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Stalked by Death by Kelly Hashway (Review)

Medusa, Mythology, 
Publication Date:August 13, 2013
Published By:  Spencer Hill Press
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Jodi knows that any slip-ups made by the Ophi--a special group of necromancers born under the 13th sign of the zodiac--will fall on her shoulders... and that Hades is just waiting for them to screw up so he can wipe out the Ophi line.

Unfortunately, Jodi has only convinced one Ophi to join her school: A hot guy named Chase who jeopardizes her relationship with Alex. Jodi loves Alex, but Chase can enhance her powers with just a touch—making her stronger than any Ophi has ever been.

Her mixed emotions send her powers surging out of control, and the dead start rising without her conscious summoning—exactly what Hades doesn't want! If she chooses Alex over Chase, she may lose the battle to Hades, leading the Ophi race to extinction. If she chooses Chase, she might be able to stop Hades for good… but lose everything else.

Jodi needs to figure things out fast--because death is stalking her at every turn.

The room fell silent.  I was supposed to be the leader.  The one to make the decisions and keep us safe.  But instead I was clueless about how to do my job, and I was putting us all on danger.
"I'll ask him to leave."  Why was that so hard for me to say?  I had Alex.  He was perfect for  me.  Yet, I didn't want Chase to leave.  As much as he scared me and caused trouble for me and Alex, there was a part of me that wanted Chase here.  God, what was wrong with me?
  The corpse was lying in a heap on the ground.  Lexi's nail file was jammed into his neck.  Leticia and McKenzie stared at me in horror.  Like they were looking at a monster.  The monster I'd become. 

  Touched by Death was an amazing read, and so I was excited to finally be starting on this one.  Kelly Hashway created a twist on the Medusa mythology that I fell in love with.  Her writing is beautiful and pulls me in, and I love the characters that she has developed.  This book was a ride that took me up, and yet took turns that left me feeling ill.  No matter how I look at it though I enjoyed the ride.

  It started off where the previous book left off but I was thrown in the beginning.  There was still everything I loved about the first book but the added love interest almost killed me to start.  I mean I knew something had to happen and there had to be a reason for it, but guy number two just made my blood boil.  I wont say that the book was a complete switch from the first, because Hashway definitely has me addicted.  However, it shocked me and worried me to start.  Then I worried that the book would suffer from second book syndrome, and yet it didn't.  There was ups and downs with pacing but overall I definitely didn't want to put it down, especially when I hit the half way mark.

  Jodi took both steps forward and steps backward in this book.  I really loved her in the first book for her strong back bone and desire to do the right thing, even if it meant doing things she never would have dreamed of before.  Right at the start of this book I saw a shift in her.  The new arrival was shaking things up even before he stepped foot in the house, and all I wanted to do was shake her and tell her to snap out of it.  This is where her step back came from and I was really disappointed, I wanted her to have all of the brains she had in book one.  Quickly I figured out that she can't be perfect and she is still just a teenage girl, and there was more than hormones at work there.  Overall  still like her as a character and by the end she had won me back but I will have to see where she goes in book three for the final verdict.

  Romance...  I have no idea where to even start here, because it both made me over the top angry and made me understand that things are never meant to be easy.  I would like to say that right from the start I did not like Chase.  Sure he had a certain pull but he seemed like an utter ass, and had no respect for anyone.  I honestly wanted him to just disappear, or for everyone to see him for the ass he is.  Alex had his moments in my shit book as well.  However, I kinda got the reason with him... A new guy shows up and is all over Jodi and she is not keeping her eyes off of him...  So ya I got it but I half suspected him to drag her into his room lock the door and throw away the key.  The difference was is he did what he did because he loved her, and did not want her hurt.  I still am and will always be for Alex and he had won me back one hundred percent by the end of the book.

  Despite the ups and downs, this series does have me hooked.  I look forward to pulling the next book off of my shelf and seeing where everything goes, because as it stands things are not looking good.  I am happy that the love triangle seems to be resolved, even if it means things aren't all sunshine and lollipops.  I would also like to point out that Hashway is daring enough to do what needs to be done in order to move things along.  Pick these books up if you want an awesome new twist on the Medusa tale, but be prepared to face a little bit of a triangle along the way.

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