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If You're Not the One by Laura Briggs {Book Blog Tour with Bookouture}

Publication Date:February 6th 2019
Published By:  Bookouture

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A heartwarming, escapist romantic novel for fans of Elin Hilderbrand, Nora Roberts and Nancy Thayer.

Natalie isn’t a romantic. She doesn’t believe in true love, or destiny. She thinks that people are just plain lucky if they happen to find someone. It’s coincidence and nothing more.

As a wedding dress designer though, she knows she has to keep these feelings under wraps. Even if she’s suspicious that Harper, the bride she’s working with, might secretly agree with her. Because if Harper admitted she wasn’t sure about love, it might also mean giving up on a millionaire husband-to-be and the lavish island wedding of her dreams.

But, for Natalie, as her feelings develop for both her on-off boyfriend Chad, and for the boy-next-door Brayden, she starts to fear that her heart might not be as immune to love as she claims…

Could love have been there all along? And as the wedding approaches, who will find a happy-ever-after, who will find their way to themselves, and who will get left behind?


Natalie is dating Chad. Brayden has been in love with Natalie since they were kids. The problem? Natalie doesn't believe in love. She doesn't go gaga over romance. She doesn't think that there is a perfect someone for her and she certainly doesn't think that her life would be better with a man in it. Honestly she is only dating Chad because they both want their families off their backs about marriage and romance. So they decide to tell their respective families they are serious and engaged over the holidays. The plan works so good that they decide to wait a bit to break up. After all, things are going well and they have a lot in common. Why stop now?

Our protagonist didn't pick the best career as a wedding dress designer to not believe in love buy hey she is really good at faking it. That is until she starts to question her attachment to Chad and her developing feelings for Brayden. What is happening to her?

This novel just blew me away with the authors quick wit and humorous writing style. I loved all the secondary characters in the story like Hayley one of Natalie's brides to be. She also wasn't sure about love but didn't want to lose the rich man and wedding of her dreams.

Get some coffee and curl up with this break out hit. I just know you'll love it as much as I did. 

About the Author
Laura Briggs is the author of several lighthearted romance novels and novellas, including the bestselling Amazon UK series A Wedding in Cornwall. She has a fondness for vintage-style dresses (especially ones with polka dots) and reads everything from Jane Austen to modern day mysteries. When she's not writing, she enjoys spending time with family, caring for her pets, going to movies and plays, and trying new restaurants.

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