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Worth the FIght by Beth Maria {Indie Author Month:Book Review & GIveaway}

Worth The Fight by Beth Maria
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E-book 264 pages
Published January 2015

My whole life as I knew it changed when I was just seventeen years old.
The night that I caught him killing a person and showing no sign of remorse.
He promised me that he would never turn into this person, he would help me get out, then we would move far away to start over. He promised me that he would never hurt me, but he did.

My world shattered. I was plunged into the dark pits of hell with no end in sight. I just had to keep going on, living in the motions.

Until four years later when we are forced to be in each other’s lives again. Can we move forward from our past and leave behind the fact that he deceived me, or will it all be too hard to forgive and forget, especially when secrets are revealed that could threaten to ruin everything.

All I know is that I always have, and always will be in love with Phoenix James.

It really is unbelievable how different he is from four years ago when we swore that we would never bow down to our families, that we would go our own way, make our own choices--the right choices. Now look at him. He's in here, doing business with my father, reminding me that he is a million miles away from the guy I knew four years ago. The day that he signed his death wish. 
Look, I know you've come here to warn me not to fight, but I'm still going to do it. This is what I do, Em. This is who I am. I'm a fighter, and that is never going to change. That little boy who you used to know? He's gone, and in his place is a monster who has been dealt a shitty hard life. Just save your breath and go home.  
I'm not asking you to tell me your deepest, darkest secrets. I"m not asking you to tell me everything Em. All I ask is that you try to confide in me. Let me be your light by helping you shed some of that darkness that follows you around. 

This story......Just wow!! It starts out with a bang, quite literally and takes off on an emotional roller coaster from there. Every time I think about Phoenix (the male protagonist) in this story, I get feverish and butterflies. Phoenix is ALL male. He is the epitome of the alpha male. Tough. Roughed. Smooth. Sexy. He is also a typical guy in the fact that he is frustrating, raw, mean, and domineering at times.

Emilia (known as Em) appears strong on the outside but hides so much anger and sadness in her eyes. Em is determined to stay away from Phoenix since he betrayed her four years earlier. She thought he was the only one she could trust, turns out he was the absolute LAST one she could trust. Her heart just doesn't seem to be cooperating with her though. As soon as Phoenix enters her life again, Em knows by instinct, she needs to protect her heart. But how long can she stand being near him and not being with him?

Emilia's father is the head of THE organization. He a ruthless, conniving horrible man. Em wonders how she is related to such a tyrant. All she wants is to get out from under her fathers lethal hand and live her life. That small dream depends on Phoenix though, and when Phoenix breaks his promise, Em feels even more alone in the world.

This book is intense in every sense of the word. There are steamy sex scenes, suspenseful story lines, and sweet poetry like scenes that take your breath away. This book has it all but is definitely highly emotional. SO grab your tissues because this book is a MUST for any romance junky!

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About the author:

Hi, I'm Beth Maria.

I have a two year old son and we live in the not so sunny country England.
I love reading, so when I read over 300 books, I decided to give writing a go myself. I had an amazing journey writing 'Alive' and can't wait for you all to read it.
When I'm not looking after my son, you can find me in bed, reading, writing or watching a good film, whether it be action, romance or comedy. I like anything :)

Beth  loves interacting with readers, so go ahead and connect:

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