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First Impression by Pauline Creeden (Review)

Young Adult, Paranormal, Supernatural, Ghosts
Publication Date:  March 31st, 2014
Published By:  AltWit Press
WebsitePauline Creeden

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My review copy:Review copy provided by author in return of an honest review
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Chira Kelly thought she didn’t need anyone…until she met Ben.

Because of one ugly rumor, Chira lives as an outcast at her school. Which is fine with her, because she works better alone. Always has, always will. And at least she has her one and only true friend, Tasha. When Tasha insists that they join a group to visit a possibly haunted abandoned old schoolhouse, she's wary, but joins her friend. Because of that decision, their lives are in jeopardy as a malevolent spirit targets the group. Tragedies and accidents pick them off one by one, and Chira finds herself drawn to the one person who can see the truth. But can he protect her?

I nod and take his hand. When my fingers touch his palm, vibrations trickle up and down my skin. And I thought his voice made me into a tuning fork.
"You care now.  I've made it to the small circle of people that you care about, and that's a very privileged place to be." My throat constricts, and even though I try to speak, I can barely breathe. He smiles at me gently. "And you've broken into mine."
Even though it's so late, people are up, living life, or maybe even watching Doctor Who reruns on Netflix, like I was.
And just when I thought I no longer believed in magic. I blink hard and shake my head, but the image of the young man with an owl on his shoulder doesn't go away. They remain, walking in and out of the shadows.

My first thought about this book was look at that cover! I know, you shouldn't judge a book by its cover, but let's be honest, we all look at pretty covers. So, then I read the description and it sounded like it would be a great read. Well, it was. I really enjoyed it. It was about ghosts and hauntings. It was light so people could still read it without being afraid to turn out the lights.

Pauline Creeden's writing is good. There were times that it was a little repetitive, like she would use the same phrase a few times, but she kept me reading, which is the ultimate goal. If a writer keeps me reading, that means they're doing something right. And I believe that Pauline's writing will only get better.

The main character in this book is Chira Kelly. I liked her. I related to her a lot. She was a nerd who loves Doctor Who. Within the first chapter, I knew I was going to like Chira as soon as she said she was watching Doctor Who reruns on Netflix. Her best friend is Tasha and I liked her too. There was a rumor that went around they're school that they were lovers but they weren't. But because of that rumor and a few other problems, Chira led her life as an outcast.

And then Ben comes along. Tall, mysterious Ben who has an accent. Ben who wears brown contacts to conceal that he sees more than just what meets the eye. Ben is a shadow maven. And Chira likes him. I like him too. He's protective. He's handsome. And he has a freakin' accent. :]

First Impression was a great first book in this series and I will definitely be checking out the next one. The only thing that I wish First Impression had was more of a creep factor. I was hoping to be a little spooked but I wasn't really creeped out a whole lot. So, I hope the next one has a little more scare factor in it!

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