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Never Say Goodbye by RIchard Parker {Book Blast}

Thriller, Mystery, Suspense
Publication Date:August 14th 2018 
Published By:  Bookouture 
Website:Richard Parker 

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Somewhere in this city… she’s waiting to be found.

When the body of an innocent woman is found stabbed in her otherwise pristine bedroom, Detective Tom Fabian is called in to lead the investigation. It’s the latest in a series of seemingly random murders all over London, which Tom suspects might be linked… but how?

Just when Tom feels all his leads have run dry, he discovers a startling connection between the victims. The killer is tracing a sinister web of murder through the capital – but where does it lead, and who is next?

May the nineteenth 1968 had been an average day for Janet Wells.

Unbeknownst to her, it was the day her murderer was born.

She was twenty-two at the time and had been fast asleep with

her new husband when the person bringing the end of her life

had started theirs. Over fifty years later she awoke to find him in

her room.

Janet knew there was somebody there before she opened her

eyes. Should she leap from her bed and charge to the door? But in

the split second she hesitated his weight was pressing down on her.

Janet didn’t see his face but if she had she would have realized

she’d never met him before. They had no connection to each other,

and her killer went about the business of stifling her exclamation

and thrusting his blade into her chest without any sense of pleasure.

One of the main reasons he’d chosen Janet was because she lived

alone. Why make the job more risky than it already was?

As the force of the third blade strike pushed the last air out of

her lungs Janet’s brain shut down before it could speculate about

who he was and why he’d targeted her.

He made sure her chest was still before standing back and slowly

filling his. The room smelt of Deep Heat and Steradent. It was

the fourth time he’d killed and the experience wasn’t necessarily

becoming any easier, but he knew the days that followed would

be less paralyzed by recrimination than previously.

He put his boot against the side of the mattress and shoved it a

few times. Janet’s head lolled back and forth and a last hiss escaped

her. He waited and listened for sounds outside her retirement flat.

But her death had been quick, and he’d suffocated her cry. Nobody

would have heard and by the time anyone checked on her he’d be

long gone.

He gripped the handles of the butterfly blade tight. The only

sound in the room now was the squeal of the air from his nose.

Just one more thing to do but it was the hardest part. Janet Wells

was gone now though. She wouldn’t feel any pain.

He leaned forward and stabbed her four times in the face.

About the Author

Richard Parker was formerly a TV script writer, script editor and producer before turning his hand to penning twisted stand alone thrillers.. ​​

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