Thursday, May 28, 2015

Product Review: Jewelry and Accessories from Born Pretty

I thought I'd share with you today some jewelry from Born Pretty store that I ordered a while back. I purchased few more items at that time (including cute reading glasses-shaped ring and a Mocking Jay bracelet) and I only paid about $25 for it all (shipping from Born Pretty store is FREE World Wide and on all orders, plus they accept PayPal). 

I love shopping there, they have some really cure accessories, plenty of makeup and other great things like clothes, hair-accessories and more! 

The jewelry I got obviously isn't gold or silver (it's not even gold or silver plated), but it's nice enough to wear with a cute outfit :) I am very satisfied with my purchase. The four leaf clover ring could easily pass for real gold, it's really quite stunning. The rest of the jewelry pieces makes for fabulous finishing touches to cute, girly outfits and that is exactly what I was aiming for!

Be sure to check out - it's really quite awesome! I also have a special 10% off discount for you, so be sure to use it at checkout! 

And now check out some more photos!

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