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Top 10 of 2018 - Favorite Reads by Debbie

I know I'm a bit late to the book party, but I still wanted to share some of my bookish bests from 2018 and I absolutely adore KimberlyFaye and her amazing blog. So first I'll give you my Goodreads stats and then I'm going to tell you which 10 books I loved the most for 2018. 

Books Read: 176
Genres: Romance, Poetry, Suspense/Mystery, Contemporary and Historical Fiction

Verity by Colleen Hoover
Date Read: December 26th, 2018

(My Review) Oh my God what did I just read. I cannot for the life of me fathom the type of mind that writes this amazing psychological suspense. Colleen Hoover is a genius. I cannot even get my mouth closed after reading the last chapter of the book.
This book goes from mild to major creepy in seconds so many times. I feel like I was on the edge of my seat most of the time.
An unknown writer gets a chance to finish a best selling series by a well known author just when she needs the money and distractions the most. Little does she know how all consuming writing the last three novels of this series will be. Revealing anything else might give too much away. This is a must read. You will be captivated from the 1st page. You won't be able to return to real life till you devour this book. Jump in, the words are hot and ready to read

My One Despair by Claudia Y Burgoa

Date Read: November 07, 2018
(My Review) Ahhhhh, what to say? Just another Claudia Burgoa book that left me in pieces. I don't believe I have let go yet and its been 12 hours and I'm supposed to be concentrating on work.

Tess had a horrible childhood with her mother who was only focused on herself and not her kids. This makes Tess shy away from anything serious and she is very guarded when she walks into a bar one night and meets Gage Rodin. He is instantly mesmerized by her but she is aloof and walks away.

Gage is a teacher of music in a private school until he is fired through no fault of his own. His dream and passion is to be a singer but he believes that dream is gone until he meets Tess again. He doesn't ask anything from her even though her father is the famous band member of The Killing Hades and multiple men have used her for this purpose alone.

The two form a bond of friendship that continues to blossom into more. Although Tess is away at school, Gage can't stop thinking about her and doesn't everything he can to make her feel the same.

After Anna by Lisa Scottoline
Date Read: April 07, 2018
(My Review) I received an arc of this read from the publisher.

Maggie and Noah have no idea what they are getting into when they allow Maggie’s estranged daughter to move in with them and become a part of their family. Maggie, who hasn’t seen her daughter Anna since she was an infant, is full of guilt at not being there for Anna and is ready to step up and do her best as a mother.
Things quickly escalate into a horrible situation. Anna is murdered and all evidence points to Noah as the murderer. Noah is arrested and tried for the crime. The story moves back and forth between the trial and the time Anna was living with them before she was murdered.
The story is one of hope and different expectations, looking at those around us to figure out just how much we truly know those we love. Can the man you love be capable of murder? the child you gave birth to capable of manipulation? what has Anna really been through in the 17 years she wasn't with Maggie and what does her death have to do with it?
I love that a majority of this story is based in a court room. Lisa, a former lawyer, knows how to get in a lawyers mind and can truly describe jurors, the judge and even the defendant.
I love Lisa for her stories, her voice and that all her novels are close to my home. She just keeps getting better.

Bring Down the Stars by Emma Scott 

Date Read: August 20, 2018

(My Review) Holy shit!!! How am I going to review this book with my heart laying broken on the ground? I'm in pieces right now. Emma Scott is one of those writers who makes you feel every emotion a thousand times over. She is a master at the angsty love story but I was still surprised by this book. I never saw the heartache coming.
Abby is an Economics major that wants to do something good for humanity. She's petitioned Harvard to let her make up her won
major when she goes to grad school. She's done with love after her boyfriend of two years humiliated her by cheating. But Abby is a hopeless romantic and believes in love so fully, she can't stop the attraction she feels for Connor.
Connor is a rich, intoxicating guy that smiles all the time. You can't help but want to be near him. Then there's his best friend Weston who never smiles, is always brooding about something but Abby loves their conversations.
It is impossible to put into words the effect this book has on me. I was lost from page 1. I'm going to be holding my breath until the conclusion of this duet comes out. For now, I'll just remember the story with vivid detail that Emma Scott brought to life.

The Left Side of Perfect by Meghan Quinn 

Date Read: August 29, 2018

(My Review) 
What can you say about a book that gives you everything but breaks you at the end? Be glad it is a duet!
Ryan has always thought of herself as chubby, and not meant to be happy. After all that is what her mom always told her growing up. Even though her dad was always in her corner, getting teased constantly has done its damage to her and she can't seem to stop feeling this way even though she is not at all chubby now.
Colby was meant to be a pilot. He gave up everything in order to make this one dream happen. Now that he has this dream, he doesn't have much else. Unless you count his books and laundry.
He was a quiet one and when he met Ryan she brought him out of his shell for one wild weekend. Then she went home. When he saw again, he was mesmerized but circumstance made them friends.
That was okay with him or so he thought.
This is a love story.
It's a story of friendship.
Its a story that leaves you in pieces and begs for more.
Your typically Meghan Quinn book. Perfection.
Somebody's Daughter by Rochelle Weinstein
Date Read: April 17, 2018
(My Review) It's almost impossible to read this book and not let it effect you at your very core. A family is faced with an unimaginable event going public and must decide whether to band together or let it rip them apart. I immediately developed feelings for each character. Sympathy. Anger. Shock.

Emma and Bobby lead a charmed life with their two fifteen year old daughters in Miami beach, Florida. They own their own hotel called the Ross, that is thought of as a family destination but still the place to be. They live in the Ross and feel connected to each and every one of their employees. Their two twin daughters, Lily and Zoe attend private school and have a bunch of great friends. All these people come out to celebrate with them at the hotel for their fifteenth birthday. Then a message is sent to some and tragedy strikes close to home. Emma rushed to try to fix things while Bobby can't even acknowledge what happened.
As a family is tested, family bonds will be broken, friendship will be questioned and revenge will unfold. Somebody s daughter is sure to make you question your own relationships with your children and make you wonder what would happen if it was your daughter? What would you do? How far would you go to protect your own?
This book not only tells a very relevant story but does it so the reader really understands all sides of the story. The story was so moving and told perfectly with just the right amount of laughter and tears. A huge winner for this reader.

Bro Code by Kendall Ryan
Date Read: April 28, 2018
(My Review) I received a copy of this book from InkSlinger PR in exchange for an honest review.

Hold on a minute, while I hose myself off from this explosive book. Wow. This book was amazing. I can't believe this is my first read by Kendall Ryan. I'm pretty sure I'm going to go purchase a ton of her books now that I've been blown away by this one.

Barrett and Ava were both great characters that you quickly started to route for. Barrett is a lawyer that will do almost anything to make partner this year in his Chicago firm. Ava is the little sister of his best friend and certainly OFF LIMITS according to the bro code that every guy knows about and follows right? Barrett is doing his best but with comments from Ava such as "I don't like being told what to do, unless I'm naked" he is having a heck of a time complying with what is right. The scenes between them are either scorching HOT or LOL funny. I enjoyed them so much.
If you enjoy contemporary, romance and great writing, you have to pick this novel up as soon as possible.

Links by Lisa Becker

Date Read: December 22nd, 2018


(My Review)  On my, I am swooning hard right now! Garrett Stephens is my new book boyfriend. He is smoking hot, sweet and sexy as hell. Garrett is used to getting what he wants and when he sets his sight on Charlotte, he believes he can make it happen immediately. Charlotte has had a crush on Garrett since they were teenagers and he called her glasses. Now she is all grown up and much more confident in herself, well a little at least. Although very attracted to him still, Charlotte won't let her heart get broken by a guy who just likes the chase.
Garrett woos and friends Charlotte and he is even surprised by the effect she has on him.
A perfect curl up by the fire read for the holidays, Links is incredibly romantic and sweet. Well worth the read

The Songbird Girls by Richard Parker

Date Read: December 19th, 2018


(My Review)  

Three Words: Chilling, Hypnotic and Fascinating.

Richard Parker DOES NOT disappoint with his second novel in the Tom Fabian detective series. If it is possible, this novel is even more exciting, intense and lets you into the mind of a serial killer.

I can't lie, I was a bit fearful of picking this book up because it seemed like I wouldn't be sleeping anytime soon. However, once I got into the story, I just couldn't put it down till I finished it. It was such a page turner that I didn't sleep but not because I was terrified because I was so engrossed in the novel I couldn't let the mystery go till I finished.

Our serial killer Wisher is rotting away in prison when the story opens. He has a request though. He wants a meeting with the man that put him away, Tom Fabian. Tom is reluctant but pretty much pressured into going by his boss. Who knows Wisher could give them insight into their current case they are floundering on. Fabian meets with Wisher, but the only thing he is given is Wisher's diary. Fabian doesn't know what to think but reads a few passages as he can't resist. He quickly puts it behind him and focuses on his current case.

Then Wisher kills himself in prison at the same time as Fabian hears his doorbell ring and a dead bird is left for him outside. This is Wisher's signature, and NO ONE knows about it. It wasn't released to the media. How could this be? If Wisher is dead who did this? Why is Wisher still trying to mess with Fabian even beyond the grave? These questions and more will pop into your head as you are reading.

Richard Parker does a fantastic job at setting every scene and making his reader hold their breath while even more mysteries are revealing. His writing style is one that tells the story little by little, and he keeps the ending a secret. It is tough to know what will come next.
Sound like a great mystery? It is! Pick up your copy today. This author is quickly becoming one to watch
P.S I Hate you by Winter Renshaw
Date Read: November 16, 2018
(My Review) Winter Renshaw has done it again and the “it” is P.S. I HATE YOU, her latest book. I have to say, the cover is deliciously hot and beautifully done. I loved the cast of characters and found myself drawn in immediately. PS I HATE YOU is the story about two strangers that spend a week of Saturdays with each other. A week where they end up in bed together, where they decide if they will become friends or friends with benefits… and at the end of the week with Saturdays, would they remain friends and stay in touch. I loved the angst, the humor, the chemistry between Maritza and Isaiah. Maritza and Isaiah are the main characters who are perfect for one another. Maritza Claiborne is one sassy, feisty, independent, and sweet woman who had me rooting for her from the start. She is a waitress and also going to school yet from the start,you know where you stand with her, which is something I liked. She had such a soft heart and was so giving. Then there is Isaiah Torres—he is a man who has multiple layers about him. He is complex, complicated, sexy and mysterious. He is in the military and he has some secrets which makes him irresistible. He also has at times an attitude and from that Maritza calls him “Mr. Tall, Dark, and Douche-y”. Isiah is definitely an alpha male who has a good heart but its hidden because of things in his past. These two belong together but with time and distance put between them, will they be able to make things work? And with a spanner thrown into the mix, will this change things and make them getting back together harder or completely impossible.
Ms. Renshaw really did an outstanding job. This book has the humor, the angst, the realism, the passion to have me digging in and hooked. Keep the tissues handy because there are some moments that will have you needing some tissues and also get the fans handy because the passion and chemistry is intense. There are several twists in this book that I wasn’t expecting and when it happened, WOW!! I loved this book and would love to see a story for Maritza’s cousin and roommate. I look forward to reading what Winter writes next!!!

WOW that was crazy hard to do! I read some amazing reads in 2018 so to narrow it down to 10 took me almost a week. Hence why this post is going up so late. What did you read in 2018 that is ingrained in your mind? What reads made you swoon? I'd love to hear all about your 2018 reads in the comments below. 

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