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Enchanted by K.K. Allen (Review)

Young Adult, Mythology
Publication Date:October 7, 2014

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After Katrina "Kat" Summer’s mother dies a mysterious and tragic death, Kat is hurtled into life at Apollo Beach. Her estranged and cryptic grandmother Rose fills Kat with legends of her Ancient Greek Ancestors from which the Summer family descends. Kat’s world begins to unravel as secrets from her heritage are exposed – secrets that her mother purposefully concealed.

Leading to her birthday, the day of the Summer Solstice, Kat becomes frightened when enigmatic visions and disturbing dreams haunt her. When her visions become reality, her fear turns to terror as powerful forces threaten the lives of those around her.

Amidst the turmoil, Kat meets Alec Stone, her gorgeous neighbor, who becomes her sole solace in an evocative world of mythological enchantment and evil prophecies that lurk around every corner… 

  After what seems an eternity, the light holds   a solid white expanse accompanied by an overwhelming peace.  I am  sinking.
Just then, an electric shock jolts through my insides, like a spark igniting every nerve in my body.  Exhilarating.  Not painful like the day on the beach, nor are there any headaches this time.  All I can feel is the sun infusing me with a heat that reaches my bones.
 "And what is my future?"  I say, irritably.  I can;t help myself.  "To be burnt alive?  Rose, my dreams or visions, or whatever they are   they're terrifying   and they're starting to come true.

 When asked to review this book, I immediately got excited.  I love anything to do with mythology and it was clear that this book was going to rock.  This book enchanted me and brought something new to the table that I was eager to devour.

  Reflecting back I can’t recall a single moment that the pacing slowed down.  Honestly it stay fair evenly paced, minus a couple of scenes where it really picked up.  There was a consistent slow stream of information, allowing for easy absorption.  This aspect also allowed for excellent character development and world building, although I do feel that there could have been a little more on Kat’s "changes."  However, this made for the type of book that you can either devour in one sitting, or slowly enjoy it page by page at your own leisure.

  Kat is the type of character I feel everybody can like.  She has a fairly common story of loss, but this kind of added to Kat’s character.  Kat had an ability to do what many characters do not and that was ask questions but not push the limits more than she had to.  This isn't saying that she didn't do things that she shouldn't have, just she did them for a good reason.  This trait alone impressed me and made it so much easier to enjoy reading this book.

  Romance.  Such an important thing in a book I believe.  Not so much if it is there, but more if it is there is it done right.  Allen nailed the romance portion of this book.  She did not kill the book with a boy but more gave it highlights.  Kat is a teenage girl after all and Alec is the nice guy next door.  There was nothing rushed and merely a couple stolen moments.  This being said I was not sure what to think of Alec all of the time.  He seems like a good guy but maybe too good?  I found myself actually drawn to a male that was not the lead but I anticipate seeing more in the future (hopefully).

  For fans of mythology this book is a must have.  With an original story and a protagonist that not only has her own mind but knows how to use it, Enchanted is a must read.  The only thing I could complain about was that I wanted more when I turned the last page.  At 188 pages this book seemed so much shorter due to how fast I turned the pages.  Pick this book up if you are looking for the perfect relaxing read, and something that you could finish in one sitting.

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