she became a real troublemaker. And so making bath time fun and engaging has become my mission.

     The Zig Zag Kid Frog bath tub toy has really made my life easier. Tori's eyes lit up when she first saw her new toy, and she's been completely in love with it ever since. The first thing you notice when you take the toys (the frog and the cups) out from their packaging is how colorful and vivid they are. All the elements have different colors, and they're all bright and eye-catching. The frog's tie and the wheels spin and turn as the water passes through them, creating quite an engaging show for the little one. Victoria quickly figured out where she needs to pour the water for the wheels to start turning and she's delighted to be able to set the mechanism in motion all by herself. The cups have little holes in various shapes and sizes, and Tori loves playing with them too. Plus, I find them quite handy when washing my daughter's hair - the water flows through the tiny holes gently and makes much less mess than a normal cup or a shower head would.

     The toy is very well designed, with a strong suction cup at the back that keeps it firmly in place. It's safe to use for kids 12 months +. There are no sharp or flimsy elements that could potentially be a choking hazard.

     My daughter really adores her frog buddy. She'll play with it all throughout the day, bath time or not. Even taking pictures for this review has been quite a challenge for me, because she refused to leave her froggy alone even for just a minute. If you want to make bath time more fun for your kid and more manageable for yourself, definitely get either the ZIG ZAG KID Frog or the ZIG ZAG KID Penguin bath tub toy, you won't regret!

Be sure to also check out the slightly smaller version of the toy (with 1 pouring cup instead of 5) - the ZIG ZAG KID Penguin Bath Tub Toy.

We gave this toy to our family friends who have a baby girl few months older than Tori, and she absolutely adores the Penguin! They've been raving about the toy ever since!

Disclaimer: I received a FREE sample of the product in exchange for my honest opinion. All thoughts are my own.

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