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Subscription Box Review: The Fandom of the Month Club

I don't recall when I first heard of The Fandom of the Month Club, but when I did I needed it! They were a relatively new monthly subscription box, but the jewelry they picked for each themed box was stunning and "general" enough that if you weren't a fan of that months fandom you could still wear the pieces but also specific enough to let your nerd pride show.

When my mother asked for Easter gift ideas (yeah, I still get gifts at Easter don't be a hater) I asked for a three month subscription to The Fandom of the Month Club. And oh buddy is it awesome!

The Fandom of the Month Club, a montlhy subscription club providing fabulous fandom inspired jewelry, is run by Erin from The Geeky Cauldron. Each shipment is handpicked for quality, valued at over $30, and contains 3-4 pieces. Subscriptions start at $13.00 (plus shipping) for one month or you can save by signing up for a 3, 6, or 12 month subscription. Your subscription is automatically renewed upon exploitation, but you are able to opt instead of renewing if you choose.

Previous fandoms include Star Wars, Dr. Who, Harry Potter, Hunger Games, Divergent, and The Chronicles of Narnia. They do repeat fandoms so if you're favorite has already been chosen don't worry - it'll come around again. Even better, even when the fandoms duplicate the items are never the same.

The Fandom of the Month Club originally began sending out their products in envelopes, but as their subscription count grew they were able to upgrade to these adorable boxes.

Picture from The Fandom of the Month Club's Facebook page
But really, it's what inside the holds all the magic . . .

April - Harry Potter

And we've already started off with a win! One of their first fandoms, Harry Potter made a comeback with some super adorable items. The owl ring is so cute (oh Hedwig) and I love the feather necklace - I have gotten many compliments on it - and on the back "wingardium leviosa" is stamped. So that right there, perfect! I'm not a big fan of gold, but these golden snitch earrings are spot on. Like, really. You can't get much better than . . . hey, look at that Deathly Hallows key chain. Is that a square from a real Harry Potter book!? It is! (Don't worry, Erin reassured us that the books these came from were already damaged.)

May - Lord of the Rings

I didn't stay off Instgram as well as I should have prior to receiving May's box so I was spoiled as to it's contents, which softened the blow a bit when it came to opening the box. That sounded harsh, didn't it? I'm just not a huge Lord of the Rings fan, that's all. But that's what happens with these monthly subscription boxes. You won't always get something your the biggest fan of, but that's okay. As I said, these jewelry pieces picked don't scream Lord of the Rings - well, maybe the Hobbit door and Elvis written on the bracelet but those aspects are still subtle enough for me that I will still plan on wearing them. And because I'm not hugely into this series, I'm not sure what the tree on the earring symbolize, but I still think they're rather fun!

June - Once Upon A Time

And here it is. My last box and the box to end my subscription on. When I first opened the box as saw the Fandom of the Month post card I thought "Great, another fandom I don't know. Boo." I couldn't figure out fandom this was for. Harry Potter and Lord of the Rings were easy and obvious. So I finally gave and unwrapped the tissue paper to find the Sand Sink bag . . . and promptly lost. My. Shit.

You don't even know.

This is the beauty of subscription boxes. You may get a fandom you like, you may get a fandom you're eh about, but you also may get one that you have an unhealthy obsession with. And on top of that, they pieces are freaking gorgeous. I love this ring, I love the mini Once Upon A Time story book, and I have an obsession with this bracelet. I promptly showed these pieces to my husband and told him what each charm on this bracelet symbolized and he nodded along like he cared and was truly interested in my gushing (which made me love him more).


I highly recommend The Fandom of the Month. You search the hashtag on Instagram to view all their past boxes and know in confidence that each box is unique and each piece of jewelry is carefully selected to be versatile to everybody. Plus, for $13 a month (plus shipping), it really is a great deal, especially considering the value of the pieces you receive. Plus, you're helping out a small business so you really cannot argue against it.

Jewelry: The Geeky Cauldron
Harry Potter keychain: TheSorcerersPhone
Artwork: HalfBloodPrints
Printed bags: S&S ink.

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