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The Merworld Wars by Sutton Shields (Full Dream Cast)

  Author Sutton Shields came into my life last year in a flurry of awesome!  This girl does nothing half way and is so filled with kindness and personality, that even talking to her through email makes my day brighter.  She has been nothing but a pleasure to work with and I am so happy to have her as part of Mermaids & Myths Month!! She kindly spent a lot of time making up this awesome dream cast and I hope that you guys enjoy!! Look later on in the month for my review of Rifted!!

Books in the, The Merworlds Wars Series:

And now take it away Sutton:

When Tiffany asked me to dream up a 'dream cast' and the reasons for my choices, I totally flipped out and squealed (well, after I realized what it actual meant—before that, I was a little clueless).

Reckon I should preface this by saying I’m not taking age, eye color, or hair color into account, really. Mostly, I’m just picking actors and actresses I can really see as my characters. Thank you so much, Tiffany, for giving me the chance to cast my characters! <3

Okay, let’s get started! This is too much fun!

The adults

File:Kate Winslet Palm Film Festival.jpg

Camille ValentineKate Winslet. Since Marina’s mom is based on my mom, I, of course, had to think about who would embody my mama & Camille to perfection. Kate Winslet, to me, has the ideal mix of fun, wit, and class. That’s my mom; that’s Camille. 

Credit: Wikimedia Commons; Author/Attribution: 
Creative Commons CC by 2.0

File:Aaron Eckhart by Gage Skidmore 3.jpg

Mr. GibbsAaron Eckhart. Mr. Gibbs is a gentle, kind soul, but is intensely protective and could be a fierce opponent should the safety of his loved ones be threatened. Aaron Eckhart embodies these qualities…plus, well, he’s just so darn handsome. 

Credit: Wikimedia Commons; Author/Attribution: 

File:Sarah Michelle Gellar by David Shankbone (square) 2.jpg

Treeva Tombolo: Sarah Michelle Gellar. Treeva is gorgeous, playful, and one heckuva force to be reckoned with. Sarah was a vampire slayer, so it only seems natural she’d bring the badass to a forward-thinking mermaid princess. 

Credit: Wikimedia Commons; Author/Attribution: 
I, DavidShankbone; Creative Commons CC BY-SA 3.0

File:Hugh Jackman navy.jpg

Doctor TenlyHugh Jackman. Granted, Doctor Tenly is a wild, eccentric genius. But, he’s also run-into-a-lamppost, slap yourself silly hot. The Mer-Nor gang recognizes his relationship with Treeva as a sizzling one, and they’re not wrong. So, we need a sexy genius, right? Yeah, it’s Hugh Jackman. 

Credit: Public Domain; Author: U.S. Navy photo by 
Photographer's Mate Airman Dennard Vinson

File:Nikolaj Coster-Waldau.jpg

King TomboloNikolaj Coster-Waldau. You may know Nickolaj as Jaime Lannister in HBO’s hit series, Game of Thrones. Though King Tombolo can be a fearsome warrior, he is a tortured, heartbroken being, existing with two souls—his own, and that of his lost love. I can definitely see Nikolaj bringing an emotional power to both the sadness and strength of King Tombolo. 

Credit: Wikimedia Commons; Author/Attribution:
Hilary from United Kingdom; Creative Commons CC BY 2.0

File:Eric Balfour in 2010.jpg

Kyle ZaleEric Balfour. Absolutely 100-billion%! It’s almost eerie how much Eric looks like Kyle. It's uncanny! Without saying too much, let me just say this...Kyle Zale has many, many layers. 

Credit: Wikimedia Commons; Author/Attribution:
File:12 Years a Slave 38 (9730608647) adjusted.jpg

King ZaleBenedict Cumberbatch. Dude, Benedict is brilliant. I could see him bringing King Zale’s calm crazy and raging tirades with the exact same intensity—and be downright scary in the process. 

Credit: Wikimedia Commons; Author/Attribution:
GabboT; Creative Commons CC BY-SA 2.0

File:Rachel Weisz 2012.jpg

Queen ZaleRachel Weisz. The crazy-ass-merqueen is cold, cruel, psychotic, and calculating. She does nearly everything with a vicious smile, taking pleasure in the pain or sorrow it causes her victims. Remorse isn’t a word in her vocabulary. Visually, Rachel Weisz looks almost exactly how I see Queen Zale, plus I finally saw her in Oz the Great and Powerful—oh, yeah, she would play Queen Crazy brilliantly.

Credit: Wikimedia Commons; Author/Attribution:

File:Antony Starr (cropped).jpg

Jex: Because Jex’s pre-death age remains a bit of a mystery, I’ve decided to select an actor that visually 'fits' Jex, age/eye color notwithstanding. I think he’ll give you the best idea of what my horny, naughty, Aussie sorta-angel looks like in my mind.

Credit: Wikimedia Commons; Author/Attribution:
Eva Rinaldi; Creative Commons CC BY-SA 2.0

The Mer-Nor gang (most of them):

MarinaOlivia Cooke. If you don’t know her, you probably will very soon. Her acting talents are insane! Currently, she stars as Emma on Bates Motel. Marina is gutsy, snarky, severely loyal, and can sometimes rock the 'duh'. She's normal, yet powerful. She's kind, yet has a backbone. Emma just screams Marina to me. Plus, she has those perfect big eyes similar to Marina’s. 
Found at: 

Troy: Teenage Jessie Pavelka. Let's see, he has the blond hair, killer smile, Adonis body…sigh. So, I reckon Troy will look exactly like Jessie as he gets older.

Credit: Author/Attribution: Bradford Rogne


MeikleDemi Lovato. Edgy. Loyal. Bold. Badass. Can I just say how unbelievably phenomenal Demi would be as Meeks?

Credit: Wikimedia Commons; Author/Attribution:

File:Callan McAuliffe (8189990631).jpg

TreyCallan McAuliffe. He really has that relaxed, laid-back type of look that is very true to Trey’s demeanor. Plus, from the pics I’ve seen, he totally has Trey’s hair.

Credit: Wikimedia Commons; Author/Attribution:

AiriannaElle Fanning. Like Airi, Elle has gorgeous, long blond hair and an angelic presence that defines Airianna.

Credit: Wikimedia Commons; Author/Attribution: 

OpheliaKylie Bunbury. My mom actually first saw her in ABC Family’s Twisted and mentioned how much she resembled our lovable little fainting time-freezing ninja, Ophelia. As always, Mom was right. Kylie is so like Ophelia in my mind, it’s almost scary (in a good way).

Retrieved from:

File:Ariana Grande by David Shankbone.jpg

PollyAriana Grande. Polly has an oh-so-sweet face that you would never think could say some of the things she spews…and then her demon bits unleash. Imagine Ariana with pink hair and add some of Polly’s demon bits to the mix—yeah, you get Polls. 

Credit: Wikimedia Commons; Author/Attribution: 
File:Sasha Pieterse PaleyFest 2014 (cropped).jpg

GullySasha Pieterse. Sasha plays the conniving Allison on ABC Family’s Pretty Little Liars, but I can honestly see her playing the wide-eyed, sweet, insightful, yet somewhat detached Gully. 

Credit: Wikimedia Commons; Author/Attribution: 

File:Kelly Hu on April 10, 2013 (by May S.Young).jpg

MaileTeenage Kelly Hu. If I could picture anyone playing kind, creative Maile, it would be a teenage Kelly Hu. 

Credit: Wikimedia Commons; Author/Attribution: 
And then there's the merbitch... 

File:Emma Roberts @ Denim Habit Store Opening.jpg

Katrina Zale, our resident merbitch & Troy's ex: Emma Roberts. Katrina lives to make Marina's life a living hell. Her hatred for Marina cannot be understated. She's vicious, devious, and pure bitch. So, why not cast a sweetheart like Emma Roberts? Emma is not only beautiful, but she's a brilliant talent--she could put the 'bitch' in merbitch.

Credit: Wikimedia Commons; Author/Attribution: 

And if I could cast the lead singer in any of the scenes featuring a big band, it would have to be Bing Crosby. Um. I do understand that request may be a difficult one…you know…considering he no longer resides on this plane...but…he was a childhood crush…and that crush still lingers…so…yeah.

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