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Castle of The Wolf by Sandra Schwab [Review]

Historical Romance
Publication.Date  Re-release October '13
Published By:  Love Spell
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My review copy:Review copy sent by author for an honest review 

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Celia Fussell's father Baron Hailstone has died and her life is going downhill. Her father was a noted academic and shared his interests with his daughter, but now that he is dead Celia looks likely to become a spinster sister to her brother and his awful wife. Much to the shock of the entire family,her father's will is read and Celia discovers that she is now the owner of the Castle of Wolfenbach in the Black Forest - but only if she weds the former master of the castle within four months.

“This is all he had left: the darkness and the pain."
“Actually, that's not quite true. I am the master of the Castle of Wolfenbach now. Or rather its mistress. The rebuttal came in a feral bark. The hell you are!"
“Alright, so first he pretends he wants to eat up my hand and then he mumbles an apology and races out of the room? Like he kisses me and then races out of the room and avoids me like the plague forevermore? Argh!"

         I absolutely adored this book, the historical setting, the language, the sweet romance between Celia and Fenris, ALL OF IT. Cissy has just two choices. She can go live with her brother and his obnoxious wife or she can go to the Castle of Wolfenbach that her father left to her and be its mistress. However, she has to marry the son of her dear fathers friend to keep the Castle. Under any other circumstances, this would seem quite simple but once she meets Fenris "the wolf" she realizes it is not simple AT ALL. Fenris is cold and uninviting. He is rude and scary with his dark presence and his loud voice. Cissy is my favorite kind of heroine. She is innocent, but she knows what she wants. And the way she goes about getting it is just simply irresistible. She is never obnoxious. She always keeps her manners about her which is a credit to the author for the amazing explanation of women in the 1800's. They always knew their place. Oh and on another note, Fenris is simply scrumptious. The tortured hero--he knows what he wants, but he can't have it or at least he doesn't begin to think he can have it. 

     This book was an enchanting tale that became so much more, simply because the author knew how to wrap you up and unbound you slowly into the world of the hero and heroine. A true must read for anyone that enjoys historical romance.

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