Saturday, July 18, 2015

Jewelry Review & Giveaway: Stunning statement jewelry pieces from Honeystore

I recently got the opportunity to try on and review some of the most gorgeous jewelry pieces I've seen in my life - Honeystore ear cuffs and a necklace. While the cross-shaped necklace is very nice and stylish, it's the ear cuffs that totally blew my mind to pieces with their beauty - they are stunning! Please be sure to check out Honeystore, they have even more fabulous statement jewelry pieces in their store and they often run promotional discounts so you can snatch them at really nice prices!

Today I get to share my reviews of the three jewelry pieces I received and host a contest for you! Who doesn't love a little bling-bling in their life? :)

This is truly an absolutely stunning ear cuff! It's one of the most gorgeous statement jewelry pieces I've seen. It's so beautiful, eye-catching, sparkly and glamorous, you are guaranteed to make a lasting impression wherever you go wearing it.

Size wise, it covers your earlobe almost completely. It's pretty big and, admittedly, heavy, so it took me some time to get used to it, especially since the weight is on your left ear only. I wouldn't wear it for longer than a couple hours at a time, simply because my ear would start hurting, but it's just so lovely for a party or some special event that won't last longer than few hours!

The piece is extremely well-made and very detailed, with different colors of petal-shaped crystals. You can secure it in place by inserting the bottom stud through your regular earring hole, and tightening the clasp on the top side of your earlobe. It stays in place nicely and doesn't even budge. Be careful not to catch it on a piece of clothing or a scarf, as it would probably hurt a lot to have it yanked out.

Overall, I love this ear cuff. It's chic, glamorous, classy and very charming.

Honeystore Lady's Mermaid Pearl Czech Diamond Ear Cuff for right ear
Beautifully designed, absolutely fabulous-looking Mermaid-shaped ear cuff. As far as statement jewelry goes, this is one of the most gorgeous pieces I've seen. It's paved with sparkly Czech diamonds in blue, black and white, and embellished with white pearls. The shape of it is wonderful, too, and it's not the heaviest ear cuff I've worn. It's actually light enough to wear for half a day, maybe even longer (which is considerably longer than most other ear cuffs I've had).

It's really well-made but delicate looking at the same time. Seems pretty sturdy, too. All the pieces are attached together in a way there is no risk of the diamonds or the pearls falling off.

It arrived packaged nicely in a blue jewelry box that would make a lovely gift wrapping. It's stylish and perfect for fans of mythology and mermaids.

Honeystore Men's Titanium Steel Rolo Chain Cross Necklace
This is a very nice titanium steel necklace! Looks and feels very high-end. It's solid looking and comes with a good-length chain (almost 20 inches) that is just as fashionable as the pendant itself. I really like the contrast between the shiny silver color of titanium steel and the black color of the cross shape - it looks very chic and modern!

The black shape of the cross has more of a matte finish, it's not glossy at all, but that actually works out great. I don't think the necklace would look half as good with a sparkly pendant.

Quality wise, the necklace is very well-made, sturdy and comfortable to wear. The pendant is just the perfect size, it doesn't feel heavy on your neck. The necklace comes in a beautiful signature box that is just perfect if you want to purchase this jewelry piece as a gift. It's very pretty is guaranteed to make a great impression!


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