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Book Review: Complete Nothing by Kieran Scott

Young Adult, Fantasy, Romance, Comedy
Publication.Date  September 30th 2014
Published By:  Simon & Schuster Books for Young Readers
AuthorKieran Scott

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True’s matchmaking skills are the stuff of legend! The second novel in Kieran Scott’s delightful teen romance series that called “the next Twilight.”

True is not exactly loving New Jersey. Banished from Mount Olympus and tasked with helping couples find love without using her powers, the goddess-formerly-known-as-Cupid is having a tough time. Especially now that True’s immortal love, Orion, has also appeared at her New Jersey high school—but with no memory of their relationship.

To distract herself from seeing Orion flirt with another girl, True focuses her efforts on making a match: Peter and Claudia. Peter is the star quarterback and the most popular guy in school. But he’s insecure about his future, so he preemptively dumps Claudia, his girlfriend. (If she won’t want to be with him later, why stay together now?) Claudia doesn’t take the breakup too well, and she’s ready to show the quarterback of their rival school just how ready she is to get over it.

But True sees something in these two seniors. She believes they should be together—but can she help them find their way back to each other (and get herself closer to home)? Or have things already spun too far out of control?

“I’m . . . fine,” the love of my life mumbled, searching my face. “But who the hell are you?”

     Man, this series just keeps on getting better.

    In Complete Nothing, Kieran Scott continues on with the theme of the series (matchmaking on deadline), but she takes a slightly different approach to it. Instead of helping couples fall in love, this time True has to help them stay in love and seal their fates together. Miscommunication and misunderstandings are the ultimate enemies. Things we keep to ourselves, things we don't talk about, things we assume about one another - these things can pull us apart, bring uncertainty and doubts and, eventually, turn love into heartbreak, even hate. 

     The couple in need of True's help this time is Claudia (remember the girl True stole the scarf from in the first book? Yup, that's her!) and her boyfriend, Peter. These two are undeniably meant for each other. They love each other more than anything and want to actually spend their lives together, BUT, here's the thing.. They are world's apart when it comes to school, social life, college plans, extracurricular interests, etc. Peter is the star quarterback and the hottest guy in school, Claudia is the smart and artsy girl with a secured spot in Ivy League school. While Claudia has it all figured out and is actually eager to start the next chapter in her life, Peter is lost in doubt and paralyzed by fear. Where Claudia sees new possibilities and exciting things to happen, Peter sees rejection and the end of the life as he knew and loved it. And so when Claudia keeps offering her help in filling out college applications, Peter takes it as a clear sign that she's ready to move on and leave him behind. At the same time, Claudia, who is starstruck by Peter and still unable to believe that a guy so gorgeous and popular would date her, is all too quick to accept Peter's suggestion to break up - because in her mind, she was never cool enough to be dating him to begin with. It's a vicious cycle of self-doubt and lack of communication that leads to serious heartache. And the only one who can help them see how much they really love each other is, of course, True. 

     True is dealing with many problems of her own in this installment of the series. Not only is Orion on Earth with her, attending the same high-school and living a life of a regular teenager, but Artemis and Appolo are now after her, she learns things about her mother's past she never even suspected to be true and all of a sudden her godly powers start coming back. All that makes her matchmaking mission even more stressful and complicated. 

     Kieran Scott continues to write incredibly engaging and entertaining plots filled with vivid and realistically drawn characters. Both Claudia and Peter are very convincing, their struggles - relatable and authentic. I liked seeing their love story through their eyes, seeing how the situation looked from each of their points of view. Peter's side of the story was particularly harrowing and almost painfully well written. I could feel the desperation and fear pouring off the pages when he talked about leaving high school and going somewhere nobody knew him. Here, he was popular and had a tight group of friends and a loving girlfriend, but what's going to happen to him in college? Claudia, with her own fears and worries, was almost equally captivating, but I felt more for Peter than I did for Claudia. Perhaps it's because Peter's character had a magnetizing intensity to it. 

     All that being said, I am completely in love with this series and can't wait to dive straight into book three, Something True.

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