Monday, November 5, 2018

Violet Ugly by J. Lynn Bailey {Book Blog Tour with Review & Giveaway}

It’s the blog tour for J. Lynn Bailey’s Violet Ugly. Check it out and be sure to grab your copy today!

 Sixteen years ago, Merit Young left Granite Harbor, Maine, for California in search of a future that didn’t involve Ryan Taylor. He’d left her in pieces on her bedroom floor, delivering a blow she couldn’t have expected. But, now, at the request of her brother, Eli, she must return and confront the demons of her past—Ryan included. After the loss they both suffered, she isn’t prepared to face him—especially considering he’s the only one who’s always been able to see right through her.

Ryan has lived his entire adult life in survival mode. Growing up with an abusive father has taught him to keep women at arm’s length, and that’s never been a problem. Until Merit—the only woman he’s ever loved—strides through his front door. He’s not sure how long she’s staying, but he knows it’ll be long enough to destroy what’s left of his heart.

To overcome their dark past, they’ll have to shed light on a reality that will most likely tear them apart. Merit has been hiding a heartbreaking decision from Ryan, and he’s been keeping lies of his own. Can two tortured souls heal after a lifetime of pain? Or will the hideous secrets of the past bury them both?  

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Give me a minute because I am still catching my breathe. This read have me all the feels from page one. I just finished it and I miss Ryan and Violet already. The characters grabbed my heart real quick and I'm finding it extremely hard to let them go.
Silence can be loud. It can crawl into the dark corners of a lit room and worsen, sitting where quiet secrets fester, spreading like weeds across issues in our own heads.
Nearly 20 years ago, Merit left her home town that she adored to run as far away from Ryan Taylor as she could. He was her childhood best friend until the one night he broke her heart. Now she avoids him at all costs until her brother Eli calls and begs her to come home to care for Ryan after a car accident. Merit agrees against her better judgement. She tells herself she'll be fine. After all she's an adult now and has made a life for herself without Ryan. So she says....

The moment the two see each other again it's obvious that they never stopped loving each other. If only there wasn't so much keeping them apart. 

Violet Ugly is a MUST READ in my book. Heartbreaking, angsty love and superb writing. What else can you ask for? 

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About the Author: J. Lynn Bailey has loved to write since she learned to read, around the second grade. When she isn't running after her children, watching COPS, or on the hunt for her next Laffy Taffy joke, you can probably find her holed up in her writing room feverishly working on her next book. She lives in Northern California with her family.

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