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Beauty Product Review: Lush Cosmetics

LUSH Product Review!

Hello friends! Reagen here!

Today I'm here to talk to you about my favorite fresh, vegetarian, ethical cosmetic – LUSH! LUSH brand cosmetics bring you the best in, preservative free, vegan face masks, body scrubs, shampoo, soaps, and (my personal favorite) BATH-BOMBS! They even have shaving cream, beard & body-wash, as well as body spray! Yes, as I said before in my introductory post, men can use these cosmetics too!

My Personal LUSH experience -

I have been using LUSH products for a little over two years now and they have worked wonders for my skin, both on my face and body. In highschool I struggled with acne, and I tried basically every type of acne remover you've seen appear in a commercial. My wallet and I were never pleased with the results, sometimes I would find that most products would make my break-outs even WORSE! I know as well as the next guy, that when they go to pick up their significant other, whether it be for the Prom or a fancy dinner date, secretly we all want to look A-1 am I right? (Although we never really admit it to your face) Shortly into my freshman year of College a friend of mine recommended LUSH to me, but I had never wanted to try it out, because some of their products can be quite pricey. After a couple of months, I had finally had it. I broke down and drove myself to the nearest LUSH department store. My father always says, “you get what you pay for,” and boy was he right.

 Not shortly after I had arrived, I was completely overwhelmed with the amount of choices I had presented to me. Looking completely out of my comfort zone, a kind sales associate greeted me (saved me) and asked if I needed some assistance. I explained all of my symptoms to her, oily T-zone, dry-skin in the colder months, and occasional break outs. She led me over to the facial cleansers and moisturizers and we began our quest for the perfect option. After little deliberation, I had finally picked out what was best for my skin – their Angels On Bare Skin face and body cleanser. This cleanser is chock full of natural ingredients and safe synthetics, such as lavender flowers, and fresh ground almond. My favorite part about this product, is that it is Vegan – meaning it does not contain animal products of any kind! Paired with the Eau-Roma herbal Toner Water, I was ready to go kick some acne butt!

For my body, I was given their 4.2 oz pot of Ocean Salt from my friend that had originally recommended LUSH. Ocean Salt can be used on the face, BUT I like to use it on my body as a scrub, as it is definitely a little more rough than the Angels On Bareskin cleanser. Ocean Salt uses coconut cream, sea salt, avacado, lime and a little vodka to really get a good deep clean. Plus it smells like a margarita, and who doesn't love a good margarita at the end of the day?

After about a week using these amazing products, I started seeing results. It was as if one of the LUSH associate's took a magic wand, and waved it over my troubled skin, erasing all signs of there ever being a blemish. Not only that, my skin was VISIBLY softer, clogged pores that may have been visible before were nowhere to be seen. My skin was smoother, and to this day I still get compliments at work whenever someone shakes my hand, “my you have soft hands!” I don't know if I should be comforted by that or creeped out.

Bags under my eyes from long nights at the library studying for my World Politics exams were a thing of the past! Since that fateful autumn day in that department store, I have never used any other product. LUSH has a customer for life.

Let's talk Bath-Bombs -


 What is a Bath-Bomb exactly? Bath-Bombs are fizzing, relaxing, and skin softening works of art! The amazing creators at LUSH use essential oils and herbs, that are then packed into tiny little balls that begin to dissolve as soon as they come into contact with water. These tiny, but explosive, bombs nourish the skin and turn the water beautiful, vibrant colors. Some even have rose petals in them to add a more sensual experience. Reading in the bath tub has never been more relaxing. My personal favorites right now are Twilight, and Shoot for the Stars.

What if there is not a store near me?

That's perfectly fine! If you visit the LUSH website, you can actually scroll through their numerous products and read real reviews from other customers. These are not just 1-5 star reviews either! LUSH allows customers to list pros, cons, as well as best uses so you can find the perfect product that matches what you need with no problems at all! Plus LUSH let's you choose from numerous shipping options as well, that way you will get your products in no time!


Along side LUSH being one of the most popular cosmetic distributors in the world, their products actually work! Shampoos like Fairly Traded Honey, keeps my hair looking and feeling fresh, while their body spray helps me smell fresh too!

LUSH is all about Ethical Buying – which is why they make it a priority to know where their buying their ingredients from, and from whom. For example, LUSH partners with Ojoba Women's Collective in Ghana, where they empower women and help out in their community by purchasing some of their moisturizing Shea Butter.

Charity POT! 

 No, definitely not what you're thinking, ya rascal. In 2007 LUSH invented a hand and body lotion they so aptly named the Charity Pot. 100% of the proceeds (except the taxes) from this magical lotion goes towards helping support global humanitarian, environmental, and animal groups!

LUSH products help fight against cosmetic animal testing!

PLUS The pots that your products come in can be recycled, I like to use mine as tiny succulent planters!

With everything LUSH has to offer, how could you not feel like a little superhero after purchasing just ONE of their amazing products? Thanks for reading my friends, I hope that I have shed a little light as to what LUSH actually is, and why I love using their products so much.

Products discussed in the post and where to get them:

Fairly Traded Honey Shampoo

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